I Suppose I am Human Afterall

These days I have been found to be quite a bit snappy, I get this attitude about me when overwhelmed that I just can not get rid of. For starters the end of year into new year was insanely slow with work, while it has picked up tremendously now, I was having a difficult time. Of course once I went back to my reminder to think positive and that everything will work out attitude, work started piling in for me. I keep neglecting to follow my own darn advice at times, suppose I am human after all.

ID-10076712I have spent more time these past two weeks apologizing for being snappy to those I love and adore. Thankfully I fill my life with those who truly love me, know my heart and forgive easily or explain that I am human after all so no need to apologize. We all have our days and we all have a limit when reached that we can snap.

To boot with the snappy-ness my period is coming and there is a reason I nicknamed my monthly menstrual cycle as my “nonfriend”, it plays horrible tricks on my hormones for 1-2 weeks prior to me even having this three day cycle every month. To boot, my oldest is having her hormonal changes in her body which is messing with my “normal cycle”.

Overall life has been a challenge lately but I have such great people in my life right now that I feel truly blessed and thankful for that I am trying like hell to focus on being less snappy, less overwhelmed and appreciate the love I have in my life. The things I do have in my life, not materialistic items, human beings – are so important, amazing and I feel so special to have every person in my life that is part of it now. I can admit that I am human after all, but I wish I worked more like some robot with emotions sometimes….

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And then I got a Case of the Giggles

I have not had the case of the giggles since high school, well probably did have some giggles when my friend Sheila came to visit for we did act a bit goofy, well a lot goofy. In a general, overall world, I normally do not get the giggles but the other night I could not stop laughing for the life of me. It’s as if I was consumed by the tickle monster and nothing would or could make me stop giggling.

Sorry you are groundedI blame it on being over tired because my youngest son has not been sleeping through the night for me, unless he is in my bed. When my son is in my bed, I don’t sleep through the night, it’s a case of lose/win. What I really need to start doing is just lead him back downstairs to his bed so he doesn’t have a chance to book it for my bedroom after using the bathroom, but rarely do I think to do that in the middle of the night when I am half asleep, so it’s my bed where he ends up.

I do think that my case of the giggles may have been a bit more than just being over tired …. I have this nervous reaction with people, usually I get shy and don’t talk much. As of late, I have been more outspoken and act a fool around people when I am nervous. I wish I could revert back to my shy self but it’s near impossible for me to do most times. There are some situations where I still get shy, but overall I find that I am too outspoken and say dumb shit when I am nervous these days.

A giggle fest and randomness spouted out of my mouth … apparently that is the new me .. totally embarrassing, maybe I should take advice from my daughter and not worry what others think then I wouldn’t be as embarrassed!

A New Year and Still Me

I wanted to write something like “a New Year, A New Me” but I am not new, I am still the same old chick. I have had tons of time with the lack of sleep in this household to really think about where I am at in life and business so that I can make some changes in both areas that I am actually 100% okay with doing. I feel more relaxed and focused, maybe it’s the lack of sleep giving me no choice but to think about my to do list and such, who knows.

I am excited that we are now in the year 2013, so many changes this year for me and while some are super scary, all feel so wonderful! I am excited to be moving forward in a positive direction both as a person and as a family and entrepreneur.

Now if winter will be over already I would be even more happy.

Men Tend to Annoy Me At Times

Maybe it’s because I haven’t found the right man who mixes well with my work at home routine and crazy schedule of non-sleeping boys but over all I have found that after a period of time I get annoyed with any person I am around a lot. The person usually ends up being a male because in all honesty I don’t hang with too many females and usually it’s a boyfriend I would spend time with when not with kids. Although I am attempting to change that so I can have more friendships and less relationship issues, as I can’t do the relationship thing with my life at the moment.

I often am wondering why a person can make me smile and laugh one moment and then the next be on my nerves so bad that I want to wring their neck?! Is it a hormonal imbalance thing or maybe it’s because I have a hectic schedule and fitting another person into that almost stresses me out. I am quite content just taking care of the kids and working in between the chaos I call my life.

Although having friends is important to me, I don’t think I can focus on it as much as I want to right now at this time in my life.

Do You Ever Pretend to Not See Certain People?

I am curious how many of you have ever pretended not to see a person when out in public. You know the scenario; walking through a local store when you happen to look up and spot someone that you would really rather not say hi to and you look down and head in a completely different direction to avoid bumping into them.

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I have been guilty of both doing this and having it done to me. I actually have to laugh and I do {right out loud} when people do it to me because in all honestly most that do it to me are people I would so rather not have to pretend to be nice to. All the power to them for thinking they got away with avoiding someone who really could care less if they said hi or not.

I really can’t stand playing nice to people I don’t like. There are few people I don’t really like and those fall into the category of ; too into themselves, judgmental and sometimes even arrogant personalities.  I tend to flock to people who can benefit from my happiness and I can benefit from theirs. Don’t get me wrong, I am not always happy and I do realize humans are not always 100% happy, but if someone is going to simply say hi to me just to get the latest dish on my personal life or whatever well then in all honesty they can go fly a kite, or rather continue to pretend they didn’t see me at the store.

I will survive, because those are people who the world need not let into their lives. I thrive for positive, thoughtful and caring individuals who really enjoy company of happy, low drama people.

Non-Friend of the Month Please Go Away

It happens to most females that haven’t undergone a hysterectomy and still have a menstrual cycle, or what I prefer to call my non-friend of the month. That time of the month when you just can’t stand anything, cry at a whim and are completely irritable. The week before symptoms are usually what make me realize I am about to have a visitor from a non-friend.

You know your non-friend of the month is coming when ….

  • you find yourself crying over ketchup everywhere.
  • you find yourself detesting things you normally love.
  • you find yourself not wanting to be near your loved ones.
  • you no longer have patience to deal with the energy of your children.
  • you want to sleep all day and night.
  • you want to eat salty things or chocolate.
  • you are so irritable the littlest things set you on fire.

If you experience any or all of these symptoms it may be that time of the month. Just sayin’

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