Wordless Wednesday: S’mores Fire Pit Night – Tiki Torches for Mosquitoes to Go Away #ww with Linky

citronella candle for mosquitoes in NH

Preparing for fire pit s’mores evening with tiki torches full of mosquito get rid of stuff (citronella)

Citronella Torches Tikie NH

The Birds, The Tadpoles and the Bullfrogs …. Home

The birds are chirping and as I look to my right I see two robins doing what appears to be a love dance of sorts. Two robins hop around in a circle, just about a foot from each other, tweeting away, then they fly up about three feet and spin in mid air, belly bump and drop to the ground. This beautiful love dance, as I call it, continues on and on until they fly off into the blue skies above the pond full of red winged black birds.

It’s a beautiful experience, this living in the country, an experience that I am grateful for my children to be able to have as part of their memories from childhood. The bullfrogs taunting them as they walk around the pond anxious to capture any wild life they can, such as a tadpole, salamander or maybe just maybe a turtle. The wild life must know the kids wish to capture them because they stay just out of reach, only the young frogs that are not quite old enough to know better are easy to capture and release back to home once the kids have checked them out and fed their curiosities of these slimy green-ish creatures.

The pond has come to life and so has the woods, the grass and the world, it is Spring time and the animals, reptiles, birds and such are all ready to mate. Spring is that first season after a long, dark and limited sun exposure Winter. Spring is the time for rebirth, new growth and it brings happiness to all around; whether furry, slimy or winged.

I love the look on my kids faces as they watch wildlife in it’s natural setting; a six acre lot with a pond and wooded area as well. This is where I grew up, this is where I spent many a days and nights capturing frogs, salamanders and caterpillars. This is the place I moved with my parents while they were still married, to live in a home, a real home so that my sister and I could have a place to call home. Thirty one years later I still call this place home and have been blessed to live here the past year and a half, but now the time has come to move on and to find a place that my kids can call their home. Home means different things to many people but it essentially means the heart of the family, the one place everyone can come to and feel safe, secure as well as happy.

I am moving to our home, another chapter in the many chapters of my life, this one being a positive step in a wonderful direction that makes my heart smile. Thank you nature for being so wonderful to my sister, me and my children; you have truly given us many memories to hang onto when a rainy day gets us down.

What About Getting Married in Sunset Kahili

I never wanted a huge wedding but I did some where along the line in my adult life become obsessed with getting married in Hawaii, of course I had no clue where this would happen in Hawaii, after all isn’t all of Hawaii called Hawaii? No, indeed that is the state and places like Sunset Kahili are the towns or cities within the state.  I never said I was good with geography.

When I started looking up places in Hawaii, because that’s what you do when you get a dream to do something, right? I found a beautiful place called Sunset Kahili Condos where you can stay in Hawaii for things like I want to do, get married. Oh wait, I need a man to do that don’t I? Well he will come later – maybe I will just marry myself. Now that would be a fun wedding day!

Ocean and sunset views? Okay I am sold, I have never sat and watched a sunset, never been with someone romantic enough to snuggle up to watch such a sunset and to experience that in Hawaii? Oh my goodness, yes please! Within walking distance to Poipu Beach, sounds like a really cool beach to check out while in Hawaii and maybe it’s a cute beach to get married on? Whatever reason it is you want to go to Hawaii just be sure to check out Sunset Kahili Condos as one of your options of places to stay because the website makes it look really super awesome!