And then I got a Case of the Giggles

I have not had the case of the giggles since high school, well probably did have some giggles when my friend Sheila came to visit for we did act a bit goofy, well a lot goofy. In a general, overall world, I normally do not get the giggles but the other night I could not stop laughing for the life of me. It’s as if I was consumed by the tickle monster and nothing would or could make me stop giggling.

Sorry you are groundedI blame it on being over tired because my youngest son has not been sleeping through the night for me, unless he is in my bed. When my son is in my bed, I don’t sleep through the night, it’s a case of lose/win. What I really need to start doing is just lead him back downstairs to his bed so he doesn’t have a chance to book it for my bedroom after using the bathroom, but rarely do I think to do that in the middle of the night when I am half asleep, so it’s my bed where he ends up.

I do think that my case of the giggles may have been a bit more than just being over tired …. I have this nervous reaction with people, usually I get shy and don’t talk much. As of late, I have been more outspoken and act a fool around people when I am nervous. I wish I could revert back to my shy self but it’s near impossible for me to do most times. There are some situations where I still get shy, but overall I find that I am too outspoken and say dumb shit when I am nervous these days.

A giggle fest and randomness spouted out of my mouth … apparently that is the new me .. totally embarrassing, maybe I should take advice from my daughter and not worry what others think then I wouldn’t be as embarrassed!

Helping the Dad Out

I took my youngest son out on Saturday to help my Dad at the new farm stand in Vermont. We had a blast getting dirty and just hanging out helping in whatever way we could.

I was so impressed with how well the little man helped out his Grampa and me. It was great for him to get out away from his siblings and do some helping outdoors. We weeded an area and cleaned out a shed. During down time my son found a mouse scurrying around the shed and he enjoyed playing with all of the latch hook locks he could find on various doors on the outdoor buildings.

So this Summer I get to head on over and get my nails dirty, blisters on my hands helping the Dad out. It will all be worth it to see this place go places!