The Weekend is Coming, the Weekend is Coming

I am looking forward to my kid weekend….. there will be five kids in the house this weekend and I bet we will all have a blast.

The weekend

Cheers to your weekend, may it be filled with memory making moments!

Raising Little Card Sharks

My middle child has always had a thing for games, so I decided to begin with various board games and then we moved onto teaching him chess and so on. Card games were a great way to switch up our game time together without causing an issue with him becoming bored. Recently his favorite game is Yahtzee and it’s a great game because he learns how to quickly add the numbers on the dice together.


The new thing that my son has been doing is wanting to keep track of his own score card. This is an exciting thing for him, to be able to read the score card and determine his score is also assisting in encouraging his reading skills. Overall I have been happy to see that my kids love to play board games because they are a fun together family thing as well as they teach skills they need to know in school too without being too stressful for them.

My middle child is so amazing at games and wins nearly every time. I just love how good he is, someday he will be a great card shark or at least continue enjoying the tradition of playing board games with his family in the future.

Trivial Pursuit Bet you Know It

I played an interesting board game last night into this morning with a couple of tween, almost teens, and the boyfriend. It was called Trivial Pursuit Bet you Know It. Being that my three kids range in ages where the two younger boys usually are to be involved in a family game night, I was never able to play this board game fully in the past.

Trivial Pursuit Bet you Know It

While reading the directions we came to realize that this version of Trivial Pursuit was more like a Vegas style version of Trivial Pursuit. The game cards were still the same with various trivial questions but you had to place bets on the person answering the question.

I must admit we did run out of poker chips for betting at one point, so I do say if you try this game that you may need to buy an extra package of poker chips to ensure that you all can fully play the game without having to write little IOU’s for those you owe chips to from the bank.

Beyond the poker chip issue though, it was a blast! The kids even said “wow that was a really fun game” … it was a great time and much needed as a way to simply enjoy this part of my family unit … I highly recommend you check out Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It for your family with older children, then tell me what you all think of it!

Let’s Just Say .. Life is so Much Fun

From playing with Kre-O blocks ….

Kre-O transformers

To dressing the dog for negative degree temps only to realize her coat is too small…IMG_20130123_175543

To finding out that Beat the Parents is an amazingly fun game, even when you are playing with with five kids who are 12, 11 10, 6 and 4. Totally fun time laughing, I laughed so hard I cried.

Beat The Parents

To getting my butt whooped at chess… a 12 year old got me in check mate, what can I say – I suck sometimes at chess. {or all the time}

Check Mate Chess

To letting the four year old paint a masterpiece art design on an old cardboard box ….

And everything in between. I certainly can say that I love my life, even if at times I am wishing I could rip my hair out or bang head against wall. The times I have with my family could never, ever be replaced by anything or anyone else ever. The nights of laughing so hard I am crying, to the point where my stomach hurts but I still can not stop laughing. To the times when the kids tell me they love me. Every moment of life is a blessing and even though some moments are challenging – at least you get to experience them.

Be thankful and grateful for what you are blessed to have!

Got My Butt Whooped at Cribbage Again

I am getting better at cribbage, the counting is much better this time around but I still lack that strategy to get good points. I was being coached last time on counting and it worked, I counted with flying colors but what happens when you are counting great but really lacking in points? You get skunked in cribbage. So I won one round but alas lost overall. Again.

So the thing I was coached on this past weekend was what to put into the kitty. That seemed to be where I was getting stuck and giving up some good points. I was doing better towards the end and think in a couple of weeks when I play again I will be all “game on” and kicking arse, but we shall see.

I will be sure to update you as I continue on in my adventures of bringing cribbage games back into my life!

Let’s Get Ready to Par-Tay

I love having people around. It makes me smile and so this weekend I am preparing to celebrate with a baby shower for my sister. I can’t wait to see her, it’s been too long since I have hung out with her.

Sunday will bring a Hawaiian themed birthday party for my almost 10 year old daughter. She will have friends, fun and laughter going on Sunday afternoon. Tonight my daughter and I will be busy with needle, thread and tissue paper to create leis for guests.

Monday is my daughter’s actual birthday and there is no school that day so maybe the kids and I will set out on an adventure walking trails in the woods to see what we see.

As October starts, I am beginning to feel a bit more relaxed. Sports will be coming to an end and my schedule will lighten up. I love Fall.