I’m Going At this All Wrong

I had a total meltdown of hormones the other day. All over the fact that I am sad about Thanksgiving. I have my children this year so I shouldn’t be sad. I should be happy, right? Well family doesn’t ever really see my boys nor me so I thought it would be a great get together but that’s not how it is working out to be this year. The funny thing is that this is the first year that I will be with my boyfriend, we moved into a home we purchased in July. We started a whole new family together, meaning my kids, his kids and us. We are a new family unit and really should be thinking about our future traditions, things we want our kids to look back and remember. Maybe even instill some new holiday traditions for them to pass down with us and their children later in their adult lives.

Lee and I were talking about maybe doing something new for Thanksgiving this year, to start our own family tradition. I have so many traditions with just my kids that they are used to, such as we always go to York Beach, Maine in the Summer, we always pick and cut down our own Christmas Tree, we visit The Home of Christmas Spirit every year and the list goes on. I think it’s time for us to set some new blended family traditions that we can look back on and smile.

So while I am having a total down moment about all of the holiday fuss, I forgot that it’s not about that, it’s about who you are together with. The people who stand by you when you are down. The people who love you unconditionally and always. It’s about being together and so I am going to work on creating a new family tradition for Thanksgiving and move forward thinking happy thoughts instead of getting caught up in what can’t or won’t happen this holiday season!

Cheers to moving forward and being able to adapt to change in a more positive way!