Socks Missing – The Dryer and Washer are Not to be Blamed

In this house if you have missing socks, it isn’t the dryer nor washer to be blamed…

Case of the Missing socks

Around these parts if you are missing socks and it’s either my daughter, my fiance or me … chances are the daughter or I stole them. In this particular case of the missing socks – it was me to be blamed for stealing yet another pair of my fiance’s socks. I guess he should have bought me socks for Christmas.

Picture a Day – Laundy

Laundry is never ending. It does not matter if you set a day of the week to do it, it will forever pile up.


That is why I choose to do laundry whenever this basket is full. Once this basket is full I know that I have one load plus a second load of laundry that can be washed. I do not have a ton of clothing so laundry cannot be done once a week.

I also have children who seem to think dirtying more than one outfit a day is just natural, mostly for my two sons. So while I don’t mind the actual process of washing and drying laundry….

folding is another story. There will usually be quite the collection of washed and dried laundry on the downstairs couch for people to search through for their own clean clothes each week.

This is How the Girls of the House Roll

My middle child is playing basketball for the first time this year and it’s funny that my oldest (and only) daughter always seem to “primp” before we head out to the once-a-week practices.

Shown above is my daughter in my too big for her sandals, that are high in the heel and worn with socks this past week. She felt she was styling and looking good, I have to agree, she looks just fine.

Shown above is me, with my head cut off, in my boot cut Levi jeans, a Columbia fleece and my awesome boots.

Yes, we are girls and we act like girls .. sometimes.


The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

Have you noticed how popular scarves have become? I’m not talking winter, keep your neck warm scarves, I’m talking fashion, where all day, scarves. I just got to thinking about it when I saw Kelly Ripa on Fayette Satellite TV wearing a fashion scarf. It was a real pretty black one with pink and turquoise undertones. It really made the outfit. I need to get some more fashion scarves. I only have two: a reddish one, and a blue and black one. I love them, but I forget to wear them all the time. I forget I even have them, but they can really take an outfit from plain to awesome. I need to put them in a more visible and accessible place in my closet so I will think of them as I’m picking out my clothes to wear in the morning. I think with a few scarves, you can make the same outfit look like a different one just by switching out the color of the scarf. It is amazing what a difference a scarf makes.

Mama is a Dork …. Say What?

I was talking with my daughter, okay, back that up, I was bribing my daughter with a game on my old Droid cell phone if she would just freaking pick out an outfit and get dressed for the day when we started talking and laughing. It all started with me trying to find her one of her sarcastic shirts, one that says “recycle my brother” or maybe “Girls Rock” and that’s when it dawned on me, I was all ready to take a permanent marker & cross of “girls” and write “mama” so that the shirt clearly told the truth that “Mama Rocks”.

My daughter laughed and wasn’t too keen on that idea, apparently our sense of humor did not align during this conversation. So I thought well maybe I can cross it off and have it say “boys rock”, nope she did not like that idea either. Apparently Girls Rock is the best saying and so why not wear the shirt? No, she did not want to.

So we moved onto a shirt that says “Cheer 4 Life” and I did a little cheer saying “Ki will look beautiful. In this shirt. Because she is awesome” that went with cute little arm movements, you know like a real cheerleader. All that got me was Mama points for reminding her she is beautiful but then it happened, she said I am a dork. WHAT? Never.

She is wearing that shirt though, so my charm did her in.

Mostly Thankful For Knowing When to Break

Between the three year old telling me that my foot best be watching out for his feet wearing my clunky heeled dress shoes, the five year old screaming for computer game time and the nine year old constantly being bored I tell you I don’t know how I do it.

I don’t know how I don’t run screaming for the looney bin most days. I certainly understand why, as my natural hair color comes through in my roots, I have more greys than I had last time I let my natural hair color shine through.

For me, a vacation is something along the lines of hopping in my van, totally kid free and blasting some country or pop music on the radio. All I need is a short drive with loud music and no children to refresh myself.

After driving just a few short minutes downtown and back home in a van, with no kids, my mind is ready to come back and deal with the boredom, feet stomping and whining from the children.

I think that this time of year I am mostly thankful for the fact that I know when to take a mini break to be the best parent possible!