And then I got a Case of the Giggles

I have not had the case of the giggles since high school, well probably did have some giggles when my friend Sheila came to visit for we did act a bit goofy, well a lot goofy. In a general, overall world, I normally do not get the giggles but the other night I could not stop laughing for the life of me. It’s as if I was consumed by the tickle monster and nothing would or could make me stop giggling.

Sorry you are groundedI blame it on being over tired because my youngest son has not been sleeping through the night for me, unless he is in my bed. When my son is in my bed, I don’t sleep through the night, it’s a case of lose/win. What I really need to start doing is just lead him back downstairs to his bed so he doesn’t have a chance to book it for my bedroom after using the bathroom, but rarely do I think to do that in the middle of the night when I am half asleep, so it’s my bed where he ends up.

I do think that my case of the giggles may have been a bit more than just being over tired …. I have this nervous reaction with people, usually I get shy and don’t talk much. As of late, I have been more outspoken and act a fool around people when I am nervous. I wish I could revert back to my shy self but it’s near impossible for me to do most times. There are some situations where I still get shy, but overall I find that I am too outspoken and say dumb shit when I am nervous these days.

A giggle fest and randomness spouted out of my mouth … apparently that is the new me .. totally embarrassing, maybe I should take advice from my daughter and not worry what others think then I wouldn’t be as embarrassed!

Life will Move on, Love Yourself & Others Will Too

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have this dream I dream tonight

Full of laughter, Full of love

With a white flying dove

Life is simple, so they say

Smiles and laughter fill each day

Til a storm cloud looms above

And there goes that white dove

Falling down, down, down

No one is around.

Life is what you make it

Life will move on, and so will you

Love yourself and others will too!

Music, Dancing and Laughter

Music, dancing and laughter is what fills my house daily, as well as eye rolls and weird looks like I’ve done lost my mind, but that’s another story for another day.  I enjoy a variety of music, you will find that there isn’t much in regards to music that I can’t find pleasure in. I have been thinking about broadening my horizons a bit when it comes to music because I feel like there is more styles out there that I haven’t even been introduced to yet.

For now it’s mainly country, but when the man gets home I must switch it up as he refuses to have it playing in the house at all when he is home. I must admit he has become less irritated if he walks in the door and I am blaring some country music, but if I haven’t changed it to something else within the first thirty minutes he will get up and change it on me. Party pooper!

I like to think that because I am open to a variety of music, my children will be. I don’t care for rap or hip hop as much as I did in my high school years, yes I was a huge Tupac and Biggie fan back in the day, not so much anymore. I can appreciate that there was a time in my life when that music rocked but I have outgrown it and it no longer does what other types of music does for me.

I enjoy a good song that allows me to dance around with the children, usually they laugh at me or join in. I know that the other night I had a song playing I think it was a country song, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and my daughter and I couldn’t help but move our bodies, it’s like we were just born to be high energy and full of smiles!

Without music the world would be dismal, without dancing life wouldn’t be energetic and without laughter there would be no smiles. I happen to enjoy music, dancing and laughter … how about you?

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