Let the Weekend Commence

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today is much warmer than yesterday was so I am going to let the weekend of no kids begin.

First I must mail out some items sold on Amazon and then clean the house and then off to see friends or maybe they come here, I don’t know yet.

First time Auntie

Maybe I can even get over to see my sister, brother in law and baby Olivia who returned home last night. I do not want to overwhelm them with too much visits as they are first time parents, but I will check in and be there if they wish me to be!

Have a safe and fun filled weekend my friends!

My Personal Story & How I think You Can Make it

This video isn’t a normal one that I would normally share, I am reading off of a piece of paper and flowing with my own personal story and motivation for others within it. It’s an important video to watch, it’s an important message for all.

Please take time to watch it and share with anyone you feel could use a little lift me up today! Hugs n smiles to all!

My Fitness Updates for All, Via Video #fitness

Check out my latest update in video format regarding my recent weight loss, getting fit and healthy status updates. I am proud to say I am down 14lbs and fit into a pair of Low Rise Boot Cut jeans I was unable to fit into for a long time now. Previously unable to even pull them over my thigh area … so I did a little dance around the kitchen all happy to be getting fit and losing weight!

Society Pushes for What is Normal

Turn on the television and you are sure to see a reality tv show about what life should be like or is supposedly like, a commercial that pushes you to lose weight or look a specific way. Media is an outlet that society uses to push a specific view of what people should be and look like. It takes a strong person to overcome that media push to be a certain way, it takes dedication to figure out who you are and to just be yourself.

Now not only do parents need to teach their children to be individuals, this is best taught through being an individual your own self, we now have to teach our children that reality TV is not the way to go. That reality TV is fake, it’s highly dramatized because the drama antics sell the show.  The best way to teach your children that reality TV is fake is to not let them watch it but what if when they get older they start seeing these shows and think that’s the real world?

I am a firm believer that you must teach your child about everything in this world; the good, the bad and the ugly. For you don’t want your child looking to their peers for answers on what reality TV is, what alcohol and drugs are or what a real relationship is. Peers are great to turn to but we need to teach our children to have a mind of their own, we are their full time caregivers. The best way to teach your children what their normal is, is to teach them that the word normal is defined by our own self, not by our environmental factors.

Have a Happy Weekend my Friends

I hope you all have a happy weekend and enjoy some time with your family, friends and other loved ones! I am not sure what I am up to this weekend but I do know I will be enjoying every minute of it!

Yes These 2 Are My Cats - Real Pic

Keep your head up, keep smiling and talk to you again on MONDAY with some new articles and topics for discussion!


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