I Love That my Kids Get Me, They Really Understand

The other day I had another case of the grumpies, the thing is that when I am grumpy I am very outspoken about it. This means if I am grumpy I am sure to tell the kids ahead of time that I am just having a case of the grumpies but trying to overcome them and this moment will pass soon.

Well I had a little bit of grumpies in the car the other day and just as I told my kids that they really need to try to be a little bit quieter in the car so I can breath and chill a bit, my daughter turns on number 17 of Now 39 or Now 38, not sure which. But the song starts with “it’s been a really messed up week, seven days of torture, seven days of bitter and my GF went and cheated on me”. Then it goes lalala whatever, lalala doesn’t matter or something like that.

The kids adore this song, all three sing really loud and they know if they start to sing a tune like that that eventually I start laughing and/or smiling and sing along with them. Although I didn’t sing with them this particular time, when the song was over, Ki looked over at me and said “there Mama did that song and us singing get your grumpies away?” I smiled and said “yes my daughter, Yes it did!”

Songs that Get stuck in my Head @YouTube Videos

My kids are famous for getting songs stuck in my head and so I thought I would share with you just a taste of what songs my kids like to annoy me with so that all day long I get to sing these over and over in my head, creating a lack of focus but always remembering my morning with the kids before they went off to school…

Flobots – I can Ride my Bike with NO Handlebars

Taylor Swift – Mean

Selena Gomez & The Scene – Love you Like a Love Song

What country Music Does for Me

When I am having a rough time with life I turn to country music. The problem with turning to country music while having a rough time is that this music tends to make me cry. Why a person would want to turn on the sound of music that makes them weep when they are already down and out baffles me. Upon analyzation of my own actions, I determined country music lyrics are something I can relate to. Almost every country song has a story behind it that I can find in my past and either weep or laugh about.

Most country songs remind me of my father, times with him growing up. While some love type country songs make me wish a man would dedicate that song to me, or sing it to me if they feel that way too. Then there are the country tunes that make me sad wishing that I could have done something different or bring back memories of a time when life was a tad bit easier and I took that part of my life for granted. Whatever the song is, I surely can relate to it in a personal way when it’s part of the country genre of music.

Singing the words aloud always clears my mind. A good cry, a good country song and a tall glass of water usually turns a bad time into a great time for me and allows me to move forward in my life!

I love country music so much, it is what keeps me moving or makes me cry on a bad day. Do you have a particular genre you prefer?

You see when I was married one of the reasons I got so frustrated was because I wasn’t able to listen to country music when my, then, husband was home or in the car. My daughter and I love, LOVE country music so much. I was raised on a variety of music just as my children are ….

So … what is wrong with country music? Do you love or hate it and why?