My Rules for a Kid Sleep Over

My rules for the kids having a sleep over is pretty much; there are no rules. Well okay so they can’t go running around wild without any supervision from an adult, but for the most part there are no rules. In my opinion a sleep over is something that is meant to be a fun time for all. Between popcorn and movies while staying up later than you normally are allowed and then to sleep in the next day because there is no school is quite simply part of enjoying childhood.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big kid at heart so sleep overs are a fun thing that I let my kids do, my younger boys have yet to have a sleep over but there day will come. For now the sleep overs really only apply to my social queen daughter who has had plenty of sleep overs. Being that my daughter is gone every other weekend and twice a week makes it hard sometimes to schedule sleep overs and her to have special fun time with friends or family alone, I try my hardest to give her some extra time with friends after school on occasion.

This week is the perfect example, tonight my daughter will have a friend over after school. Before my daughter left on Monday to go to school and spend two nights at her Dads she requested that I please try to setup for a friend or two to come over on Thursday after school upon her return home. I wasn’t able to get two friends but I did reach the Mom via text of her friend who comes over often and set up for that friend to come over after school.

For me, having friends over for play time and sleep overs really just helps establish that socializing outside the structure of school is important for children to grow. Children need not only grow in an educational way but in a social way as well. With sleep overs my child learns that she is to let the guest have first choice of activities, movies, etc and in turn she learns to let go of her leadership control skills. A sleep over and play time after school are great ways to encourage a bit of freedom and trust with kids while still monitoring them to ensure things don’t get too out of hand.

A New Year and Still Me

I wanted to write something like “a New Year, A New Me” but I am not new, I am still the same old chick. I have had tons of time with the lack of sleep in this household to really think about where I am at in life and business so that I can make some changes in both areas that I am actually 100% okay with doing. I feel more relaxed and focused, maybe it’s the lack of sleep giving me no choice but to think about my to do list and such, who knows.

I am excited that we are now in the year 2013, so many changes this year for me and while some are super scary, all feel so wonderful! I am excited to be moving forward in a positive direction both as a person and as a family and entrepreneur.

Now if winter will be over already I would be even more happy.

Is it Hormones or That Time of the Year

For the past month or less I have been really struggling with hot and cold changes in body temperature. Ups and downs in moods and crying at a whim. I am not that person. I am usually happy and if not happy per say, I am rarely ever sad or depressed. As the days grow shorter and the sun is around less and less, I find my body shutting down on me.  I am losing energy, losing spirit and simply just want to sleep.

Irritability set in at one point, but I think that was due to some pills I was trying for review on my other blog. I stopped taking them and do not feel as irritable. I do feel like crying more often than not. Honestly, if I had to peg what is wrong with me based on past experiences, I would say I was pregnant. No worries people, I am not pregnant, which is why this is even more mind boggling for me.

Never having gone through such hormonal mood swings and ups and downs it has me wondering what is wrong with my 31 year old self. Is it age getting to me, hormones changing due to having a hormonal daughter in the house? Is it simply that I have been working too much to support the kids? Is it simply due to lack of a good nights sleep due to the little one waking mid night often?

I am not sure what the answer is, but I do know lack of sleep and lack of sunlight may be playing a huge toll in the hormonal mood swings I am feeling. I just don’t want to go back to having mood swings, anxiety and paranoia like I did in my teen and young adult years. I wasn’t a good person back then and having these feelings brings back memories I have moved on from with therapy and would rather keep them there. No matter how much therapy one has had, the memory of who I was, keeps me from becoming that person again.

These hormones are really killing me, in an emotional way.

I haven’t ever been bothered by the change in seasons, other than I hate cold weather and snow, maybe my body is just growing older and lack of Vitamin D from living in New Hampshire all of my life is finally getting to me. I suppose, I should try to see a doctor soon because I am in control for now, but these hormones are really giving me a run for my money lately.

When You Wake up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is a phrase used to say that you woke up in some form of a bad mood.  When a person wakes up on the wrong side of the bed you may as well watch your back most of that morning because the person is going to let anything and everything bother them. The person may not be easy to smile and may find negative in everything surrounding them.

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed totally sucks but here are some ways to get over that slump and move forward with your day:

  • If possible, lay back in bed or in a chair with total silence around you.
  • Sip on your favorite morning beverage while sitting in silence.
  • Think about not being grumpy, what is it that you can do to move forward from this slump?
  • Do not interact with the family until the grumpies have passed or you are sure to make the whole day spiral downward.
  • Go back to sleep for a short period of time if possible.
  • Take a nice walk or sit outside in the fresh air to clear your brain.
  • If all that fails, have faith that someone stronger than you, a power stronger than you, will make things better if only you allow your mind to think that way.

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is just a pain because it can put a kink in your whole day. So if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed try the little things I noted above and see if you can get beyond the grumpies and move forward with a happy day.

Fictional Writing Practice: Sleepless Nights

I am started to get annoyed that my sons never sleep consistently through the night. It seems that once we get one of them to sleep the other has issues. The pediatrician put one son on medication to help him sleep but honestly it has been about three – four weeks of him being on this medication with little results. This son still sleeps the same way he always has, the first two nights he was on this new med he slept right thru the night but we feel it was due to his body coming off of the melatonin he had been taking before.

At age two the psychiatrist or pediatrician recommended melatonin as a natural remedy to help this boy sleep through the night, it worked to slow him down and help him be calm before bed but nothing has ever helped him stay sleeping through the night. Our second night at the new house I laid with my son, as I usually do before bed, and I noticed that his pulse was going very fast and that his ear was turning red. I happened to sit up slowly and peek at him to see if he was okay to find that he was sleeping.

I recall someone once told me to check his pulse rate while he is in a relax state and if it was going too fast then it was a sign of ADHD. I don’t know what to believe, who to rely on or anything anymore when it comes to this boy and his not sleeping through the night, his mood changes, his anger problem and his reluctance to listen to a thing you say.

Sleep Children, Just Sleep

In my household you never know when a child is going to sleep. I am trying to take the positive path and focus on the fact that someday my children will sleep more than I want them too and become extremely lazy, well I do hope this is wrong, but it could happen!

Some nights I can get four hours straight of kids being asleep then other nights I am lucky to get an hour of quiet time to work or even just clean out my email inbox so I can attempt my work in the office.

Luckily my son, who is now five, will be heading off to get his tonsils and adenoids removed as did his sister when she was having sleep apnea. I really do hope that having this surgery will help my five year old sleep longer than four hours at a time and get into a deep sleep because for his whole life, I don’t think he has ever been in a deep sleep.

Neither have I for that matter… sigh…