We Seem to Always end up at Denny’s

It is rare that my fiance and I get a date night, meaning that while we don’t have kids every other weekend, we don’t spend money on dates. We spend much of our kid free hours at home organizing, cleaning and eating at home over a good movie. On occasion though, we like to try to save money to get out of the house for special date night.

Each time we decide we can spend a little money on a date night at a restaurant, we head to West Lebanon, NH where there are more restaurant style places to eat. Where we live there is mostly just the franchise chain restaurants and fast food. We wanted to go to Chilli’s or Applebees, but sadly their liens are always so long at this time of the evening when we decide to go out.

Date night at Denny's

We always end up at Denny’s. This is a place that offers breakfast all day round, yummy yummy! I don’t usually order a breakfast but still, it’s nice to have that option for the occasional visit with the kids who love breakfast menus.

Date night at Denny's

Denny’s never has a long line to wait in, while we have arrived with a few couples ahead of us from time to time, there isn’t ever that long of a wait to get seated and served. We decided to start with appetizers … zesty nachos sounded good.

Date night at Denny's

These happen to have jalapenos in them, and I happened to eat one. Wow, talk about my heart burning for a bit. It had a little kick but not too bad, as long as you don’t get a bite with a larger piece of jalapeno.

Date night at Denny's

For my dinner, I chose a prime rib type sandwich with yummy melted cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms atop garlic bread of some sort. It was delicious. Oh my yummy yummy-ness, the taste buds were happy!

Date night at Denny's

Mister Lee, my fiance chose a burger that had swiss and mushroom and all sorts of stuff on it. He also asked for bacon to be added to this burger, sadly the waitress screwed up but she ended up giving him bacon for free, normally that was an extra $1 charge. Way to make up for her own mistake.

We had a great experience at Denny’s, as always. I am thankful for their delicious food, large servings (we always bring home food bagged) and their quick ways to get customers in to be seated and served!

The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook – Meal Plan Week 1

While I have been doing pretty good each week spending around $100 per week for groceries, that is for 5 people primarily and 7 people three weekends a month, I decided that I wanted to start trying to find other things to make for dinner. I also need and want to encourage more veggie intake in my household for not only  my kids but for myself. I am not great at eating veggies, not because I don’t like that, simply because I got lazy with eating them.

Image Courtesy Amazon.com

Image Courtesy Amazon.com

When I was unpacking in the new house I found my The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook and thought maybe this would really be a great thing to test out. I love the this cookbook goes beyond simply sharing 200 recipes for quick, delicious and nourishing meals, it goes on to share tips on grocery shopping, using coupons and meal planning as well as other tidbits of useful information.

This is my Week 1 Main Dish Meal Plan — meaning each day this is the recipe I shall try. Each meal will have either veggies “hidden” within the recipe or on the side as well as a fruit choice for some meals.

  1. Broccoli Tuna Casserole – listed on page 57
  2. Slow Cooker Meatballs with Spaghetti – listed on page 65
  3. Pizza Wraps – listed on page 80
  4. Slow Cooker Steak & Potatoes – listed on page 149
  5. Meat & Potato Lasagna – listed on page 153

Each of the above recipes do tell you the side to have with it, but I will be adjusting a little based on known likes and dislikes around this home. I am so excited to be testing out this cookbook that I received a long time ago through my other blog!

How do you feed your  family on a budget, any tips or suggestions?

The Best way to Spend Valentine’s Day

Normally I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day but trying to “get into the spirit” this year. Usually I do try to get my kiddos something awesome, so today this is what I did to celebrate Valentine’s Day…


The little one and I went to buy one flower for each child, he choose his own since he was with me. The other two kids were in school, so I choose one pink carnation for the daughter and one red carnation for the son to be delivered to their schools by me.


After all of the flowers were settled, I decided to take my little man out to lunch. What the perfect little Valentine’s Day date he is. It was his choice, he chose cheese pizza at a local pizza place so he could play on the arcade games while the pizza cooked…


After our fun filled morning of Valentine’s Day bliss, I took the little one to school and returned home so I could get some work done in my office!



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I swear it’s All Sheila’s Fault

It’s easy to pass the blame right? So today I blame @sheilacakes7 for the addiction I not only have to @drpepper but to Fritos Jalapeno Cheese dip and Doritos combination.

Yes. I am guilty of having gobbled down more than I should of these tasty combination treats… and it was Sheila who introduced me. I happened to put my finger in her cheese when she was sitting next to me on the recliner.

I started laughing so hard because I didn’t even think twice before sticking my finger into her food she was holding. It cracks me up how rude I can be without realizing. The funny thing is, I hated these upon first try but oh how they have grown on me.

I must not eat too many though or I shall have risk of gaining back all of my weight lost.

The Aging Process

I was tweeting with my like a sister friend @mommadjane the other day and all of a sudden we ended up on a brief talk about once she hit 30 all went downhill, and I had to think. Is this true? Once I hit 30 last year did all go downhill? Maybe so. Maybe Not.

One thing I know for sure is that this aging process takes more of a toll on my taste buds and stomach as well as body than my mindset. It seems the older I get the less food I can tolerate, sure I love things hot n spicy but my stomach? No longer cares for the hot n spicy, at least not the way I prefer it.

Sure I love eggs; give me an omelet, give me an over easy egg, give me scrambled eggs. Add sausage to the side, cheese and onions maybe even green peppers but after I gobble that down? You can bet that there is a 90% chance I will be laid up in bed the rest of the day fighting off major stomach cramps. I don’t know what it is but the incredible edible egg is no longer so incredible to my stomach.

I am one of those will try anything at least once, with one exception – liver. I just won’t touch it. So Dad and my daughter can eat it all up because I am all set on that. You would have to hide it in something for me to try it without realizing that’s what I just tried – yes sometimes I can be like a little kid.

So now, I am 31 years old as of October 28th and I am changing yet again. No longer can I handle late nights and early rising. I want sleep and lots of it. I have been an early to bedder as I like to call it more often than not these days and then five in the morning when the boys decide it is wake up time, I am groggy but more awake than I would be had I worked all night and slept only a few short hours.

I am getting older, so says my body but in my mind? I am totally still 25 years old.


No Kids Weekend, a Birthday and Best Friend Visits

What happens when you put two best girl friends together on a birthday weekend with no kids?

Well for us, we decided jell-o shots were a must, of course more for my friend than me. I am a half n half Twisted Tea gal, no hard liquor for this chick.

The jell-o shots were ready to be eaten later on that evening. We planned for a camp fire by getting the permit at the fire station earlier in the day.

Roasting marshmallows, having a few drinks and laughs. That is what happens when you get a no kid weekend with a best friend and a birthday is involved in the mix as well. Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!