Why The Show Parenthood Makes me Both Happy and Sad

I remember while growing up that I would spend Summers with  my aunt and uncle, sister and my cousins. We would have such a great time spending time together, doing fun things and enjoy being a kid. I remember having Christmas dinner, I remember going to Gram’s on Thanksgiving because that is just what everyone did. I loved seeing all of my cousins and family during the holidays.

Recently the man of the house and I decided to start watching the series Parenthood, starting at Season 1 and currently into Season 3. As we watch we both have feelings of happiness and sadness. You see, I have a huge family togetherness  and family does anything for each other mentality. It’s how I think, and what I believe in. The issue is that while I believe in all of that and want it badly, ever since I became a grown up, the family get together’s for holidays no longer happen. Slowly they fade away for one valid reason or another and leave my heart with a deep sorrow.

I want so badly for my children to have the experiences I had growing up, going to relatives for sleep overs and getting together with family during the holidays and while my kids sort of have that on their Dad’s sides, they don’t have it on mine. I long to feel as if family is family, what is used to be. Why is that people use the excuse that they are too busy to get together? I know that my family is truly busy and with Gram who used to do Thanksgiving every year, she has so much on her plate. I wish she didn’t because she should be able to sit back and relax by now. I don’t like seeing her work so hard, but again that is how my family is. If they need to work, they do. They get things done.

I just think in my own mind, that taking a break for a family get together is so worth it. Have a pot luck, get the family to pitch in and help. Have everyone come together more than once a year and just see each other, talk with each other and enjoy the news each of us have to share. I miss so much having my family get together. I do. And While we watch Parenthood,  the man and I get sad that our children don’t really have that with our family, we then realize maybe – just maybe – our children will be that for us.

I hope so much to grow up and be that mom to adult children who come home for the holidays bringing their families with them. I hope so much to be the person who drops everything to entertain family; laughing, bickering, snickering and just enjoying the love that only family can offer. I just have such a missing piece in my heart for myself and my children because they don’t get to experience my family in the way I did growing up. It should not be that way. It should be different but we cannot change the times, and so I keep hoping for the future to be different.

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Merry Christmas From Me to You

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas…. I received a nice pair of boots from the Mom…

Boots for MVL Mom

And the daughter got me some coffee and slippers …. just what I needed/wanted…

Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Now my kids are all gone off to their Dads for the day and night to enjoy special time with their other half parent. I, however, am done with Christmas day and I think I hear my bed calling my name.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Day!

Free Santa Calls?

Santa Claus is coming and DialMyCalls is launching their second annual Free Santa Calls Event.

Okay so my kids were able to talk to Santa one year and it was the best ever. I loved seeing my little girl (now she isn’t so little anymore) face light up when she heard Santa on the phone. It was priceless and now my sons will be able to experience such an event thanks to DialMyCalls.

All you have to do is visit Santa Calls – Free Personalized Christmas Greetings page and have Santa call to leave message for your child(ren). This is a wonderful idea and great way to keep the magic alive!

Happy Thanksgiving – Today I am Thankful for…

Simply having family and little ones. I am thankful I was able to have children and even though the three I have can sometimes be quite challenging; I am thankful to have been blessed with three amazing children whom I will love forever, unconditionally. That is what parents do…

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We love our children unconditionally, forever and always. Happy Thanksgiving my friends, be thankful, be grateful and enjoy every moment that you have on this Earth today because you never know what life may toss at you tomorrow!