Mental Health, Guns and Sadness

Let me be very clear here, I am in no way educated on all of the school shootings that have been happening. I do not know all of the details nor do I know all of the locations that these have happened at; what I do know is that I know enough to form my own general opinion …

Too many of our youth are being killed at gunpoint in a place where they should be safe from such harm. I also would like to say too many of our youth are being harmed sexually in a place where they should be safe from such harm too.

The society we are living in is heading down a crash course to crazy. The news reporters have to cover far too many sad stories of life taken away far too early, there is no need for this. Do I think guns are the problem? Not really. Do I know what the problem is? Not really, no one does for sure.

I have my own opinion on these matters, such as gun shootings in schools, toy guns and pretend gun play when kids pretend their finger is a gun, and I am about to share it. Please mind your manners if you comment, please have respect. I do not disrespect you for your opinions, so I except the same in return from you.

My father is a hunter, the man I dated in high school and into the earlier adult years was a hunter. I have been around many guns in my life, we don’t live in an area where we see them often out at a store, but guns are around here and there, more so during various hunting seasons. I have seen guns since I was a young child. I respect guns. I was taught guns are not toys. I was also taught that toy guns or using my finger as a gun was pretend and for entertainment or play time, never was I confused about toy gun play versus real gun play. Ever.

Once again, I have no clue the back story to these gun shootings at schools, well no back story that goes deep enough for me to form a valid, educational opinion directly about each shooting, my opinion is simply about this backlash, knee jerk reaction society seems to have when a shooting at a school occurs. We are all saddened, we are all hurt, and we want a solution as well as answers, now. Not later, now. I get it, I have kids, I feel the same way, it’s not easy sending your children off to school with this fear becoming a reality for so many families.

I do not think guns are to be blamed for these shootings. I think that a combination of things are to be blamed, yes, but not guns alone. Our right to bear arms is there for a reason, our history matters, what our Four Fathers created for our Constitution happened for a reason. Clearly, there was a reason for we the people to have a right to bear arms, we never will know the events that took place to put this into affect, but we must respect the Constitution, it’s there for a real valid reason; to protect We The People.

5 Thoughts about School Shootings

Here’s where I think our society goes wrong {in no particular order};

  • We lead very fast paced lives, in which we want things now not later, we hate to wait because technology allots us all that we desire immediately at the click of a keyboard button and so we have formed this mindset that things have to happen quickly, as if done within a snap of the finger. No good solution came overnight for any dilemma.
  • Children are raising themselves, and in some cases their siblings too. More and more parents must work in order to keep up the high cost demands of living. This has created a culture of children being left alone far too soon and far too often. Children raising children is never, ever a good idea, because they won’t learn necessary life skills and lessons that parents were meant to teach their youth.
  • Our children are having far too much screen time; i.e. violent video games, violent films and violent/degrading TV shows. Children who are spending an abundant amount of time in front of such violent and degrading electronic games or shows are being desensitized to the real harm in such violence and degrading behavior. Case in point: they confuse fantasy with reality.
  • Mental Health Awareness is not something many are educated enough on, many look to a disability as a physical impairment, but mental disabilities are just as much a cause for concern as a physical disability is {if not more}. Just ask someone who is bipolar how society treats them; as if they can control their own selves, but no they cannot. Many mental health issues are overlooked or not handled with proper medication and therapy, thus placing our society at risk with mentally disabled youth and adults walking our streets every day confused, bitter, depressed and having no where safe to turn.
  • Parents are not spending enough time raising their children, I mean truly raising them. It is our job, as parents, to teach life lessons, to educate them about various weapons they may see in their lives, to teach them about gun safety, to teach them ways to talk about problems, to teach them to open up, to know who they are and to be confident enough to know who to turn to when they are struggling in life for whatever reason. If parents were raising their kids more often, they may be more aware of their child when things start to go negative and thus get them the help that they need.

I certainly cannot point fingers to parents only, and I can’t blame society as a whole no more than I can blame the physical object of a gun on all of these school shootings. I can only share my insight, the thoughts and opinions that have been racing through my head each time I see another school shooting. I always feel sad, for the victims and for the person who felt the need to grab a gun and shoot some people to solve all of their deep emotional scars. Hurting others will never fix you. Hurting others will only hurt more people and most of all, it will hurt yourself because this is a crime with high consequences.

Real guns are real weapons; a tool to use in time of protection of family, protection of self, war and hunting to get meat for the family.

There is nothing wrong with kids playing pretend cops and robbers with pretend guns, they played such games back in the day and no one ever thought to bring a gun into a school and shoot people up, right? So what has changed in society that has made children think it’s okay to do such a thing? Well …. I made my list of why I think children believe that’s the answer, now you should make your own and let’s work together to solve this issue, one step at a time. There is no one answer to this problem, we need a combination of education, awareness and proactive parenting to really get to the bottom of this devastating issue.


Let the Weekend Commence

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today is much warmer than yesterday was so I am going to let the weekend of no kids begin.

First I must mail out some items sold on Amazon and then clean the house and then off to see friends or maybe they come here, I don’t know yet.

First time Auntie

Maybe I can even get over to see my sister, brother in law and baby Olivia who returned home last night. I do not want to overwhelm them with too much visits as they are first time parents, but I will check in and be there if they wish me to be!

Have a safe and fun filled weekend my friends!

My Personal Story & How I think You Can Make it

This video isn’t a normal one that I would normally share, I am reading off of a piece of paper and flowing with my own personal story and motivation for others within it. It’s an important video to watch, it’s an important message for all.

Please take time to watch it and share with anyone you feel could use a little lift me up today! Hugs n smiles to all!

Jeff Dunham and Walter Crack Me Up

I recently started to watch Jeff Dunham, you see I happened upon him on tv while channel surfing completely by accident and now? I really want to see him live. The act between Jeff and Walter crack me up so much.

I guess it’s because Walter is always calling Jeff a dumbass that sticks in my head but it’s also because Walter says things that we just do not say, like not acceptable to society but totally hilarious! I would love to meet Jeff Dunham and Walter some day!

Society Pushes for What is Normal

Turn on the television and you are sure to see a reality tv show about what life should be like or is supposedly like, a commercial that pushes you to lose weight or look a specific way. Media is an outlet that society uses to push a specific view of what people should be and look like. It takes a strong person to overcome that media push to be a certain way, it takes dedication to figure out who you are and to just be yourself.

Now not only do parents need to teach their children to be individuals, this is best taught through being an individual your own self, we now have to teach our children that reality TV is not the way to go. That reality TV is fake, it’s highly dramatized because the drama antics sell the show.  The best way to teach your children that reality TV is fake is to not let them watch it but what if when they get older they start seeing these shows and think that’s the real world?

I am a firm believer that you must teach your child about everything in this world; the good, the bad and the ugly. For you don’t want your child looking to their peers for answers on what reality TV is, what alcohol and drugs are or what a real relationship is. Peers are great to turn to but we need to teach our children to have a mind of their own, we are their full time caregivers. The best way to teach your children what their normal is, is to teach them that the word normal is defined by our own self, not by our environmental factors.

Did She Not Have Television?

My pug is a sweetheart, I love her dearly. I mean who wouldn’t love a dog that sleeps as often as you would like to, eats twice a day whenever you feed her, goes out to pee whenever you feel like letting her out and to top it all off she lets the kids do whatever?

This dog rules…

Usually that is, until something happens to make her bark and this is just a small list of various situations that make her bark {a lot}, like all disturbed, ruffled up, hair on end .. barking:

  • Tom & Jerry, you know that cartoon? Oh yes indeed. Woof Woof Woof!
  • Me opening the door to enter, after she just watched me walk out of the door. Woof Woof Woof!
  • Wii games – any and all. Woof Woof Woof!
  • The wind blowing outside. Woof Woof Woof!
  • My typing on the keyboard, in my office – one room away from her, like right now! Woof Woof Woof!

It’s crazy, never seen a dog so disturbed by so many things. The television really gets me, because she barks at it so often I have to wonder if her previous owners ever watched television? Love my Pug, dislike the startled nature she is starting to have all of a sudden.