Getting Back to Positive and Thank God

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So one thing a person does not have control over is who someone else is as a person, and how someone else feels about something. The specific topic of “you cannot change another person unless they wish to change” and “you cannot help how you feel, nor how someone else feels as that’s an emotion. No one controls another persons feelings”, are lessons I have taught my kids from day one. I have taught my kids to be respectful, kind and to love everyone. I have taught that hate, stupid and negative words that hurt others are not acceptable, among other things.

In October my oldest will be 11. She is also my only daughter.

Up until this past weekend it did not dawn on my just how much like me this little girl is. Miss Ki has a brilliant and fair mind. Ki is understanding and compassionate yet to the point. As I watched my daughter interact and discuss with me issues or concerns in her mind, my jaw dropped because it was as if I was having a conversation with myself. The conversation lent  itself to be fair, understanding, compassionate but at the same time to the point. I could not have been more proud!! To see my work as a parent start to pay off through a serious conversation with my daughter.

On another note, my daughter is a lot like me in that we feed off of other people’s energies. We can sense when someone else has a negative energy about them, a negative mood and what not. We can sense this without even speaking the person, hearing them speak or anything, we just have this keen sense of feeling and/or sensing whatever energy the other person is putting out there. When there is a negative energy about us we get off track, we feel drained, tired and emotional, we get angry and have these sad emotions. Negative energy really is bad, it pulls even the most positive of people downward giving them the feeling that they have to fight harder to remain positive.

There is no need for someone to have such negative energy. Talk. Be honest. Be Respectful. Things can get resolved if you utilize the resources and loving people around you. With that being said, negative energies that have overcome a young one may make them more susceptible to outside influences and that is scary to me. I could not ever imagine having any grown adult take advantage of a child, children are so innocent and sweet and honest … then put them into their home environment and they learn to be malicious, manipulative, disrespect and much more because that is what they live around.

So while I work to get back in to the positive groove of things, I have to remember that not all children and adults can be saved, without walking the paths they need to walk, heck some do not ever get saved. I also Thank God every day to be blessed to have what I have, to be who I am and that my kids were raised by such a person, because I watch as they become that loving, nurturing, honest person too!

 Getting Back to Positive and Thank God

Picture a Day – Drawing is Fun

We are a creative family. We love the arts. By arts I not only mean drawing, coloring and such but as well as musicians, writers and dancers. We are a creative, artsy family and I am so thankful that we enjoy that type of time together. Below we were using black construction paper and white crayons for fun drawing with the kiddos…

White Crayon on Black Construction Paper Picture a Day   Drawing is Fun

 Picture a Day   Drawing is Fun

Unconditional Love for Kids, Unconditional Love for Spouse.. Right?

In my opinion, a parent has unconditional love for their children because, well, they are born to them and we are somewhat of the animal species so our instincts shows u to protect, nurture and love them no matter what. With relationships, why would one not feel the same with the person they marry? I do. I feel that if I took the time to marry someone then I better think long and hard before getting a divorce.  After a conversation the other night, I finally found another person who feels the exact same about marriage; that you hang onto that marriage, two people that are married should work hard to try to fix whatever may be broken within their marriage, not just walk out.

While this is a great theory, truth will have that your children will always be unconditionally loved but to place that exact same love into a husband or wife seems difficult for many. It seems human nature tells us to note other peoples flaws and experience tells our heart to back off when that right for you person is part of your life. We are tricky humans, but I honestly believe that you have to unconditionally love your children. I think with your husband or wife that there is some level of conditional love, but overall it should be held just as high as the love for your children.

Marriage is a sacred vow between two people and that is not something I will ever, ever go into lightly, if I ever marry again. For now, my children are my world and I can see how one could unconditionally love their children but maybe not have that same level of love for their spouse. It makes sense to me, but it shouldn’t be that way!

 Unconditional Love for Kids, Unconditional Love for Spouse.. Right?

Dancing to His Own Beat

My four year old son is often found dancing to his own beat, ever since this kid was a baby he couldn’t help but break out in dance when he heard music. Today, he is that same kid so it didn’t surprise me when the sprinkler was making a beat that sounded similar to music that he would stand around dancing over the sprinkler….

This is a child who lives life to the fullest. He is full of energy, smiles and happiness. This is truly a child who makes our household a bit more comical and I love his comic relief. I love that he dances to his own beat and hopefully he will continue to dance to his own beat all of his life.

 Dancing to His Own Beat

Boys are Watching Wreck It Ralph

Yes. At this moment my sons are watching Wreck it Ralph as a last ditch effort for me to get some peace today. My brain is on over drive and I am starting to feel overwhelmed You see, I am hormonal this week and so it’s only fitting that the world be tossed at me all at one time, why not?! God does not give me more than I can handle but every so often he likes to remind me that I can truly handle more than I thought I could. Thank you Lord. Seriously. I know you are with me, and in writing I get through it easier.

Yesterday was my 1 of 2 full days of work and the ex husband purchased a new to him vehicle. I was asked if I would drive the hour with him so he could pick it up. I said sure. It was 2 hours out of my day and I have zero issues helping him. What was suppose to be 2 hours turned into a majority of the day. The u joint on the drive shaft broke on way home, so then we had to go get kids from school and meet up to get him back to his rig to fix the u joint and nurse the vehicle back home. It’s home, he’s fine, all worked out.

Today, now that is another story, today has thrown me for a loop. A loop of phone calls, irritable hot car rides and so much more.

My four year old son has been diagnosed with allergies, which is something I believe my ex husband and I knew would probably happen because of it running on his side of the family, I do believe. Claritin it is, yet the pediatrician wrote a prescription for it. Insurance companies do NOT cover that so not sure why in the hell she wrote a prescription out. Who knows.

Also the script for my six year old son who was diagnosed with an ear infection today was not received yet at the pharmacy so I am waiting on that at the moment. That is covered my their health insurance providers, thank goodness.

Last but not least, the medication that my six year old son has been on for about a year now needs to have a pre-auth from his psychiatrist for a refill. I do not get this. Never before has he needed a pre-auth for a refill. When they wrote it out new, and every so often they require a pre-auth but it hasn’t ever been on a normal refill. What gets me is that since this is a controlled substance or a narcotic …. it is heavily monitored. Yet people who don’t need narcotics or controlled substances can get prescriptions filled over and over. My son needs this refill before 6pm tomorrow night or we will see close to hell arrive here at home. The medication is there for a real reason; he has a mood disorder and without medication, even just one dose, he is thrown for a loop which throws everyone here off balance. Le sigh.

Meanwhile, last night my daughter let me know her 30 day wear contacts are almost expired so she needs new ones. Yeah, like $66 total for her to get a six month supply, which really isn’t all that bad. Honestly for about $100 I can get her a full year supply but I would rather pay less now since I am saving for the move in June. So contact lenses seem to run around the same price online, but at the eye doctors they are costly.

So, yes I let my boys get wrapped up into a blu-ray of Wreck It Ralph because that my friends made sense to me in order for this Mom to get a full time out and get things off her shoulder. That is what good parents do, we take time outs, even if that means allowing our kids to have a little bit of TV time, coloring book time, whatever time – as long as they are occupied in a safe way for a short period of time for the parent to chill and come back to being Mom.

I am ready to go back to being Mom …. thank you for listening!

 Boys are Watching Wreck It Ralph

Not Given More than We Can Handle

There is saying, somewhere or a belief that God shall not give us more than we can handle and honestly if that is the case, He places a lot of faith in what this woman can handle. This past month has been full of trials and things coming up to put life and work off kilter just a bit.

quotes Not Given More than We Can Handle

For starters, my younger kids school had a water pipe burst, creating a flood of a mess in their school. The school shut down for a full week and worked quickly with the wonderful help from our community, school officials and parents. It certainly amazes me how great my town is when it comes to getting together to fix something or help others.

Next, there was February vacation, a week off at end of February where the kids were all home for a week yet again. This time it was all three, not just the two little ones.

During this time, my ex husband was changing jobs so he was training for his new job on first shift, thus creating a change needed in visits with the boys and my work schedule flip flopped, if existed at all during this time. No more having the little one gone all day once a week combined with a half day once a week, nope. This meant that the boys would go with their Dad for a few hours each evening, two nights a week. This wrecked havoc on bedtime routine and the boys schedules in general, as well as mine.

Now, meet my current challenges that have arisen, been looking for a rental home for a while now. Having no real great luck but keep looking. I am hoping that as the weather warms up, more rental homes will become available. Currently have one hopeful option, just been playing phone tag with the landlord. Along with looking for a rental, my car has decided that it is no longer my friend and keeps giving minor, but random, issues.

Finally my work schedule is back on track with the ex hubs working nights and the boys back to a normal school schedule, but that was after this past few days of having influenza B in the home.

Each day brings a new challenge and I am just hoping that I come out of all of these challenges with flying colors. Actually, make that, I know I can handle this for God does not give me more than I can handle and each night I lay down to thank Him for what blessings I do have in my life. For no matter how much I can rant and rave about what’s going on in my world, there will always be someone else out there in this world in far worse of a situation than me.

 Not Given More than We Can Handle