My Prayers Always Get Answered

The best job I have, is being a Mom. I adore being a Mommy and as I pray each night I feel God guiding me. I will listen to him and keep Faith for he has shown me signs that no other person will understand. I don’t always understand what God has in plan for me, but I feel his presence as I pray for guidance, strength and signs. Many of my friends who have Faith will understand, I am simply letting go and leaving my heart into God’s hands, he is guiding me and I believe there’s a positive reason for the direction I am being guided. I feel a weight lift off of me each time I let go and follow His signs. If I question his signs, guidance and strength, then I feel weighted again. Faith is an amazing tool that can question your world and heart. In all reality, it is super scary to follow what feels uplifting. I know many of the directions I am led through having Faith, don’t make sense to others, but all decisions make me feel very calm at the end of the day. I feel as if I am living with purpose now that I continue to pray and have become a believer in God.

Strength in Faith

I don’t pray for God to fix things. I don’t pray for God to make my life easier. I pray for strength, guidance and eyes to be open for the signs around me. I firmly believe that the signs I have seen have made this boulder lift off of my shoulder, I feel more confident in moving forward than I did before I started seeking guidance.  My brain was all over the board, if I spoke with a friend or relative who seemed to have that tone or look that they were not approving of my words or decisions, I would second guess myself. After all, my elders know best right?

I think God knows best. I believe He knows my heart better than anyone else. I believe my Aunt Robin watches over me too. I’m not saying you have to believe, I am simply sharing what I have seen happen for me.

I recently found myself questioning decisions I made a year ago and I was lost. I felt confused. I felt completely utterly hopeless for a bit. I blamed it on the Winter months, after all the long Winter with less sun really does play a key role in my moods but honestly, it’s something deeper than that for me. Or maybe it’s something more on the surface really. I am just not happy and in order to fully comprehend why and what I should do, I turned to my Faith.

I prayed. I Prayed hard. I Prayed every night. I prayed sometimes just to talk to God, just to speak aloud to him because I knew he understood. I knew he would guide me properly, with a clear head.

It’s scary letting go like that, but I will tell you I feel more confident and secure in some of the decisions I am about to make because I know He is leading me in the direction or at least he’s with me in my heart to keep me strong as I make my own decisions based on my deep belief in that each of us need to keep focus on our inner happy, even if that means being a Single Parent. I have seen myself as a single parent, and I am so much more confident, happier, and stronger. I think it’s time to let go and stop questioning where I have been guided, the signs are all around me. God has shown me many signs and it’s only when I question those signs that I feel that weight push down upon me. Whatever is going on, be it Faith or something else, I believe.

I believe. And I will follow.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It is very true that actions can speak way louder than words. For instance, you can tell your kids you are appreciative of things they have accomplished but it means way more to them to get a big gigantic hug or have you do something special as a way to say congrats. Relationships with men or woman are no different, for me, I would much rather a person show me he loves me, cares for me, likes me than say it 100 times. Maybe it’s because I have heard how people “feel” far longer than I have seen it shown to me.

The issue with realizing that actions do speak volumes compared to three little words is that I am a person who has been told more than shown. So for example, if someone were to me show me that they care deeply for me, that I am truly important to them – it would make me feel great. And after all that is something I noted missing many years ago, but since I am a person who has been told how people feel without actions backing that up for so long, ever since I started dated as a teen, it would be a hard adjustment period for me I do believe.

The constant reminder to self would be needed that the actions of that person mean more than their words. That the fact that they take time to show me how they care means so much more. Love, life and relationships are such a hard part of this world and maybe that is why I spend most of my days making sure I don’t fall head over heels into some odd living situation again or some relationship just to be in one. I want real deal, the real feelings, a person who will do anything for me and I for them, because that is what being with someone is all about.

I want to know that he feels the same as I do, constantly waiting to hear from me, hoping their day is going well. I need someone who has their own life and ability to bring something more to my life; such as their own hobbies, parenting style or what not. It’s great when you meet that person for you, the one who can show you and tell you how they feel. That person who meshes well with all you have on your plate in life. That my friends, is what the dating world is all about. Do not settle. I settled before, and I refuse to ever, ever do that again.

Everyone in the dating world needs to realize that it’s best to be alone than to settle for someone who isn’t the right fit for you and/or your family unit.

To Those Who Have Judged Based on The Past

Dear those who have judged based on past mistakes,

I understand now why you have always judged for mistakes people have made in the past, for you have your own demons and mistakes that have not been faced.  I forgive you for not allowing me the chance to show you who I am today, the adult and mother of three. I forgive you and I understand, but that does not mean I will take time out of my day to spend with you.

I need to focus on what makes me happy within and helping those who can help themselves. You see, no one but you can fix those issues you hold so closely to your heart. No one but you can make the choice to love yourself and everyone around you. I wish I could make all of those demons and negative thoughts disappear from your mind and soul but alas that is not my job nor could I ever fix another person, so please do not expect others to fix those issues you hold close. You are strong and no matter how much you feel the judgement that is placed is worthy, I know it’s not worthy for I have seen the power of an individual who wants to change.

I have seen a person who has made the most awful mistakes you could even imagine but they chose to accept them as learning curves, and to realize they don’t wish to make those mistakes again. So those who still wish to judge another person based on their past or what others rumor to be true about them, why not take a moment and look in the mirror for I highly doubt you will truly see a perfect human being in that mirror and hopefully you will come to realize that everyone deserves a chance to live without judgement.

Much love,

A person who faces demons/mistakes head on

P.S. For those who allow judgement to rule their life, please remember that you are worthy of loving who you are .. no matter what paths you have been down in life. Chin up, back straight and walk with confidence for you are trying to be a better person and that is all we can do … is try!

One Fictional Mans Demise … The Power of an Evil Woman

This one woman has the super power human strength of ruining someone’s whole dating life forever. Yes indeed it is true. Apparently this woman is such an evil woman that many, many  years ago she ruined some poor souls life in such a way that this person will never be able to date again. I know this is hard to gulp down, because after all how can one woman do such harm to a man who spends his days sleeping around and smoothing over every female he speaks to?

I really do hope this woman realizes the super human strength she holds in her hands and heart to be able to destroy a person and make them evil for life. You see, if this woman did indeed “ruin” this man well then maybe, just maybe he should have or should now seek counseling services to get his brain and heart straight? That’s just my two cents.

I get that a man and a woman may fall head over heels in love so hard that when the poor couple ends up breaking up that the heart can feel lost for a long time and that indeed this man may feel like this woman ripped his heart out of his chest but at some point one would think both would move on, either with our without professional help.

I am a firm believer that no one person can completely destroy another person in such a devastating way that many years down the road he is still blaming this woman for his demise in relationships. The only way one can make another person feel or be ‘destroyed’ is if they allow that person to make them feel that way or they are due full of ego to realize they have issues that need addressing.

Now I am not sure if we can call this man’s attitude towards a woman a result of pride, as from what I can tell it seems to be he has extremely deep issues and must find the nearest route to a counselor or pyschiatrist and fast. Curious how many of his ‘beaus’ fall for this excuse, I personally would eitehr 1) laugh in this mans face or 2) tell him to go seek professional help so he can move on to lead a successful, happier life.

yes this is a sarcastic fictional article derived from my brain … enjoy!