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I talk a lot about what brings me complete joy and anyone who is near me can feel the happiness radiate off of me when I am around all three of my children. I just adore my children, but not in the way that I am closed minded to their imperfections. We all have imperfections, we all have to work on our inner self each day. I feel that growing as a person, never stops.

With that being said, welcome to a glimpse into my true inner happiness….

Mom Loves Tats

The sun shined down and I was able to dress down a bit. Shown above is my first of three tattoos I have. This one is my first favorite because it’s a shamrock on my lower right ankle that is meant to be a tat for my first born. Some day, when money allows, I will add my daughter’s name to this tattoo. My daughter has requested that she be there when I have that done. Warm weather and the ability to show my tattoo side makes me happy.

Spending time with my Niece

No one could have ever explained to me the feeling you get when you hold your first born niece. I fell in love with this little bitty girl 15 months ago and she continues to amaze me. This is Livy, my niece, who is shown above grabbing my hair {gently} and turning to say MINE. I swear she was having hair envy in that moment. Spending time with my sister and her baby girl bring me happiness.

SPending time Outside

Watching my middle child, who rarely enjoys the great outdoors, play at the local playground while waiting for his sister the other day was such fun. I enjoy seeing this child happy because out of all three of my children, he is the one who doesn’t waste emotions. This son of mine is happy if he’s happy and sad if he’s sad, mad if he’s mad. Period. That’s it. There is always a pretty reasonable reason for his feelings too. Very simple and I love him for it. Spending time outside with my children, just being a kid with them brings me happiness.

Spending time with my Daughter

Last but not least, spending quality time with my children is important and nothing makes me happier than when my children jump up to sit on this counter top while I am doing dishes or dinner and chatting it up with me. The simple fact that I am still important to them, even my oldest, makes me smile from inside out. Spending time listening to my children speak about what is going on in their world, brings me happiness.

I suppose, you can gather from this post that most of what brings me happiness is a side of me with a main course in parenthood. I hope you find happiness in your world every day!


There Isn’t a Day …

That I sit down to write and memories come flooding through my writers brain. There isn’t a day when I realize what a handful I was as a young child and analyze why it was I did the things I have done whether to parents or to others in my previous life.

The answer I come to every time is that I must have been so unhappy, felt so unloved that I just did what I felt made me get love and feel loved. When a child feels unloved they can make some awful decisions and it’s not up to you, the outside world, to determine what a child feels. Emotions are our own, even at a young age. Emotions are uncontrolled by others, although a child is young and needs that support from their elders to realize love is unconditional.

When my daughter and I sat down to write our book, Positive Girl – The Power of Your Thoughts, our mission was very clear in our minds; we wanted to find a way to help other children be lifted up, realize they are able to love who they are regardless of their environment.

There is a quote flowing around the Internet somewhere that says something like “it’s easier to encourage a child than it is to pay for therapy for an adult” or something like that. It’s so true. I am 30 years old and still facing demons that come about from memory, demons that I used to hold close and have grudges held against others. I felt at peace the day I started to have more faith in people and accept that I can not change others.

So there isn’t a day that I don’t remember the mistakes I’ve made, the remembering is not a problem, remembering is what keeps me in line and reminds me to not make those same mistakes again. Remembering what you have been through is one thing, but hanging onto it in a negative way is what will destroy your adult years. Let go of the past, remember but forgive and know that you can be a better person today, no matter how old you are, no matter what you have done.

Be that person you want to be, one tiny baby step at a time! You can do this!

I Have to Hang Onto Hope

My mind can’t seem to look upon failure as something that will never be solved or happen. I can accept true failure and move forward, but in situations where it is not possible to fail yet blocks come with each path I cross, I just have to hang onto hope and never give up. You see, sometimes the people in life who take on jobs to help others really do not do their job very well. Maybe they do the job to the best of their abilities, after all they are human and prone to making mistakes, but when these mistakes may affect another person’s life well then maybe they should not be in the line of field they are in.

I have no college degree, I am simply a high school graduate and mom of three, but I have hope that I can make the change needed for a brighter future. I hang onto hope that the decisions I make, the lifestyle I live and the books I publish will one day make positive changes in the hearts and minds of others. As a mom of three who parents with a positive, treat children like another person approach I have seen wonders in what encouraging a child to be their own unique self can bring to another little person.

I watch as my kids call me “coo coo” or “crazy Mom” but they say it with a smile for they wouldn’t have it any other way. My children are treated as if their opinion matters and it truly does matter.  When you give a child a voice, it’s not letting them have the final say in major decisions, nor is it letting them run the world; letting your child have a voice is allowing them to learn who they are, what they believe in and feel important.

Every person, adult and child alike, should feel important. It is not others in our life who will ultimately make us feel important, for how we feel is something inside of us that can only be made brighter when others in the world step up to make a difference and show the light within each individual so that their light can shine through.

So I end with this, no matter what obstruction blocks my way, no matter how hard of a battle I must fight, I will win battles that must be won. I will stand up in victory knowing that I live my life in a good way, knowing that my big heart has not only changed the life of others, but changed the life of my children in a positive way!

Does a Parent Get Symptoms From Child Diagnosis?

I am a firm believer that every parent needs a break from their children, it’s healthy for both child and adult. What happens when you are a parent who never gets a break? There’s that child that no family will take, there’s that one child not yet in school all day and so it’s you and them all day long, 24/7 and you never seem to get more than a moments break when you go to the grocery store for a rare trip without this child.

Being around hyperactive children or moody children 24/7 means that you could in turn start to feel their symptoms too. Becoming ADD is something I swear has happened with me having to keep up with the boys who have extremely high energy levels. My three year and and I are always together and he is on high speed from the moment he crawls out of bed until the moment he falls asleep.

I can’t seem to keep my mind on one subject at a time, if I don’t speak when a thought enters my mind then that thought disappears forever. This means I tend to interrupt people and I don’t mean to be rude it’s just that if i don’t either speak or write that thought down then it will be forever lost in space. I am trying to find ways to keep my head on track but honestly the only thing that seems to help at any level is writing about my life, spreading positive thoughts and writing about ways I work to keep my mindset in a positive direction.

The weeks I can’t seem to get a moment to write make me even worse with ADD like symptoms where I can’t focus, I get sad, I start sulking and lose my positive mindset. Writing has become something that assists in keeping my bad thoughts at bay and believe me with all I have gone through and all I do go through on a daily basis, anger does appear in my feelings here and there.

Although I’ve learned ways to cope with my bitter feelings towards certain people who have come and gone in my life, when writing isn’t possible I can feel the symptoms of lack of focus, bitterness and anger as well as the question of “what if” or “why” enter my brain. The problem is my questions regarding what ifs or whys will never fully be answered so there’s no reason in thinking about them. So I have to wonder, is it truly possible for a parent to have the symptoms of a child diagnosis when they spend 24/7 with that child? I say yes.

Stay Strong, Things Will Get Better

As a parent I know that it’s extremely important to be that safe haven for your child, there are a lot of dangers in the world, there are a lot stressful situations that will come up in life and it’s the parents job to be that child’s person of trust to come to when times are difficult.

What happens when a child comes to a parent with a tough situation yet is faced with the reality that there is little the parent can do to fix the situation? I like to think with every situation there is a solution, however, the solution isn’t always immediate when it needs to be immediate.

It’s so heartbreaking to know that you, as the parent, are not able to just swoop in and fix the issues that need to be fixed, why? Well because there is a process and sometimes that process makes your child feel as if they are not worthy, that what they have confided in you and other trusted adults wasn’t worth a thing. It’s hard to be in a situation like this but one things for sure, if you are that parent, the trusted source your child turns to when times get rough, remember to stay strong, pray and have faith that in good time things will get better.

I Don’t Wanna and You Can’t Make Me

Do you ever wish you could say things that your children say and just get away with it? Like a two year old who uses the excuse that he’s two to try to get away with doing something naughty. How about my four year old who thinks he is five because the scale says 50lbs, apparently the first number of your weight determines your age now. How about when my daughter just sits in her room and says “I don’t wanna and you can’t make me” after I have told her to take care of her clothes?!

Oh to be a child again, to get away with having energy all day and night, to use a simple excuse to get away with something done wrong, to be able to play all day and night and to be loved like no other? Children are simply amazing, I love every waking moment with mine but some days I wonder …. is it healthy to be around them 24/7? I mean seriously?

My opinion is NO. It is not healthy for you nor your child to be together 24/7. Both parent and child need a break from each other in order to experience life, separation and well to miss each other. I feel that if you are given time to miss your children, truly miss them, then you will appreciate them more when they are around you. It is funny that absence makes the heart grow fonder even for children. I know I have heard this work for relationships between two adults but not for children.

Going back to things children say, they say the most awesome things at time! I love that at age two my son has learned to use the excuse “cuz” whenever I asked him about something or a why question. I bet that comes from me, I am forever answering cuz, now let’s hope he doesn’t pick up the “cuz I said so” response!  In all reality I love children, my included, they are honest, outspoken and just plain sweet as sweet can be!

What do you think? Would you like to venture back to spend one day as a child again? Do you think that there is such a thing as being with a child too much?

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