I Think Kids Are Suffering from Cabin Fever

We have been hit and hit and hit again by snow storm after snow storm. This Winter has made up for our past couple not-so-snowy winter seasons here in New Hampshire. I knew it was coming. Everyone knew it was coming. That doesn’t mean we like it any more than we would if we weren’t expecting to be hit hard by snow.

NH Free Winter Fun Sliding Outback

The yard, at one point, must have had about five feet tall snow in it. The kids did enjoy a few outings in the snow on warmer days but for the most part, we are all sick of the snow. It seems we now have an abundant amount of energy stored up from winter strangling us a bit longer and that, with kids, needs to be released in some form.

My kids have decided to release their cabin fever energy with tag. Inside. The house.

Our middle bedroom in the home has two doors, so the kids essentially run around and around and around. They laugh, they play, they tag each other and occasionally they let us adults play along too. While this version of indoor tag is mildly amusing and makes me smile seeing the kids getting along and laughing, it is also making me realize just how much my kids are suffering from cabin fever.

I know. I know. Many of you will say get outside, but it’s turned back to being cold and on the days it’s warm, it’s too wet outside. It’s as if even our recent warmer days are not sufficient to melt the snow away, leaving us with rain soaked clothing, feet and heads. Not fun. Kids hate that. Adults hate that.

So I beg of you Mother Nature, please release us from this winter snow that has us couped up for far too long … we all need to get outside and get some exercise. It’s a little much to play tag inside with three kids when you have a pretty small home.

She Made me Do it ….

Sheila that is, the girl made me be all silly and crazy. I had to chase her with a shopping cart in Walmart. For reals. How dare she run away from me. Then I got distracted…

CHIPS … and DIP .. oh my! Surely we had to pick that up for our campfire evening with no kids in celebration of my 31st birthday.

Meanwhile there were these two guys staring at us, probably me, because I was being loud and obnoxious. Geesh get me alone with no kids and I tend to be a bit loopier than I with kids.

Like this big kid that belongs in Toys R us, but I wasn’t in Toys r Us, I was in my local Wamart with @sheilacakes7 who was calling me crazy n loud that day. I have no clue why but maybe, just maybe it was due to the chasing with a shopping cart experience.

Or maybe it was because when those same guys from the chip aisle found us again and were staring and I said “stop looking at me schwan”. I swear I am a very responsible Mom but sometimes – like daily – it’s good to let loose and laugh all in the name of good, safe, sober fun!

Good times were had in Walmart that day, I hope I never forget that day! But I have a horrible memory so I probably will someday not remember the whole story.

Please New Hampshire Winter Hold Off


I often get all sad during winter months in New Hampshire. The lack of sunlight drives me bonkers. I don’t like the cold and although the snow is pretty from a window, I have little if any interest in going outside to play in it.

My kids, on the other hand, just love winter. Sledding, ice skating, making forts and having snow ball fights are just a few of their favorite winter activities. I swear, I wasn’t meant to live in New Hampshire.

Alas I was born and raised here. My kids go to school here. So I will be here a bit longer in my lifetime so I suppose I should just suck it up and get prepared because as I feel the crisp Fall air move in I know that familiar breeze means that Winter is coming and being a NH native I am very well aware that it won’t be long before we have snow on the ground.

Please be a wonderful Fall, let me enjoy just a bit more of the cool evenings and warm days. Let me enjoy the leaves falling and the green-ish grass a bit more. Winter can hold off a bit longer this year, I will not mind one bit.

Wanting a Vacation … Again

I left recently for Type-A Parent Conference and although I learned a lot it was sort of like a vacation for me, my first ever vacation. You see I hadn’t ever traveled outside of the New England area before, well we did drive down to Florida one year when I was around age 13 but other than that I haven’t traveled at all outside of New Hampshire, Maine, New York state and Vermont areas.

After two days of being home dealing with the kids I realized I didn’t have quite enough time for a break. It seems after the four days I was gone I completely missed my children but they are such a handful at times that after two days of being home, around them 24/7 I started wishing I could escape for a mini-vacation again.

The idea of a vacation got me thinking about vacation homes in Park City because I haven’t ever been to Utah and it would be cool to have a little vacation condo or townhouse to escape to. My escape from home would be similar to being home because I would have more privacy than staying in a motel or hotel.

I guess I need to start saving my money or get a timeshare so that I can start having a home away from home. I would use it for my own personal, private getaways but also a place to have some family fun with the munchkins from time to time.

Can I Hibernate this Winter?

As we work on getting ready for the big move my mind keeps losing focus, and with lack of focus means it takes longer for me to get any work done. All of the work I do is repetitive enough I should be able to do it with my eyes closed but alas I find I am just losing motivation between the move and the change in seasons. I saw snow, yes SNOW for the first time last week and I wasn’t too happy about this.

Apparently where I am moving is high enough up that we get crappy weather before anyone else. Did I tell you all that I am not a fan of Winter in New Hampshire? Yup, that’s me. If I were to pick one animal to be in the Winter time I would be a bear, hibernating in a cozy hole and sleeping til Winter left.

Black Bear mother and cubs in den,, hibernating
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Oh how I wish I could curl up in a blanket and hide away from Winter in New Hampshire.  Don’t get me wrong, snow is very pretty from a window looking out at it while you are in front of a fireplace! So I guess I have to find my focus and motivation because it is my last week before we have a new place. I have a weekend to move, unpack and organize a 2,000 square foot home with three kids and another adult. The weekend shall be fun and if I see a speck of snow I am going to let everyone else do the unpacking while I curl up in front of a heater register.

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