Every Winter I Gain 20lbs – Refusing to Let That Happen #weightloss #getfit #workout

It occurred to me that last Winter was very difficult for me; my moods were unstable due to having less sunlight. As I get older, I notice my body and mind doesn’t handle things quite as strongly as it used to and that is why today, December 10, 2013 I decided to make a plan and must stick with it. I lack follow through when it comes to sticking with a workout. My last results to a steady workout, happened quite a few years ago. I kept up with my Wii EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge and lost a great amount of inches and weight. I went from 220 to 180 lbs. I could eat whatever I wanted, but I’m not a huge junk food fan anyways, as long as I did my workout five days with two rest days somewhere between that seven day term. I was so pleased with my body, but still wanted to tone up. Somewhere life happened and I stopped that whole routine; a move, a break up and what not – made me stop working out.

Weight Loss Dec 10 2013 Day 1 Workout Starts Front View

I went down to 206lbs some how in a month but now I am back up to 223.2lbs and wearing size 16 pants. This is my starting point … excited to see where I am at each week and results for end of month. I would like to see me lose 2lbs per week minimum, which places my goal weight for end of 30 days at about 214.5lbs.

Weight Loss Dec 10 2013 Day 1 Workout Starts Side View

Let’s see …. I must also measure inches, but for now I cannot find my tape measure that I use for inches measured. Today I leave you with the following stats and must report in every 7 days with you all. I am going to set an alarm on my clanedar so that I know which day to report here with new pictures and stats. For now, this is the workout I am using for the next 30 days via YouTube on my PS3. Excited to see how it works for 30 days.

Stats for today:

Weight - 223.2
Height - 5’6″

Pants Size – 15/16

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New Year, Working out Again? Let’s See How Long This Last

I do not make resolutions, just so you are very clear here. I am simply thinking it’s a New Year, why not start it out with a bang and get back to getting fit, since I took too much time off from my workouts.  I lost 20lbs in about a month using EA Sports Active on the Wii and so I know I can keep moving forward to keep that weight off {which some has come back with lack of exercise} and be prepared for Summer time.

EA Sports Active Wii

January 2, 2013

When I look at this picture I do not see the same person I see when I look in the mirror, it is that I have been looking at my face getting a little chubbier and my belly fat coming back due to lack in workouts and I cringe. Shown here I see a somewhat decent sized woman, of course I have curves, as you can clearly see below, but I don’t look at these pictures and cringe like I have been when I venture into the bathroom each day.

How to lose 20lbs in one month

January 2, 2013

This is my workout gear, but sometimes I wear a different tank. I lost 20lbs using the EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge on the Wii in one month. I was so proud of myself. I had stuck with it and in turn my children started to be more active. Now all I get is a daughter who wants to play Just Dance 4 for her workout after over eating at her father’s house during the holidays. Seriously? A workout does not off balance that huge amount of food you shoved in your face kid!

I am so working to make my morning workout part of my morning routine, I feel that if I can get back into doing that then all will be good. Since I did so well losing 20lbs in a month, I thought I would share some tips on how best to lose weight

  • Make your exercise routine part of your daily routine, usually the morning routine.
  • Get the family involved, it’s always easier to stick to a workout routine when others are doing it with you.
  • Meals – use smaller plates at dinner time so you can not over eat, such as those smaller plates that maybe you let the kids use for meals instead of the full size dinner plates.
  • Snacks – choose healthier but filling options such as protein bars or apples, both are great choices and help you to feel full in between meals in a healthier way.
  • Park further away from the entrances at stores, my kids hate that I do this, but it really does help you get that little bit of extra exercise in your day even with your daily workout routine.
  • Never give up – if you missed one workout day, that’s fine, life happens. Just pick up the next day and get back into the routine again, do not allow yourself to feel down thus losing more workout days.

I created the above tips based on what worked for me to lose 20lbs in one month. I personally feel that if I can do it while working from home and juggling three kids & their activities then you can do it too!

My Fitness Updates for All, Via Video #fitness

Check out my latest update in video format regarding my recent weight loss, getting fit and healthy status updates. I am proud to say I am down 14lbs and fit into a pair of Low Rise Boot Cut jeans I was unable to fit into for a long time now. Previously unable to even pull them over my thigh area … so I did a little dance around the kitchen all happy to be getting fit and losing weight!

July 18th Updated Fitness Pics Using EA Sports Active

I decided that I will be using EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge as part of my daily exercise routine for my weight loss goals. I started this out at 222lbs then was down to 214lbs now I am back up to 218lbs after three days of working out. My number on a scale is certainly frustrating but soon I will measure inches because I usually lose inches quicker than pounds on a scale.

Here I am pictured in my work out clothing on July 18th, 2012. I have been enjoying working out and my daughter has started her own custom work out on EA Sports Active.  I am so trying to keep my stress levels down but I am not having an easy time with that, stress makes my belly fat bloat right out and in turn makes it difficult to appear as if I am truly losing inches.

I have found that if I stand up taller then my breasts do not make my body look “as big” but with H cup chest, it’s difficult to hide those babies. I am starting to have back problems and a slouch due to the extra weight from my chest and if I had health insurance I would so be looking into the idea of a breast reduction just to ease the pain on my poor back. For now, all I can do is attempt to lose weight and inches, never does weight come off of my chest though – usually my face and belly lose the most fat appearance overall.

So I am still moving forward, I took the weekend as my “rest days” to allow my muscles to recoup from three days of intense work out, but Monday I will be back on the EA Sports Active and doing the high intensity workouts instead of the medium intensity workouts! I know I can do this and if I can do this, you can too! Let’s keep each other motivated!


Everyone Has Penis

My sons usually call their penis a “pee-pee”, however, since I do refer to it as a penis with my four year old at times. He had surgery on his penis, etc he has learned the word penis. I never had to deal with such questions until my son turned four, seriously! I remember back and my daughter had zero questions really and even to this day she is 8 and isn’t so full of body part type of questions, when I try to talk to her about body parts and such she has no interest in speaking about such topics, my four year old son on the other hand … totally interested and brings up the questions always!

Image: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The other day I was going pee and apparently we have no privacy in this house when it comes to the boys so my four year old came a walking in. Just as I was about to say can you please let Mama go pee, he started asking questions.

Four Year Old: Why don’t you stand up to pee Mama?

Mama: Well because I don’t have a penis, so I have to sit and pee.

Four Year Old: You silly Mama everyone can stand up and pee.

Mama: ummm no hunny if I stood up to pee you would not want to see the mess I made. I have a vagina not a penis like you so it’s just a hole which means I can’t stand to pee.

Four Year Old:  {with a laugh} Silly Mama every one has a penis!

Mama: okay whatever, since you are clearly not hearing me and I am clearly not going to show you what I mean right now can you please go out of the bathroom so I can pee in privacy?

Four Year Old stands there … does not leave bathroom til I do.

I am thinking I need to find some books, because I am obviously not showing him my vagina and comparing body parts. Seriously. That is a no no.

I understand why my four year old is having questions, we are very open about our bodies in this house. We do not run around naked, however, if  a kid runs into the bathroom while one of us is getting out of the shower or going pee, we don’t freak out. My daughter is older so she knows privacy and gives that to us, but the 2 and 4 year old boys are slowly learning and by slowly I mean like a snail or slower!

Are you open about these type of discussions with your child(ren)? Or were you when they were younger?