We Seem to Always end up at Denny’s

It is rare that my fiance and I get a date night, meaning that while we don’t have kids every other weekend, we don’t spend money on dates. We spend much of our kid free hours at home organizing, cleaning and eating at home over a good movie. On occasion though, we like to try to save money to get out of the house for special date night.

Each time we decide we can spend a little money on a date night at a restaurant, we head to West Lebanon, NH where there are more restaurant style places to eat. Where we live there is mostly just the franchise chain restaurants and fast food. We wanted to go to Chilli’s or Applebees, but sadly their liens are always so long at this time of the evening when we decide to go out.

photo 11 e1396287553616 We Seem to Always end up at Dennys

We always end up at Denny’s. This is a place that offers breakfast all day round, yummy yummy! I don’t usually order a breakfast but still, it’s nice to have that option for the occasional visit with the kids who love breakfast menus.

photo 12 e1396287653850 We Seem to Always end up at Dennys

Denny’s never has a long line to wait in, while we have arrived with a few couples ahead of us from time to time, there isn’t ever that long of a wait to get seated and served. We decided to start with appetizers … zesty nachos sounded good.

photo 12 e1396287653850 We Seem to Always end up at Dennys

These happen to have jalapenos in them, and I happened to eat one. Wow, talk about my heart burning for a bit. It had a little kick but not too bad, as long as you don’t get a bite with a larger piece of jalapeno.

photo 23 e1396287776843 We Seem to Always end up at Dennys

For my dinner, I chose a prime rib type sandwich with yummy melted cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms atop garlic bread of some sort. It was delicious. Oh my yummy yummy-ness, the taste buds were happy!

photo 32 e1396287850183 We Seem to Always end up at Dennys

Mister Lee, my fiance chose a burger that had swiss and mushroom and all sorts of stuff on it. He also asked for bacon to be added to this burger, sadly the waitress screwed up but she ended up giving him bacon for free, normally that was an extra $1 charge. Way to make up for her own mistake.

We had a great experience at Denny’s, as always. I am thankful for their delicious food, large servings (we always bring home food bagged) and their quick ways to get customers in to be seated and served!

 We Seem to Always end up at Dennys

I swear it’s All Sheila’s Fault

It’s easy to pass the blame right? So today I blame @sheilacakes7 for the addiction I not only have to @drpepper but to Fritos Jalapeno Cheese dip and Doritos combination.

Bad treat for weight loss 225x300 I swear its All Sheilas FaultYes. I am guilty of having gobbled down more than I should of these tasty combination treats… and it was Sheila who introduced me. I happened to put my finger in her cheese when she was sitting next to me on the recliner.

I started laughing so hard because I didn’t even think twice before sticking my finger into her food she was holding. It cracks me up how rude I can be without realizing. The funny thing is, I hated these upon first try but oh how they have grown on me.

I must not eat too many though or I shall have risk of gaining back all of my weight lost.

 I swear its All Sheilas Fault

Things I Seriously Don’t Want to Live Without

I can live without a lot of things, but the following are things I seriously prefer not to live without …

Deck of Cards Things I Seriously Dont Want to Live Without

A deck of Cards

My kids and I love playing various card games, without this little deck o cards we would have some boring evenings trying to come up with creative things to do that all three kids enjoy. A deck of cards provides hours of fun for the little ones and me.

Clorox Disinfectant Wipes Things I Seriously Dont Want to Live Without

Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

These were something I hadn’t used until I received them free from Clean It Supply, but now? I swear I prefer to not live without them. These wipes provide a quick and easy way to wipe up the counters in between meals and to clean up messes the youngest kiddo makes. I seriously love these wipes.

Nestle Coffee Mate Hazelnut Things I Seriously Dont Want to Live Without

Nestle Coffee Mate Hazelnut Creamer

This is a brand of creamer I prefer, any other creamer with flavor has proved to be too sweet on my taste buds. Coffee Mate either Hazelnut or French Vanilla has been the best option for my coffee and I prefer to have this in my coffee over any other creamer or milk option out there.

Morning cup of Coffee Things I Seriously Dont Want to Live Without

My Morning Travel Mug Cup of Coffee

I will not drink warm coffee or room temperature coffee, my morning coffee (or mid day coffee) must be HOT HOT HOT and so I seriously would prefer not to live without my travel mug. It keeps coffee hot and it provides me with 16oz of my fuel for the morning.

Dawn Dish Soap Things I Seriously Dont Want to Live Without

Dawn Dish Soap

While I have and do use other dish soap for hand washing my dishes, I have noticed that Dawn dish soap really cuts through grease the best. Requiring little work from my hands and making sure my dishes and pans are spotless. I personally would prefer not living without my Dawn dish soap.


 Things I Seriously Dont Want to Live Without

Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

When you look around the world you will see humans making life more difficult than it really is.  A friend once said that life is pretty simple “do what you want and harm no one”, this is rather simple but I have to admit it’s true.

The sky view Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

So when you are feeling like life is too much to bear, you can’t handle another thing. Take a moment to enjoy the simple things, such as a walk in the quiet woods.

walk down trail Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

A stroll down the edge of a river.

Stroll down the river Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

Or check out the odd mushrooms growing in your backyard. Just don’t eat them or touch them unless you know which mushrooms or good and bad.

Mushrooms growing Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

Whatever it is that you do, just do it. Enjoy the simple things, life really is that simple. Happiness really is that easy to come by.

 Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

The Cold Lunch vs Hot Lunch for School Debate … what do you do?

Today I share with you my vlog about cold lunches vs hot lunches for school. Do you have your kids get school lunches or cold lunch? Is there a debate over it, meaning do your kids prefer hot lunch but you make them take cold lunch? Curious your thoughts on it after watching my video …

On a Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss Journey .. Again

So a couple of Summers ago I was working out daily (5 x a week) on EA Sports Active for the Wii console and I was down to 180 lbs wearing a size 14/15. I felt amazing, sure my belly still wasn’t where I wanted it to be but I was confident and able to really smile more often. The energy that working out gave me combined with losing weight was simply too amazing to give one word to.

Even though I have not yet touched EA Sports Active again as the Wii is not allowed to be used too often as a way to avoid feeding my five year old son’s video game addiction, I have been more active. Summer is here and I find myself outside more often than not and swimming constantly, dragging the kids around in the pool for only one can really swim moderately well. That is a work out in itself!

June 24 214 lbs pic 2 On a Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss Journey .. Again

In the beginning of June 2012, I found that my weight on the scale was creeping up slowly but surely, weighing in around 222 lbs and wearing a size 18 really was not my ideal size for my height of 5’6″ and I knew not only is it healthy for me to start focusing on getting my weight down, but it will show my kids to be more active as well. I am a firm believer in teaching kids through your own actions rather than preaching what you are not doing your own self.

While my legs will forever have veins popping out, thanks to the birth of my third child, I can still be at an ideal weight and show my kids that simply getting outside and off of that recliner can prove to be a life and health saver.

June 24 214 lbs On a Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss Journey .. AgainAlthough I am reluctant to show a picture of my naked belly, I feel it’s important to be upfront and honest in pictures with my current body image. I am now down 8lbs as of today, June 24th 2012, and these pictures within this blog post document me at 214.9 lbs and slipping out of a size 18 pair of shorts.

Although I never really change my eating habits while working on weight loss, I can say there are some tips I have to share with you all on how I continue to ensure I don’t over eat and stay active:

  • Know Your “bad habit” Foods & Do not Buy Them – I know chips are onw of my bad habit foods, if I buy a bag, I will eat a bag. So I may buy chips on occasion but it’s not a regular part of my grocery list.
  • Play Inside & Outdoor “active” games with Your Kids – Hide n Seek, Tag, simon says; these are all games that get you taking turns, up and moving but without doing too much & will help to lose a little bit of weight.
  • Increase Water or Good for you Drinks – when I worked out with EA Sports Active I personally drank a lot of Crystal Light, while I am not sure if that’s good for you 100%, it helped with my weight loss goals & was better tasting than water. I also like Mio now for water.

Those are my tips and those are my current pictures. Can not wait to share my journey to be more fit and healthy with you all! Happy Sunday my friends!

 On a Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss Journey .. Again