My Own Dinner Creation, and He Loved It

Oh gosh, my boyfriend has to deal with my silly meal creations – like for instance, I had this chicken breast that absolutely needed to be cooked up. There were no kids, so normally I would not even cook a huge meal but I had to because the chicken had to get used up. I decided to make my own version of what looks like chicken quesidillas (sp?).

Making Chicken Meal

I basically took chicken breast, tortillas, shredded cheese and sour cream to layer a creation in a baking pan. First I had to cook up the chicken but overall this was a great meal idea.

Meals using chicken

The dude loved it. I loved it. And we were filled right up with a quarter of a piece each along with the broccoli and pasta I cooked with it. A meal made for a king .. or well maybe a meal made for a daring person who is willing to taste test any of my sometimes questionable food creations…

My New Favorite Indulgence – Hot Italian Sausage Grinders

Hot Italian Sausage Grinders at HomeI have always loved spicy foods and with that comes a love of Hot Italian Sausage Grinders. You know, subs, that’s what some people call them. They are the most delicious things ever and I make them at home.

I purchase sandwich or grinder rolls at my local grocery store. I then purchase Hot Italian Sausage grinders in Premo brand. I also purchase onions and green peppers. First you saute the onions and green peppers (sliced) in a pan with butter. Keep a watchful eye on the veggies so as to not brown them too much, unless you prefer them that way.

Next you cook the Premo Hot Italian Sausage in a skillet. Basically add water, the sausage and cover. Heat for 10 minutes, then uncover and heat for another 10-15 minutes. Making sure to turn the sausages as they cook, this ensures each side is browned. I personally hate to mess with raw meat, so I use a meat thermometer to ensure that they temperature of the meat has reached 160 degrees, citing it is fully cooked.

Then place sausage and onions with green peppers in your grinder/sandwich roll. For an added touch to mine, I put a slice of cheese in the bottom of the grinder/sandwich roll first then place sausage and onion and green peppers.


Ketchup and Kids

The largest distributor of ketchup in the worl...

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Oh my gosh, my kids LOVE ketchup but it is partially my fault as I am a huge fan of using ketchup in extreme amounts on just about everything too. My kids love ketchup with their chicken alfredo, instead of the alfredo sauce, ketchup on eggs, ketchup on pork chops and the list can go on and on.

Ketchup and kids was not a huge deal up until about a week ago when my youngest who will be 2 in August decided that he could use this wonderfully red product as finger paint. Yes Baby K insists on painting his brothers face, cheek and his sisters arm and clothing with red ketchup.

I have wondered what methods I can use to deter him from using ketchup in this not so great way. Maybe put him in the time out corner when he does it, raise my voice at him, explain it’s not okay or better yet J has told me that I should simply take ketchup away from him until he starts to use it right. Meaning he won’t have ketchup for any of his favorite foods and will watch as his sister & brother use it in full amounts.

I love the idea of taking the ketchup away from him altogether, however, this almost 2 year old boy watching his siblings use ketchup may lead to more issues than just a little bit of ketchup on various parts of bodies … he may have a total melt down which may lead to his plate being thrown, food tossed at us, and so much more.

As I work towards figuring out a resolution to ketchup and kids I write on here to see what ideas you have to help me fix the ketchup and kids dilemma! Any tips, advice, what you would do comments are encouraged!

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