This is How the Girls of the House Roll

My middle child is playing basketball for the first time this year and it’s funny that my oldest (and only) daughter always seem to “primp” before we head out to the once-a-week practices.

Shown above is my daughter in my too big for her sandals, that are high in the heel and worn with socks this past week. She felt she was styling and looking good, I have to agree, she looks just fine.

Shown above is me, with my head cut off, in my boot cut Levi jeans, a Columbia fleece and my awesome boots.

Yes, we are girls and we act like girls .. sometimes.

No Kids Weekend, a Birthday and Best Friend Visits

What happens when you put two best girl friends together on a birthday weekend with no kids?

Well for us, we decided jell-o shots were a must, of course more for my friend than me. I am a half n half Twisted Tea gal, no hard liquor for this chick.

The jell-o shots were ready to be eaten later on that evening. We planned for a camp fire by getting the permit at the fire station earlier in the day.

Roasting marshmallows, having a few drinks and laughs. That is what happens when you get a no kid weekend with a best friend and a birthday is involved in the mix as well. Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!

Trying to Shake the Grumpies

I always tell my kids to shake their wiggles out but this time around it’s me trying to shake my grumpies out. You see there is so much going on lately that my head is okay but my emotions are all over the place. Maybe my non-friend {that period that comes once a month} is on it’s way, maybe it’s the stress of having so much going on that even though I don’t “think” I am stressed, my emotions are.

Whatever the reason, it seems lately I have a huge case of the grumpies more often than not. The strength I have within it’s resting from the cold that is running circles around my home. I have been sleeping more but it’s not helping with my emotional roller-coaster ride I am on.

I will just be happy when this week and quite possibly this month is over with. Too much going on and too much in my head. It’s funny because the running for sports and school activities is not bothering me, it’s all the extra emotional junk that is going on that is taking a toll on my mind. Also it’s heating season again now in NH and that means extra money out of pocket. I am self employed, writing is my business, so that means trying to find more work to offset the cost of the oil for heat.

I will make it. I have faith all will come together soon, but for now I am just rambling to get thoughts out of my head to ensure I can keep moving forward and find that strength again. It will appear and stay soon, for now it only seems to be appearing in little spurts.

Down 2lbs Hip Hip Horray!

I have finally seen the scale tip backwards .. down 2.2lbs and excited! I have been doing the EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge on my Wii with one walk a day and of course with three kids I usually am rather active to begin with. Excited that I am down 2.2lbs in just nine days without much of a diet change!

Here is my day 7 update …

How Many Cups Does a Child NEED? Seriously…

My daughter is good about using one cup a day, nothing more, nothing less, but my sons … they drive me bonkers!!!

My three year old is famous for wanting a new cup, a new straw, a new cover for each drink he wants and my five year old is almost as bad. So listen to my video talking about the issue of kids using too many cups in a day and tell me I am not alone with this fight?