Cupcakes for the Birthday Girl

On October 8th my daughter turned 11 years old. On October 7th and the weekend prior she was with me but on October 8th and the weekend following her birthday it was her time with her Dad based on our visitation schedule. Over the weekend prior to October 8th my daughter went grocery shopping with me and saw this …

Funfetti Pink

My daughter wanted me to buy this and make cupcakes or a cake on Monday for her since she wouldn’t be home on her birthday. I said I would try to get back to Market Basket on Monday during day and hopefully be able to make cupcakes or a cake for her.

I never made it back to Market Basket. I wasn’t financially prepared to buy frosting and cake mix. That’s just how it is sometimes in our life.

funfetti cupcakes

Then the following weekend that my daughter was expected to be at my home and have a birthday party on that Saturday, I had the extra to buy this 99 cent frosting (I thought it was MORE than that in price before) and some funfetti cake mix.

I surprised my daughter on that weekend she was with me with cupcakes as she returned home from school. This was my way to say “I didn’t forget” and to make up for not being able to do this the week prior. Having cupcakes Friday night was also a great way to start off the birthday party celebration weekend!

Cupcakes for the Princess

You have to have fun sometimes and splurge a little on the yummies in life … that was what this was all about! Well, that and making my daughter smile big for her birthday weekend.

The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook – Meal Plan Week 1

While I have been doing pretty good each week spending around $100 per week for groceries, that is for 5 people primarily and 7 people three weekends a month, I decided that I wanted to start trying to find other things to make for dinner. I also need and want to encourage more veggie intake in my household for not only  my kids but for myself. I am not great at eating veggies, not because I don’t like that, simply because I got lazy with eating them.

Image Courtesy

Image Courtesy

When I was unpacking in the new house I found my The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook and thought maybe this would really be a great thing to test out. I love the this cookbook goes beyond simply sharing 200 recipes for quick, delicious and nourishing meals, it goes on to share tips on grocery shopping, using coupons and meal planning as well as other tidbits of useful information.

This is my Week 1 Main Dish Meal Plan — meaning each day this is the recipe I shall try. Each meal will have either veggies “hidden” within the recipe or on the side as well as a fruit choice for some meals.

  1. Broccoli Tuna Casserole – listed on page 57
  2. Slow Cooker Meatballs with Spaghetti – listed on page 65
  3. Pizza Wraps – listed on page 80
  4. Slow Cooker Steak & Potatoes – listed on page 149
  5. Meat & Potato Lasagna – listed on page 153

Each of the above recipes do tell you the side to have with it, but I will be adjusting a little based on known likes and dislikes around this home. I am so excited to be testing out this cookbook that I received a long time ago through my other blog!

How do you feed your  family on a budget, any tips or suggestions?

Kindle Fire Rekindled My Love of Reading

I don’t get away from my kids very often, really only for a trip to the grocery store or downtown to pick up something. For the most part, I am mom 24/7 at least until they fall asleep. My sons are finally at a point where they sleep through the night, my youngest will still occasionally wake mid night but for the most part I finally have three kids who sleep through a whole night and it’s lovely! I stopped working with clients through my virtual assistant business a few months back, just decided that with all I have going on it was becoming too much to run my business on top of blogging and motherhood.

With some time freed up, no longer having to report in to clients, I was able to arrange my work schedule for blogging to be completed each morning instead of me working a few hours in the morning and doing client work at night, I was now open to some free time after the kids were asleep and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this time. I knew I needed to spend more time working on writing my novel or doing something that was relaxing for me that I haven’t done in a long time; my decision was made once my Dad assisted me in getting the Kindle Fire. Reading it would be.

Reading books on my Kindle Fire has proven to be a fantastic way to keep my imagination for writing skills alive and to relax in silence curled up the recliner after my kids are asleep. Since I have been choosing some pretty amazing books on my Kindle Fire I thought I would start sharing with you all the various books I read and my thoughts on them. So far I have read two kindle books but plan to read many more.

So I can honestly tell you all that the Kindle Fire is a great addition to any tech driven person family home because the Kindle Fire has allowed me more time to read with a wide array of books at my finger tips, the Kindle Fire has truly rekindled my love of reading!

I Just Want Conversation

So my Gram shows up yesterday and I swear my heart starting jumping because I see an adult pulling into my driveway. For you parents who work at home and are with kids 24/7 you understand what the sign of an adult pulling into your driveway feels like! Hell even the UPS and FedEx guys make me giddy for a short conversation with an adult.

Seriously .. I think I need a night life. Oh wait, too busy working & raising kids!

Anyways, I do get out of the house like once a month. Does that count? And usually it’s not to do a whole lot maybe movies or wait, actually, grocery shop?! Yeah … I would kill for a regular girls night out on a weekly basis.

So my Gram pulls into the yard and I am like so talkative that this woman is trying to leave after just stopping in for a quick hello that she literally has to open my house door and walk out almost mid conversation.  Gram was by far not being rude, she was being really polite but I just wouldn’t shut the hell up!

I swear if I don’t get adult interaction on a more regular basis I am going to scare off any possible adult who would be around me for more than a few minutes.

I need a companion, a friend … anyone who wants to come hang at my house once a week. We can talk about stupid topics, we can have drinks, we can have snacks, I don’t care. I just want someone, an adult, to come have a little conversation with me once a week!

Is that too much to ask for?

Coupon Clipping & Raising Kids … Didn’t Work Out So Well

The other day I was on my Swagbucks page when I realized that you can get Swagbucks by printing and redeeming coupons. I was game for that because after all I am saving up my Swagbucks for a cool prize or trade in for $100 PayPal cash!

So I was sitting around earlier today when it dawned on me that I could let the boys run around outside while I cut coupons on the patio table up on the deck where I would be able to keep an eye on the bike and dump truck racing kids.

Apparently the boys knew I had a plan and so I didn’t clip my coupons today but I plan to over the weekend and use them so I can get my Swagbucks account up higher than the 913 it is at now!

Love how the kids always seem to want the most of Mama when Mama is trying to accomplish something, you see when I am sitting around doing nothing and want to hang with them they would rather be away from me. Deals Extreme Couponer Grocery Coupons

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