Looking for Writing Jobs {old article feature}

Note: this article was written a while ago but I am looking into my files and featuring some old articles I had typed up but never published online .. enjoy!

Back in the day before I started my virtual assistant business and really dove deep into blogging for personal & money making reasons I started looking on Craigslist for jobs. You would be amazed to hear some of the jobs I actually did and some I didn’t do but found. I was making really good money between part time work I found on Craigslist and direct sales from home. I never went door to door nor handled any sales in person. I strictly worked from home without ever having to pick up a telephone, except for maybe the occasional team call for the direct sales down line members of my team.


I am now in a position where I look to my family budget to see that we need a bit more income into the house, already living within our means there is no choice but to find a way to increase income. Most of my virtual assistant work is on a “per project” basis. I love taking on various projects for people, but as it stands right now the projects have been completed and so I have some openings for new clients at Brandy Ellen’s Business Solutions.

I decided to hop on Craigslist in my state of New Hampshire to see what writing gigs may be on there and editing/writing positions are listed in that section too. The problem with most of the writing/editing positions are two things:


  • They want you to write articles on an ad revenue shared website.
  • They want you to write large articles for just pennies on the word.


My time is money and I will tell you that I get quite a good junk of change just for writing on article with 2-3 links within it. I am not about to start getting low balled when my skill is technically there to be offered to someone who will appreciate it!


While I wait to find more clients, as I know they will eventually come based on word of mouth marketing alone, I need to focus on some more writing positions. My ideal work right now would be to take on some business blogs; writing, editing, scheduling blog posts. I would also love to take on someone’s social media accounts just to make sure they have an active timeline while they head off to vacation this Summer or need to outsource that area of their business.


Whatever extra income I find, I know that I will truly be able to bring on something, because I am a firm believer that being positive and thinking that all will work out truly has proved successful to me!

Practicing Writing Skills

I have always loved writing but poetry was my main area of expertise and I still have my original poems collected as a journal and Word document on my computer. The past few days I decided to look up some writings I had saved on my blog folder in the home server and share them with you as a way to help other people critique my writing skills.

I am looking forward to you all taking time each day to read through the previous blog posts titled “Fictional Writing” or “Fictional Writing Practice” prior to the name of the blog article and truly leaving feedback in the comment section. Don’t worry I can handle productive feedback that may not be 100% positive, as long as it’s productive feedback.

If you wish to simply be negative, well those comments will be removed as there is no room in my life for negativity. You can leave an honest opinion that may not be suited as a positive but please make it a productive comment that will help me better my writing, instead of trying to just put my writing skills down.

I look forward to your thoughts!

Fiction Writing Practice: All Moved In

All moved into a new place and it was 11 o’clock at night, no way were we going to attempt to get the upstairs ready for children to sleep. The first night was spent sharing a queen size bed and a full size bed between the five of us. Kids were exhausted, couldn’t believe that my youngest fell asleep before them all. I lost my four year old’s new meds in one of the million boxes we packed.

We had a plan, well I did at least, we would successfully pack every room up one at a time and label the boxes. When the boxes went into the new house I would then place each labeled box in the appropriate room. What was I thinking with that plan?! Needless to say the plan didn’t work out, we ended up having four adults shoving random shit into boxes and then piling it high in the u-haul. Moving is actually kind of fun for me, I mean the lack of internet connection certainly sucked but it’s the price you pay when you move to a location we have moved to.

Satellite internet will be our only option out here and we picked a pretty decent plan. The cost is slightly more than what I was paying with my Comcast high speed but will suffice. I am happy to have more space and I am happy to see the first day my children were running, playing and enjoying the new place. Our family needed a fresh start, after the divorce things were awesome for me, I felt happy the kids were happy and well apparently we just weren’t two people meant to raise our family apart because something brought us back together.

This is a new place, a new beginning for another chapter in our lives as a family. I am excited, nervous and happy all at once. Emotions have run wild and as soon as all of the boxes are unpacked and I find all my things I will add settled to the emotions I am feeling.

Family, Writing and Support

One thing I can always count on in life is that my family knows I am a talker and a writer. Many in my family may disagree with my life choices and that is okay, not that it doesn’t bother me because I do feel I am an adult & that they should simply accept my decisions and wish me well rather than judge or push negative opinions on me. I get it, elders have lived and learned but why don’t they wish me to do the same? Maybe it’s the “want to protect the younger generation” attitude or maybe it’s the fear of me completely screwing up and falling flat on my face. Whatever the reason is, no matter what decisions I make or have made my family does seem to agree on one thing and that is my skill to write.

I write everything from blog posts to short stories to poetry. I started writing poetry as a young child because it was my way of getting the thoughts I had built up outside of my head. I recall one year as an elementary child writing on a piece of paper some numbers, and it happened sometime after my parents divorce. I loved my father and I loved my mother but it broke me when he left, even though I knew it was for the best. It seems writing has simply put “been my therapy” all along so it’s no big surprise that I grew up to start some blogs!

The other day I was checking email and I noticed that my Mom had left a comment on my Happily Blended Facebook page in response to a poem I wrote for Welch’s and she was basically telling me how proud she is of me and that I really should publish my poetry or write a book. Do you know that the one comment from my Mom made my day? That one simple little sentence meant more to me than 100 compliments in any given day, my Mom means so much to me and I love her dearly, even if we don’t show love in the way I think love should be shown at all times.

I will forever love my family, they are my relatives and I don’t mean just blood relations because I have many people I consider family and grew up with being my aunt, uncle, grampa, etc that are not blood related but I would do anything for them.

So one day when I finally publish a book, a compilation of my poems or a short story I will have to dedicate this to my family and most of all my mother for always supporting my writing skill.

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Who is the one person that just makes your day when they leave you a kind word or sentence?