The Bug Has Hit Our House

As I sit here typing this I have sick children and a temperature rising in my own self. I am online writing because, well, I have to get some work done even if home sick. That’s one blessing about being a work at home mom, I can work virtually anywhere and in any shape, since I currently am nursing a temperature rise and not having any other symptoms I can still work a bit.

My daughter started getting sick on Thursday into Friday but then spent the weekend with her Dad without any sick issues, at least as far as she shared with me. The boys spent their weekend with Dad pretty sick. It seemed it was only going to be a 24-48 hour bug of some sort, but last night I found we all were getting a fever again. Sigh.

This bug doesn’t want to let us go but I will fight to get rid of it. I grabbed some Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Little Man brought orange juice home from his Dad’s. Together with extra sleep and some honey tea, we will get this bug fought and put away. This week was only a three day school week as it is so these kiddos need to get healthy and back to school for their education.

Hoping this passes soon because it doesn’t feel good watching your kids struggle with sickies. I would have sent them to school but I am not the kind of parent who sends their children to school sporting a fever, sadly that is what will keep spreading the bug through out the school. I would rather keep my kids home if they have any signs of a stomach bug, flu or any other sickness because it’s important to make sure other school kids are protected.

So today, I sit curled up in blanket still feeling cold chills and praying all passes quickly.

 The Bug Has Hit Our House

Cupcakes for the Birthday Girl

On October 8th my daughter turned 11 years old. On October 7th and the weekend prior she was with me but on October 8th and the weekend following her birthday it was her time with her Dad based on our visitation schedule. Over the weekend prior to October 8th my daughter went grocery shopping with me and saw this …

IMG 1299 e1382489499217 764x1024 Cupcakes for the Birthday Girl

My daughter wanted me to buy this and make cupcakes or a cake on Monday for her since she wouldn’t be home on her birthday. I said I would try to get back to Market Basket on Monday during day and hopefully be able to make cupcakes or a cake for her.

I never made it back to Market Basket. I wasn’t financially prepared to buy frosting and cake mix. That’s just how it is sometimes in our life.

IMG 1302 e1382489750286 764x1024 Cupcakes for the Birthday Girl

Then the following weekend that my daughter was expected to be at my home and have a birthday party on that Saturday, I had the extra to buy this 99 cent frosting (I thought it was MORE than that in price before) and some funfetti cake mix.

I surprised my daughter on that weekend she was with me with cupcakes as she returned home from school. This was my way to say “I didn’t forget” and to make up for not being able to do this the week prior. Having cupcakes Friday night was also a great way to start off the birthday party celebration weekend!

IMG 1303 e1382489820715 764x1024 Cupcakes for the Birthday Girl

You have to have fun sometimes and splurge a little on the yummies in life … that was what this was all about! Well, that and making my daughter smile big for her birthday weekend.

 Cupcakes for the Birthday Girl

Friday is Here, Sunshine May Not Be

This is technically my kid free weekend but my boyfriend has his 12 & 13 year old children three weekends a month, meaning this is the weekend I don’t have kids but the boyfriend does. While I may get away and have some alone time, I do enjoy spending time with the three of them alone as well.

IMG 20130601 174915 300x300 Friday is Here, Sunshine May Not Be

So the weekend is coming and I hope that I don’t add to my already sun burned top. That’s what I get for saying “I never burn”. Remember not to utter such a word as “never” because it will happen more times than not.

IMG 20130602 213122 300x300 Friday is Here, Sunshine May Not Be

Thus my sun burn I am sporting from last weekend. I doubt I will add to it as the weather looks like it’s going to be cloudy and rainy. BUT here’s hoping the weather man is completely wrong!

 Friday is Here, Sunshine May Not Be

Weekend Quotes – Let’s Get this Weekend Started Right #quote

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.  ~Bill Watterson

There aren’t enough days in the weekend.  ~Rod Schmidt

Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.  ~Author Unknown

Of all the days that’s in the week
I dearly love but one day
And that’s the day that comes betwixt
A Saturday and Monday.
~Henry Carey

Most people are in a factory from nine till five.  Their job may be to turn out 263 little circles.  At the end of the week they’re three short and somebody has a go at them.  On Saturday afternoons they deserve something to go and shout about.  ~Rodney Marsh, 1969

Always strive to excel, but only on weekends.  ~Richard Rorty

Do tell me, which is your favorite quote I shared today?

 Weekend Quotes   Lets Get this Weekend Started Right #quote

Running in Circles

That is how it feels most days. I have two kids to bring to school every day of the week, except my oldest who is brought by her father two days a week. Then I rush home grab my coffee and hop into the office to work til about 12:30pm. Then I have the afternoon with my youngest to spend running off his energy {and mine}. Then off to get kids from school and three days a week is soccer with one other day cheerleading. It seems I am running around like my head is cut off four days a week.

Finally Friday comes and no sports but of course there’s school and it’s Friday “Mom” so oldest wants to stay up and hang with me, I want to work but I want the time with her too. She goes to her Dad’s every other weekend so the weekends she is home are important to me.

I love it so much when my daughter’s father laughs out loud at me about my memory failing me and how overwhelmed I get. I mean seriously, he has ONE child and she is like the eeasiets child in the world so how can he LOL at me? I would love to see him live in my shoes for a few weeks non stop boys and dealing with AJ’s aggression some days. It’s no piece of pie I tell ya.

I am not complaingin by any means, I do realize one day I will miss this hectic life and not know what to do with my free time but some where, some time soon I need to realize that I am just as important as my children and get away some how for a night off. I really feel myself sinking deeper and deeper into this state of mind that makes my life feel like I am drifting along with no real emotion or anything in life. That isn’t healthy and it’s damn right scary to me.

So … as October 28th nears and I realize I will be 30 only once in my life, I plan to get away. Maybe rent a hotel room or something even if I am all alone just so I can have some peace and quiet for my birthday.

 Running in Circles