My Prayers Always Get Answered

The best job I have, is being a Mom. I adore being a Mommy and as I pray each night I feel God guiding me. I will listen to him and keep Faith for he has shown me signs that no other person will understand. I don’t always understand what God has in plan for me, but I feel his presence as I pray for guidance, strength and signs. Many of my friends who have Faith will understand, I am simply letting go and leaving my heart into God’s hands, he is guiding me and I believe there’s a positive reason for the direction I am being guided. I feel a weight lift off of me each time I let go and follow His signs. If I question his signs, guidance and strength, then I feel weighted again. Faith is an amazing tool that can question your world and heart. In all reality, it is super scary to follow what feels uplifting. I know many of the directions I am led through having Faith, don’t make sense to others, but all decisions make me feel very calm at the end of the day. I feel as if I am living with purpose now that I continue to pray and have become a believer in God.

Strength in Faith

I don’t pray for God to fix things. I don’t pray for God to make my life easier. I pray for strength, guidance and eyes to be open for the signs around me. I firmly believe that the signs I have seen have made this boulder lift off of my shoulder, I feel more confident in moving forward than I did before I started seeking guidance.  My brain was all over the board, if I spoke with a friend or relative who seemed to have that tone or look that they were not approving of my words or decisions, I would second guess myself. After all, my elders know best right?

I think God knows best. I believe He knows my heart better than anyone else. I believe my Aunt Robin watches over me too. I’m not saying you have to believe, I am simply sharing what I have seen happen for me.

I recently found myself questioning decisions I made a year ago and I was lost. I felt confused. I felt completely utterly hopeless for a bit. I blamed it on the Winter months, after all the long Winter with less sun really does play a key role in my moods but honestly, it’s something deeper than that for me. Or maybe it’s something more on the surface really. I am just not happy and in order to fully comprehend why and what I should do, I turned to my Faith.

I prayed. I Prayed hard. I Prayed every night. I prayed sometimes just to talk to God, just to speak aloud to him because I knew he understood. I knew he would guide me properly, with a clear head.

It’s scary letting go like that, but I will tell you I feel more confident and secure in some of the decisions I am about to make because I know He is leading me in the direction or at least he’s with me in my heart to keep me strong as I make my own decisions based on my deep belief in that each of us need to keep focus on our inner happy, even if that means being a Single Parent. I have seen myself as a single parent, and I am so much more confident, happier, and stronger. I think it’s time to let go and stop questioning where I have been guided, the signs are all around me. God has shown me many signs and it’s only when I question those signs that I feel that weight push down upon me. Whatever is going on, be it Faith or something else, I believe.

I believe. And I will follow.

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Has Spring Actually Sprung?

My backyard is starting to have some brown grass show through the snow that was dumped upon us over this long Winter season. Slowly but surely I am realizing that maybe, just maybe we do have a backyard. I am really loving the warmer days, mind you today has a bit of a chill undertone to it, but I will take it. It’s still the 40′s which is way better than the many days of below zero we had to endure this past Winter in New Hampshire.

With Spring time here, or coming slowly anyways, many are getting that itch to start cleaning and to find some household item deals. Maybe you are on the look out for some fun things to do outside after Winter had you all cooped up. If you subscribe to Living Social by clicking the link below, you will get email alerts with deals and specials for your Spring and Summer season. I recently saw a fabulous hotel deal for Maine, but couldn’t take advantage of it just yet. I have to wait til we get a little bit closer to June.  So click on over to Living Social and sign up to get email alerts for fabulous deals, great way to boost the spirits as the weather climbs to meet our warm weather temperature preference.

As a first time home buyer, my fiance is thinking about ways to save on electricity. This is why I feel like sharing the following information with you all, because I firmly believe saving on our electric bill can be a somewhat easy task to complete. Save up to 70% in some cases with solar power, simply click the banner below to visit HomeSolar 101 and see how solar power may be able to save you some cash.

Saving money and getting deals for the Spring season are so vitally important. I know I have a huge pile of yard sale items that is awaiting for our snow to melt and a nice warm weekend to unveil for our locals to stop by and name their price. I cannot believe how quickly children outgrow toys, clothing and accessories. Surely a yard sale will give us some extra money too, which is always fun to have on hand!

What are some things you start doing once Spring has Sprung?

I Think Kids Are Suffering from Cabin Fever

We have been hit and hit and hit again by snow storm after snow storm. This Winter has made up for our past couple not-so-snowy winter seasons here in New Hampshire. I knew it was coming. Everyone knew it was coming. That doesn’t mean we like it any more than we would if we weren’t expecting to be hit hard by snow.

NH Free Winter Fun Sliding Outback

The yard, at one point, must have had about five feet tall snow in it. The kids did enjoy a few outings in the snow on warmer days but for the most part, we are all sick of the snow. It seems we now have an abundant amount of energy stored up from winter strangling us a bit longer and that, with kids, needs to be released in some form.

My kids have decided to release their cabin fever energy with tag. Inside. The house.

Our middle bedroom in the home has two doors, so the kids essentially run around and around and around. They laugh, they play, they tag each other and occasionally they let us adults play along too. While this version of indoor tag is mildly amusing and makes me smile seeing the kids getting along and laughing, it is also making me realize just how much my kids are suffering from cabin fever.

I know. I know. Many of you will say get outside, but it’s turned back to being cold and on the days it’s warm, it’s too wet outside. It’s as if even our recent warmer days are not sufficient to melt the snow away, leaving us with rain soaked clothing, feet and heads. Not fun. Kids hate that. Adults hate that.

So I beg of you Mother Nature, please release us from this winter snow that has us couped up for far too long … we all need to get outside and get some exercise. It’s a little much to play tag inside with three kids when you have a pretty small home.

This is What Has Been Keeping My Butt Busy #move #NH #family

This is what has been keeping me busy … the closing happened, the moving truck was being picked up … the kids were ready to assist in getting into our new blended family household…. we arrived and we had to unpack … the boys had a blast checking out their new bedroom and started rough playing almost immediately …

New House  (3)

As we walked around, I felt almost in dream land because our open concept dining and living room just is sooo biggggg…

New House  (2)

I love that we have a gas fire place in the living room, while it isn’t going to heat a whole house, it looks appealing and will add some warmth this Winter in assistance with our heating oil.

New House  (5)

Our kitchen is not super huge, we need more cabinet space for sure but overall it is a cute kitchen that in this picture was still full of boxes… the girls were in charge of getting those boxes unpacked…

New House  (1)

Even Jenny the Pug has been enjoying her new home, she has a leash that was already attached here on the house, we believe it may have been previously used for hanging clothes outside but works perfect for Miss Jenny the Pug and she loves being outside running around with us on this leash thing …

New House  (6)

So moving has been a huge time taker and combining his kids, my kids and us into a new home has been a fun yet new experience for us all. We are working out the kinks and trying to unpack while get work done and be fun Summer parents too. So I am busy but it’s all with great end results I am positive of that!



When We Get Ice Cream, Everyone Gets Ice Cream

Yesterday I had mother/daughter time because my sons spent an extra night with their Dad. My son’s Dad works nights so it’s rare for him to be able to have our full time school son more than every other weekend, which means if he gets a night off due to a holiday he will usually pick up an extra day with the boys. This happened with Memorial Day, my daughter was scheduled to be home around four and my son’s would be gone that night so we planned for some mom/daughter time which led us to go out for ice cream cones.

Little did I know that I would be feeding a puppet, seriously, below is a picture of my daughter’s puppet pretending to eat mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone. We spoil everyone around here I suppose.

Puppet Eats Ice Cream

This is Emu, a marianette puppet, do not ask me how to spell that because I cannot. It is a puppet on strings that can be made to look like it is really walking and it is sort of creepy but hey my daughter wanted to bring it along so she did and she shared her ice cream too. No puppet was hurt during this process, nor was the puppet able to get messy because she didn’t, as per my orders, get ice cream close enough to the puppets fur.

Next request was that we bring our pug home a doggie sundae, this place makes Doggie Sundaes. I was thinking the sundae would melt on way home but that didn’t stop my daughter from wanting to get our spoiled pug a sundae. The sundae which is seriously called Doggie Sundae includes soft serve vanilla ice cream with two dog biscuits on the side. Our dog Jenny ate it right up and sounded like a pig while snorting and munching down her Doggie Sundae.

Doggie Sundae

So there you have it, when we get ice cream cones… EVERYONE gets ice cream cones.