Please do Not be Two Faced

If I can teach any lesson to my children it’s this; DO NOT be two faced.

Seriously. Just do not do it.

If I catch my kids saying anything about another human being that they won’t say to that person’s face, I swear I will ground them. I have zero tolerance for raising gossip kids nor two faced kids. Never in a million years will I condone such behavior.

It’s mean. It’s wrong. Just do not do it.

I will also teach my kids to be weary of those they consider friends, that tend to gossip or tell them about other people’s lives that are none of their damn business. If these people are telling you personal information about another person, then chances are that they are doing the same damn thing to you!

It’s truth. It’s serious. Just do not do it.

Many will argue that “well I am only telling you because you are my best friend”, do not fall into that trap. Remember which friends you can count on and which you have to filter information to.

I’m being flat out serious. Just do not do it.

Keep your eyes and ears open to those you entrust any details of your life with. I honestly will probably teach my highly self confident kids to test out these “so called” friends by telling them a story and see how quickly others find out. When you are self confident, it won’t matter what word gets around or not, because you are confident about who you are. BUT This test will show who is a real friend and who is not trustworthy.

I am just trying to teach you to beware of those who suck.

What amazes me most of all is when I watch someone, who just not too long ago downed a person for their methods in parenthood, yet sat right down and typed up a piece of parental advice regarding the same scenario that the person was JUST putting down not that long ago. I laughed. BUT my eyes were opened to the fact that some people, especially those are not self confident, will slither around and pretend to be something they are not.

Don’t worry, they mean no harm. They are just broken themselves.

I don’t have hateful feelings towards people who do these things; who like to attempt to wreck havov on ones world, because I am too confident for that, but my eye is on those people because they can be a loose canon and that’s not something you want to have out there running their gums too freely about.

Beware who you trust, I don’t care what the reason is for you to choose to play nice with these people, always protect yourself and your good natured personality first.

And whatever you do, never stoop to their damn level, no matter how tempting it can be to put them in their place of public shame.

That’s all for now, keep your eyes and ears open for those two faced people and please raise your children to be better than that!

Random Happiness Thoughts and Pictures #familylife

I talk a lot about what brings me complete joy and anyone who is near me can feel the happiness radiate off of me when I am around all three of my children. I just adore my children, but not in the way that I am closed minded to their imperfections. We all have imperfections, we all have to work on our inner self each day. I feel that growing as a person, never stops.

With that being said, welcome to a glimpse into my true inner happiness….

Mom Loves Tats

The sun shined down and I was able to dress down a bit. Shown above is my first of three tattoos I have. This one is my first favorite because it’s a shamrock on my lower right ankle that is meant to be a tat for my first born. Some day, when money allows, I will add my daughter’s name to this tattoo. My daughter has requested that she be there when I have that done. Warm weather and the ability to show my tattoo side makes me happy.

Spending time with my Niece

No one could have ever explained to me the feeling you get when you hold your first born niece. I fell in love with this little bitty girl 15 months ago and she continues to amaze me. This is Livy, my niece, who is shown above grabbing my hair {gently} and turning to say MINE. I swear she was having hair envy in that moment. Spending time with my sister and her baby girl bring me happiness.

SPending time Outside

Watching my middle child, who rarely enjoys the great outdoors, play at the local playground while waiting for his sister the other day was such fun. I enjoy seeing this child happy because out of all three of my children, he is the one who doesn’t waste emotions. This son of mine is happy if he’s happy and sad if he’s sad, mad if he’s mad. Period. That’s it. There is always a pretty reasonable reason for his feelings too. Very simple and I love him for it. Spending time outside with my children, just being a kid with them brings me happiness.

Spending time with my Daughter

Last but not least, spending quality time with my children is important and nothing makes me happier than when my children jump up to sit on this counter top while I am doing dishes or dinner and chatting it up with me. The simple fact that I am still important to them, even my oldest, makes me smile from inside out. Spending time listening to my children speak about what is going on in their world, brings me happiness.

I suppose, you can gather from this post that most of what brings me happiness is a side of me with a main course in parenthood. I hope you find happiness in your world every day!


My Prayers Always Get Answered

The best job I have, is being a Mom. I adore being a Mommy and as I pray each night I feel God guiding me. I will listen to him and keep Faith for he has shown me signs that no other person will understand. I don’t always understand what God has in plan for me, but I feel his presence as I pray for guidance, strength and signs. Many of my friends who have Faith will understand, I am simply letting go and leaving my heart into God’s hands, he is guiding me and I believe there’s a positive reason for the direction I am being guided. I feel a weight lift off of me each time I let go and follow His signs. If I question his signs, guidance and strength, then I feel weighted again. Faith is an amazing tool that can question your world and heart. In all reality, it is super scary to follow what feels uplifting. I know many of the directions I am led through having Faith, don’t make sense to others, but all decisions make me feel very calm at the end of the day. I feel as if I am living with purpose now that I continue to pray and have become a believer in God.

Strength in Faith

I don’t pray for God to fix things. I don’t pray for God to make my life easier. I pray for strength, guidance and eyes to be open for the signs around me. I firmly believe that the signs I have seen have made this boulder lift off of my shoulder, I feel more confident in moving forward than I did before I started seeking guidance.  My brain was all over the board, if I spoke with a friend or relative who seemed to have that tone or look that they were not approving of my words or decisions, I would second guess myself. After all, my elders know best right?

I think God knows best. I believe He knows my heart better than anyone else. I believe my Aunt Robin watches over me too. I’m not saying you have to believe, I am simply sharing what I have seen happen for me.

I recently found myself questioning decisions I made a year ago and I was lost. I felt confused. I felt completely utterly hopeless for a bit. I blamed it on the Winter months, after all the long Winter with less sun really does play a key role in my moods but honestly, it’s something deeper than that for me. Or maybe it’s something more on the surface really. I am just not happy and in order to fully comprehend why and what I should do, I turned to my Faith.

I prayed. I Prayed hard. I Prayed every night. I prayed sometimes just to talk to God, just to speak aloud to him because I knew he understood. I knew he would guide me properly, with a clear head.

It’s scary letting go like that, but I will tell you I feel more confident and secure in some of the decisions I am about to make because I know He is leading me in the direction or at least he’s with me in my heart to keep me strong as I make my own decisions based on my deep belief in that each of us need to keep focus on our inner happy, even if that means being a Single Parent. I have seen myself as a single parent, and I am so much more confident, happier, and stronger. I think it’s time to let go and stop questioning where I have been guided, the signs are all around me. God has shown me many signs and it’s only when I question those signs that I feel that weight push down upon me. Whatever is going on, be it Faith or something else, I believe.

I believe. And I will follow.

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Getting Back to Positive and Thank God


So one thing a person does not have control over is who someone else is as a person, and how someone else feels about something. The specific topic of “you cannot change another person unless they wish to change” and “you cannot help how you feel, nor how someone else feels as that’s an emotion. No one controls another persons feelings”, are lessons I have taught my kids from day one. I have taught my kids to be respectful, kind and to love everyone. I have taught that hate, stupid and negative words that hurt others are not acceptable, among other things.

In October my oldest will be 11. She is also my only daughter.

Up until this past weekend it did not dawn on my just how much like me this little girl is. Miss Ki has a brilliant and fair mind. Ki is understanding and compassionate yet to the point. As I watched my daughter interact and discuss with me issues or concerns in her mind, my jaw dropped because it was as if I was having a conversation with myself. The conversation lent  itself to be fair, understanding, compassionate but at the same time to the point. I could not have been more proud!! To see my work as a parent start to pay off through a serious conversation with my daughter.

On another note, my daughter is a lot like me in that we feed off of other people’s energies. We can sense when someone else has a negative energy about them, a negative mood and what not. We can sense this without even speaking the person, hearing them speak or anything, we just have this keen sense of feeling and/or sensing whatever energy the other person is putting out there. When there is a negative energy about us we get off track, we feel drained, tired and emotional, we get angry and have these sad emotions. Negative energy really is bad, it pulls even the most positive of people downward giving them the feeling that they have to fight harder to remain positive.

There is no need for someone to have such negative energy. Talk. Be honest. Be Respectful. Things can get resolved if you utilize the resources and loving people around you. With that being said, negative energies that have overcome a young one may make them more susceptible to outside influences and that is scary to me. I could not ever imagine having any grown adult take advantage of a child, children are so innocent and sweet and honest … then put them into their home environment and they learn to be malicious, manipulative, disrespect and much more because that is what they live around.

So while I work to get back in to the positive groove of things, I have to remember that not all children and adults can be saved, without walking the paths they need to walk, heck some do not ever get saved. I also Thank God every day to be blessed to have what I have, to be who I am and that my kids were raised by such a person, because I watch as they become that loving, nurturing, honest person too!

Picture a Day – Drawing is Fun

We are a creative family. We love the arts. By arts I not only mean drawing, coloring and such but as well as musicians, writers and dancers. We are a creative, artsy family and I am so thankful that we enjoy that type of time together. Below we were using black construction paper and white crayons for fun drawing with the kiddos…

White Crayon on Black Construction Paper

Unconditional Love for Kids, Unconditional Love for Spouse.. Right?

In my opinion, a parent has unconditional love for their children because, well, they are born to them and we are somewhat of the animal species so our instincts shows u to protect, nurture and love them no matter what. With relationships, why would one not feel the same with the person they marry? I do. I feel that if I took the time to marry someone then I better think long and hard before getting a divorce.  After a conversation the other night, I finally found another person who feels the exact same about marriage; that you hang onto that marriage, two people that are married should work hard to try to fix whatever may be broken within their marriage, not just walk out.

While this is a great theory, truth will have that your children will always be unconditionally loved but to place that exact same love into a husband or wife seems difficult for many. It seems human nature tells us to note other peoples flaws and experience tells our heart to back off when that right for you person is part of your life. We are tricky humans, but I honestly believe that you have to unconditionally love your children. I think with your husband or wife that there is some level of conditional love, but overall it should be held just as high as the love for your children.

Marriage is a sacred vow between two people and that is not something I will ever, ever go into lightly, if I ever marry again. For now, my children are my world and I can see how one could unconditionally love their children but maybe not have that same level of love for their spouse. It makes sense to me, but it shouldn’t be that way!