Working from Home – Keeping Kids Busy

I have started a new job from home that requires me to work 2 hours a day five days a week. My current schedule entails me working 9-11am Tues thru Friday and Saturdays from 10am – 12pm. I am excited to be able to earn a weekly paycheck while still being at home. Summer is coming after all, so taking a job outside of the home wouldn’t be feasible. I also wanted to ensure I could continue with my business of making money online with all the other client obligations I have. This job is the perfect match for me and I am excited to be a part of a sweet  bunch of ladies!

Setting up Kids So You Can Work From Home

With that being said, I mentioned Summer break is on it’s way. This means kids home just about 24/7 and me having to still work the hours I am scheduled to work. This is no problem for my multitasking personality but it may be an issue keeping three kids busy, preoccupied while I work.

I decided to test out my preparations for work this past Saturday when the kids were home for my first Saturday of work. I took out all of the construction paper, markers and other crafty items to set up the kids with a craft area. I set it up on the dining room table, alongside my laptop where I would work from.

The kids were also allowed to have the game console on and play games during my two hour work period; again all in the same area of where I am working so I could still have one eye on them.

It was a totally awesome idea, or so I thought.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the time when the man of the house came home from work .. sigh.

I had not prepared my kids for that interruption, honestly it’s an interruption that has been causing much turmoil to me and I feel very scattered with my current living situation, but I am trying to work with it.

So the kids went haywire .. the youngest no longer had his brothers full attention because his brother wanted the big man to play a game on the game system with him, not his baby brother. It was a nightmare full of me yelling, me getting very upset and me crying eventually.

I hated this scenario and how it played out, but the kids and I made up for it by spending the remainder of the day, after my work was done together, outside of the home having fun.

One tip I have for all you work at home moms is this; prepare your kids for all things to happen during your work time and be working in the general area where your kids will be so you are easily accessed by them. But seriously, remember try to prepare them for ALL things, such as another person coming over at a specific time that may fall in between your working hours and totally shift the routine all around.

I have to master this scheduling of keeping kids preoccupied during my two hour work days for the full Summer, I think Saturdays will be my only big issue day, for now.

We Seem to Always end up at Denny’s

It is rare that my fiance and I get a date night, meaning that while we don’t have kids every other weekend, we don’t spend money on dates. We spend much of our kid free hours at home organizing, cleaning and eating at home over a good movie. On occasion though, we like to try to save money to get out of the house for special date night.

Each time we decide we can spend a little money on a date night at a restaurant, we head to West Lebanon, NH where there are more restaurant style places to eat. Where we live there is mostly just the franchise chain restaurants and fast food. We wanted to go to Chilli’s or Applebees, but sadly their liens are always so long at this time of the evening when we decide to go out.

Date night at Denny's

We always end up at Denny’s. This is a place that offers breakfast all day round, yummy yummy! I don’t usually order a breakfast but still, it’s nice to have that option for the occasional visit with the kids who love breakfast menus.

Date night at Denny's

Denny’s never has a long line to wait in, while we have arrived with a few couples ahead of us from time to time, there isn’t ever that long of a wait to get seated and served. We decided to start with appetizers … zesty nachos sounded good.

Date night at Denny's

These happen to have jalapenos in them, and I happened to eat one. Wow, talk about my heart burning for a bit. It had a little kick but not too bad, as long as you don’t get a bite with a larger piece of jalapeno.

Date night at Denny's

For my dinner, I chose a prime rib type sandwich with yummy melted cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms atop garlic bread of some sort. It was delicious. Oh my yummy yummy-ness, the taste buds were happy!

Date night at Denny's

Mister Lee, my fiance chose a burger that had swiss and mushroom and all sorts of stuff on it. He also asked for bacon to be added to this burger, sadly the waitress screwed up but she ended up giving him bacon for free, normally that was an extra $1 charge. Way to make up for her own mistake.

We had a great experience at Denny’s, as always. I am thankful for their delicious food, large servings (we always bring home food bagged) and their quick ways to get customers in to be seated and served!

How to Play Camouflage Tag – Indoor No Cost Games for Snowy or Rainy Day

My kids came up with a game that is fun to play, they call it camouflage tag!

You must have at least three people to play this game with, great that I have three children so they can play alone if they want, but sometimes they enjoy having myself and/or my fiance join in the game!

A person is designated as the tagger. This person must run around trying to tag another person, once tagged that other person is it. Repeat, as with normal game of tag.

The trick to this game of tag is that if the tagger gets too close and you want to stay ‘safe’ you can cover your eyes and say ‘camouflage’. A person who is a non tagger can do this as a form of ‘safety’ during game play but they can only do this for a 5-10 second duration. The person in ‘camouflage’ can walk around but must remain with eyes covered to be ‘safe’ from being tagged.

This is a fun gist to the normal version of tag where maybe you have a safety spot for the non taggers to go.

I honestly have had much fun just watching my kids play this game together because it’s always fun for a parent to see their children getting along, but I do love to play too. It’s so funny when the kids actually scare me by coming around the corner unexpectedly to tag me!

I hope your family enjoys this no cost way of having fun inside on a rainy or snowy day as much as we do!


Jenny the Pug – Love her Like a Child

I never thought I could love a pet as much as I love my sweet Pug. I always wanted to have a pug and a few years ago I was able to adopt this sweet Jenny the Pug. Jenny was five years old then and is now about to turn eight this April.

Raising a Pug is so Much Fun

Jenny has such a big personality and we often call her Diva Dog. I love how Jenny has figured out that her human Mama has a memory issue. You see, my kids learned a long time ago I am extremely forgetful, I can blame it on being older or having Mommy brain, whatever the reason I can forget what i ate this morning, nevermind what I fed my kids last night. Jenny the Pug likes to take full advantage of this and is found begging for food as if I forgot to feed her breakfast or dinner. It drives me crazy because the family will remind me “yes you fed her” but Jenny makes me second guess myself.

Jenny the Pug is Family Moms Vaction Land (3)

My children adore Jenny. With my middle child, who is not shown in pictures today, he uses Jenny the Pug as a way to help him relax down to sleep. Petting Jenny until he falls asleep is part of his normal bedtime routine while I sing lullabies and read books to my youngest son (shown in image above to the right). Everyone loves Jenny, the kids refer to themselves as “brother” and “sissy” to our dog, it just goes to show that a dog can truly be like one of your children!

Jenny the Pug is Family Moms Vaction Land (1)

Jenny is our only pet, we had a cat but he sadly was hit by a vehicle and died. That was so sad because we couldn’t keep this particular cat inside, but now we have this orange kitty shown above. I don’t know who owns this orange kitty, if anyone, but he/she is very well groomed and plump as ever so I know he/she must have a home or at least someone is taking care of him/her. This kitty would be a cute addition, we could essentially have a Milo & Otis, right?!

What pet(s) do you have, if any? If none, what is one pet you hope to have some day?

Meet Kitty – The New Cat of the House (and only cat of the house)

I love all animals. I have not yet had much luck with cats since my baby died years back. He was an orange tiger and I usually called him Tiger with the occasional Tigger. He was orange and white striped and weighed in about 17lbs before he passed away. He was a huge kitty and he had personality beyond belief. This cat was so loyal to me, he was a gift from an ex boyfriend back when I was about 17 years old. The ex boyfriend brought this kitty home to our apartment and told him to hide, the kitty obeyed. That kitten won my heart and kept it until about six or seven years ago when he passed away due to unknown causes. I believe it was something the vet had given him for a shot, because he became quite ill after that but I will never know. All I do know is that cat was the love of my life, as far as cats go, and since then? There has been but maybe two kitties who have won my heart slightly close to that level.


Meet Kitty. He is a three year old double pawed beautiful cat who we recently took into our home. He is not fixed but thankfully he doesn’t spray around the house, we will look into getting him fixed at some point. The previous owners told us he was an indoor cat, that his name he came with was Smokey but he never answered to it so they started calling him Kitty. Obviously he comes to “here kitty kitty” but we found out he does come to Smokey or Kitty or any name you say, as long as he wants to. This kitty is extremely independent and another thing is … he clearly was not an indoor cat.

Double Pawed Kitty

This kitty wants out. While I am sitting at my laptop working he is climbing the back of my office chair and hanging on the edge to get up on my printer and modem to get into a window sill. At night he gets himself up into any window he can find. During the day or even at night, he tries to fly out the door to get on his outdoor adventures. I will not have an indoor and outdoor cat or a permanent outdoor cat either, I am highly allergic to fleas. While this kitty drives me batty all day and night wanting to get outside, I wonder if getting him fixed may help curb his wish for such outdoor adventures?

Kitty is also not a huge dog cat. While he tolerates the pug, he isn’t too happy to share his home with a dog. They are slowly warming up to each other and you will see them both sharing a room in the house, just they won’t be laying curled up together anytime soon. So far, Kitty has impressed me with the fact that he is very good at using his litter box, he is a hunter – first day here he caught himself a mouse. I was proud. He catches any flying or walking insects that may happen upon the home and kills them. Since this kitty is a true bred hunter, I will give him a loving forever home. In all honesty, I would give him a loving forever home if he was a hunter or not, it’s just that I am not sure what to do with a cat who wants outside when we will not allow him that luxury.

I wish the previous owner was honest about him being in outside kitty because I feel it’s so mean to make him be inside when he clearly was used to some form of outdoor freedom. I just cannot risk fleas … I am way too allergic to fleas.

This is What Has Been Keeping My Butt Busy #move #NH #family

This is what has been keeping me busy … the closing happened, the moving truck was being picked up … the kids were ready to assist in getting into our new blended family household…. we arrived and we had to unpack … the boys had a blast checking out their new bedroom and started rough playing almost immediately …

New House  (3)

As we walked around, I felt almost in dream land because our open concept dining and living room just is sooo biggggg…

New House  (2)

I love that we have a gas fire place in the living room, while it isn’t going to heat a whole house, it looks appealing and will add some warmth this Winter in assistance with our heating oil.

New House  (5)

Our kitchen is not super huge, we need more cabinet space for sure but overall it is a cute kitchen that in this picture was still full of boxes… the girls were in charge of getting those boxes unpacked…

New House  (1)

Even Jenny the Pug has been enjoying her new home, she has a leash that was already attached here on the house, we believe it may have been previously used for hanging clothes outside but works perfect for Miss Jenny the Pug and she loves being outside running around with us on this leash thing …

New House  (6)

So moving has been a huge time taker and combining his kids, my kids and us into a new home has been a fun yet new experience for us all. We are working out the kinks and trying to unpack while get work done and be fun Summer parents too. So I am busy but it’s all with great end results I am positive of that!