I Refuse to Go Back to Sleep

I made a vision board, just a simple little one with various things on it and I have been staring at it each day I sit in my office. The other day I realized that one of the things on there has come true,another has come true in a way I wasn’t really expecting and others should follow soon.

It’s amazing how your mind can truly change things around you. I keep going back to the idea of The Secret which shares the Law of Attraction; the universe really does give you everything you want if you truly can envision it in your world.

I know that my mind is rested and my shoulders less tense because the power of my thoughts has come back full force and I refuse to let it go. Being sick for four days really changed my attitude and outlook on things in life, it seems it awakened me again and now I refuse to go back to sleep.

Dear Person Who has no Clue

To the person or people out there who want to pretend as if they walk a mile in someone else shoes.

To the person or people out there who seem to know all of the solutions and would rather spew out to you how to live your life than live their own.

To the person or people who, when faced with a friend who has a problem, would much rather find a way to make that problem their own.

To the person or people who have never had to make life changing decisions before.

To the person or people who have had everything handed to them, even if it was on a silver not gold platter.

To the person or people who put their nose in the air when walking by a struggling Mom at the store.

To the person or people in this world who have no clue, I invite you to go home, sit on your couch and just stay there because the world needs less of people or persons like you and more of those with compassion, dedication and love for the human soul.

No matter what walk of life each of us comes from or lives in, we are human and we all deserve compassion, love and respect even if you don’t understand where the other person is coming from with life decisions – who cares – love thy neighbor!

Sweet Spring Air

She stepped outside on a cool crisp day, the humidity was low but still the stickiness from it was in the air. The cool breeze and sweet Spring air went into her nostrils as she breathed in, as she exhaled she felt relaxed. The day must begin whether she wants it to or not. Time does not stand still even when one needs it to stand still just for a few moments longer.

Life is full of trying times, there are moments when we feel as if there is no where to turn, no one to discuss what’s inside of our own mind, fear that we will be judged or worse yet shun for our thoughts of wishing for more or not wanting some of what we have. Human nature is funny, we try to teach our children to not judge and to be there for others. We teach our children to be kind, be honest and love one another.

She stands outside in the middle of the huge lawn wondering what she will do if she has to make a serious decision. She wonders where her strength comes from, for no matter how many times she has to make a difficult decision it is her strength that keeps her moving forward. The children know that she is mom and she will do everything in her power to ensure they are happy & healthy but what these children do not realize is that she sometimes questions if being honest and standing firm on her morals is really what works in this world?

All too often deceitful, lying people get away with things in life for they are good at manipulation and one must be extremely good at what they do if they never get caught.  She believes in Karma, she believes that the universe gives back to you what you put out there, but why do some people not seem to get what they put out there back? Does negative karma take more time? Will those close to her see that she is honest, loving and caring? Will being honest be enough? Only time will tell …. for now she just spends her mornings staring into the skies and breathing in that sweet Spring air.

Don’t Bury the Truth, Speak up for What you Believe In

When I was younger, it was extremely difficult for me to speak up for what I believed in. I always had a hard time with any confrontation, this is probably for reasons deeper than you or I can get into. You see, the truth shall set you free is certainly something that speaks some truth, for if you hang onto feelings that are truthful but you are too fearful to tell that person then it will eventually blow up in your face.

I am still semi-non confrontational in nature, this is only with people who can’t be reasoned with. I have no issues standing up for what I believe to be true to any one who is open to hearing what I have to say. The issue with people who are controlling in nature is that no matter how many times you attempt to confront them with your concerns, unless it’s agreeable with them or benefits them – they will fight you tooth and nail on it.

Dealing with someone who has to have absolute control of various situations makes it extremely difficult to have a real, valid conversation. I will still stand up for what I believe in to people who are controlling in nature, but you have to take a different more complicated course to get through to them. Which totally sucks for someone who doesn’t want to be confrontational, but you have to do what you have to do in order to stand firm on what you feel is morally right and what is the ultimate truth.

Being confrontational or non-confrontational has little to do with what you believe to be morally correct in life. Stand up and speak up for what you believe in, although it may be difficult, in the end your heart & soul will be free of all that clutter that you held in regarding what you firmly believe in.


It’s Not About Winning: The Truth Will Live on

You may think you won and things are going your way
But when the light shines down at the end of the day
You have not won but rather shown your true character
Whatever truth lies beneath your lying exterior
Will come out to play when you are least expecting it
The truth lives on but lies only build a bottom less pit.

It’s not about winning and it’s not about losing
Life is about being honest and protecting those crying
I will fight for what I believe to be true
The lies will be uncovered and so will you.

Written by: Brandy Tanner

Some People Can’t Be Reasoned With

Have you ever met your match so to speak? The person who just can’t be reasoned with? A person who no matter how you put something they can’t just agree to disagree?

You know the type, the one that has their own opinion and just can’t see your opinion. Believe me, I don’t have the same opinion as many people but I can still “get where others are coming from” with their opinions. Maybe I am too passive for some people, rarely is there a topic that I feel so strongly about that one would offend me with their opinion on the matter.

I personally live my life with the idea that if another persons way of life or another persons view on various topics doesn’t affect me personally, then why get worked up or bothered by it? I think life is way too short to get all worked up over petty things. I do think that if you come to find yourself head on with someone who can not be reasoned with that you simply walk away from the situation.

You do not have to walk away forever and this person may be ticked off that you walked away, but in the long haul of life, walking away may be better than staying to argue over petty topics. If this person is a close friend or someone you are in a relationship with then the frustration will have to be addressed but it can be addressed when you are all cooled down from the situation.