The Time I had The Most Blog Traffic

Since blogging is what I do for a living, there are times I revisit my traffic analytics. I like to see when I had the most traffic on my blogs, for what reason and make business decisions on what topics I may address based on the data I collect. With that being said, the one time in all my five years of blogging, that I had the most insane traffic was … during my divorce.


It’s no surprise to me that with today’s hit television series being that of reality based life, with a tad bit of insane drama added in to make the plot a bit more entertaining, that my divorce scenario fed so many interested souls. The funny thing is? My divorce wasn’t really dramatic, my feelings and rationalization of whether it was the best decision or not was a bit to read and follow along with. I can say it wasn’t an easy decision by any means.

But my divorce had no drama.

So what in the world compels people to read about other people’s sorrows? I can get insane traffic during a so-to-speak hardship time in my life but when I am sharing utter happiness and spreading joy, it’s as if I can hear crickets on my blogs. Don’t get me wrong, I still have good traffic stats, I enjoy the readers who stop by to comment or click an ad here and there. I love seeing those in my analytic stats, but I am left wondering …

What Makes People Read Blogs

What is it that people thrive to read on blogs?

I read blogs. What compels me to continue to read on a site or an article I clicked over to? Is it drama? No, not really. Is it personal stories? Yes, usually. Is it giveaways? Well, duh, I like to win.

What keeps me reading a blog?

The passion behind the words. You know and I know when someone is writing fluff just to get a rise out of someone and gain some traffic to their site to earn some ad revenue and negative exposure to “keep em talking” and in turn, keep that blog running financially. You know and I know when someone is writing from the heart. Words that speak to you. When you read their blog posts, you can just feel their passion in the words and the rhythm that they publish their posts.

Passion is what sells people. I am convinced. It’s not drama, not negative scenarios; it’s plain and simple – passionate bloggers who write during their most emotional time of a situation are what bring readers in.

We are humans, we enjoy feeling something when interacting with others – that goes for reading blogs, talking in person or over the phone.

So there you have it, I am convinced readers keep coming to blogs because they can feel something when reading that person’s blog post, whether good or bad is irrelevant, we simply like to feel that passion & emotion behind the written words.

Out with the Old and In with the New

I am working on making sure that my blogs are cleaned up. Out with the old and in with the new. Today marks the slow start to a productive year of working from home full  time hours. All three children, as of next week, will be in school full time. This means during this week I still only have two days to work because little man will be with his Dad two days while with me the other days, little man doesn’t start school until next week.

This is the week that I am using to organize my blogs a bit more, well at least with ad networks. You see, over time I have noticed that I am wasiting ad space on my sites with little to no revenue being made. I used to make decent revenue from these ad spaces but now, as it turns out, the price is dwindling and I am all set on wasted ad space being used.

So as I sit here, waiting for my Ramon noodles to be done cooking, I clean up each blog. Removing old ad space fulfillment so that I can work with people directly and/or just clean up sidebar area to ensure that it’s clean and more presentable. The more ad junk you have on sites, the slower your site loads. I want my load time back to it’s good super fast load up!

Cheers to a productive Monday!

How Do You Find Local Friends?

Obviously I write a lot, it’s my therapy. Once I have written about something going on or bothering me, I am able to fully move on from it. I have zero issues any longer and it is as if a boulder has been lifted from my shoulders. The issue is that there are those who read these blogs I write on and sometimes they get annoyed with me. The thing is, that if you know me in person, then you know that during “that time of the month” everything bothers me, I get dramatic and life seems so freaking difficult for me. I am aware that I am like that once a month during my nonfriend visitation, the lovely menstrual cycle. I am human after all.

That is what has been going on with me, my menstrual cycle combined with my bipolar son having mood swings, it’s just a recipe for dramatic-ness. I also do not have many in real life, local friendships. My support system is through my sites, where I write and people from all over the world read, then comment or private message me in support or with tips/suggestions/advice that I may not have thought about due to being so emotionally close to a situation. I appreciate that support and that is why so much of my life is set to be up live on site on my blogs. To get support. To get things out of my head. And to find others who can relate to some or all of what I am going through.

No matter how much online support I have, I still need that in real life support system. That friend who when I am at my worse can come over to me, hug me and let my tears fall so I can move on happily. I no longer have that. It’s been many, many years since I have had a local best friend, that one girlfriend who is there no matter what and I am there for her no matter what. My long distance friendships are falling apart, because I just need more than a virtual support system and am trying to find ways to gain local friendships.

Sure I could go to the local pub, but I do not drink and drive, also I have major anxiety with situations like that. I am not one to go walk into a pub alone and mingle, that would be a very rare occurrence for me, it’s not who I have been nor who I am.  I recently signed up for the Meetups website, but most of the local groups are over an hour away. I can not drive that far most times, I have work to do, I have a car that is falling apart. I have to stay more local. So if I have to stay within the 30 minute drive radius of my home town, how do I meet more people? How do I form friendships?

You see, it seems as hard as high school years may have been, there was always that chance to mingle and meet a new friend. As an adult you have to work harder to find those friendships, because everyone has their own adult life to handle, families and work too. I am reaching out to you all to find out what you think I can do to try to find more in real life friendships? I am seeking mostly girlfriends, as I have my fair share of males I have had as friends but it’s not the same as a girls night out or girls night in. I really am not sure where to start, I simply know that not having a social life in person with real adults is something that is missing from my world. When someone is missing something in their world, it can take a toll on them and make life difficult at times.

Looking for Writing Jobs {old article feature}

Note: this article was written a while ago but I am looking into my files and featuring some old articles I had typed up but never published online .. enjoy!

Back in the day before I started my virtual assistant business and really dove deep into blogging for personal & money making reasons I started looking on Craigslist for jobs. You would be amazed to hear some of the jobs I actually did and some I didn’t do but found. I was making really good money between part time work I found on Craigslist and direct sales from home. I never went door to door nor handled any sales in person. I strictly worked from home without ever having to pick up a telephone, except for maybe the occasional team call for the direct sales down line members of my team.


I am now in a position where I look to my family budget to see that we need a bit more income into the house, already living within our means there is no choice but to find a way to increase income. Most of my virtual assistant work is on a “per project” basis. I love taking on various projects for people, but as it stands right now the projects have been completed and so I have some openings for new clients at Brandy Ellen’s Business Solutions.

I decided to hop on Craigslist in my state of New Hampshire to see what writing gigs may be on there and editing/writing positions are listed in that section too. The problem with most of the writing/editing positions are two things:


  • They want you to write articles on an ad revenue shared website.
  • They want you to write large articles for just pennies on the word.


My time is money and I will tell you that I get quite a good junk of change just for writing on article with 2-3 links within it. I am not about to start getting low balled when my skill is technically there to be offered to someone who will appreciate it!


While I wait to find more clients, as I know they will eventually come based on word of mouth marketing alone, I need to focus on some more writing positions. My ideal work right now would be to take on some business blogs; writing, editing, scheduling blog posts. I would also love to take on someone’s social media accounts just to make sure they have an active timeline while they head off to vacation this Summer or need to outsource that area of their business.


Whatever extra income I find, I know that I will truly be able to bring on something, because I am a firm believer that being positive and thinking that all will work out truly has proved successful to me!

Practicing Writing Skills

I have always loved writing but poetry was my main area of expertise and I still have my original poems collected as a journal and Word document on my computer. The past few days I decided to look up some writings I had saved on my blog folder in the home server and share them with you as a way to help other people critique my writing skills.

I am looking forward to you all taking time each day to read through the previous blog posts titled “Fictional Writing” or “Fictional Writing Practice” prior to the name of the blog article and truly leaving feedback in the comment section. Don’t worry I can handle productive feedback that may not be 100% positive, as long as it’s productive feedback.

If you wish to simply be negative, well those comments will be removed as there is no room in my life for negativity. You can leave an honest opinion that may not be suited as a positive but please make it a productive comment that will help me better my writing, instead of trying to just put my writing skills down.

I look forward to your thoughts!

That Almost Breaking Point

Do you ever get to that point where you feel as if you will simply break if one more thing gets tossed at you? I feel that way about my personal life all too often. The living situation I am in plays a toll on me because I am suppose to be focusing on simply raising the boys, getting through this tough time that is going on with my five year old and then from there start figuring out my own personal life.

The issue I have is that I can’t live with someone and yet still essentially be on my own. This means I throw my head into work, I dive head first into work so much that I can’t think of anything else I would rather do. I would rather find a mommy helper so I can work a few FULL days during the week. I don’t want to play because my “mommy brain” is just not creative.

This is no good for the kids, the whole point in how I am living right now is to make things easier on my children yet when I am almost to that breaking point and need to start doing reality checks .. is that really that good for my kids?

I am big on if you are happy as a parent then you will have happy children, my daughter has always been living proof of that, however, ever since I got divorced my situation has been so back and forth and up and down that I forget who I am and what is important to me as an individual. I have been too busy being mom, being “friend” and trying to make this situation work that I have lost me in the whole thing. I can’t live like this and I am ready to put down some ultimatums .. and I have never done that before in my life so this will require me to have a back bone and say what I mean, mean what I say.

Needing some positive thoughts, strength and determination shared by you all for me because I am having trouble finding my own.