Dandruff and Psoriasis on Scalp During Winter

If there is one thing I hate it is the Winter time in New Hampshire, not just because of the cold weather but because of how dry my scalp gets. Each Winter I end up with crazy amounts of dandruff that shine through my dark black hair, no matter what I do. What is worse is that when I was a young girl, I was diagnosed with psoriasis, which is basically like itchy, patchy dry skin areas on your body and lucky me ended up with it on my scalp, rarely does my body break out anymore with this condition. It all happens during the Winter months, any warm weather season I am fine. No dry, itchy, break out skin issues.

I am on the constant look out for various remedies to help my dry scalp or even just help alleviate the dang dandruff that shows so heavily in the dark black hair I was born with. Sure I could dye my hair, but honestly I am trying to grow out this amazingly shiny dark black hair I have because I miss my natural hair. As my hair grows longer I am noticing two things, dry scalp and grey hairs have taken over my once beautifully black only hair. Sigh.

There was this remedy I found online for making your own shampoo that can help improve scalp condition, http://wikitalks.com/2013/01/how-to-make-shampoo-to-improve-scalp-condition-2/, whether or not I will use this – I am not sure, but at least it’s gives me hope that there are options out their online for less expensive home remedy shampoos that may help assist in scalp issues.

Mostly Thankful For Knowing When to Break

Between the three year old telling me that my foot best be watching out for his feet wearing my clunky heeled dress shoes, the five year old screaming for computer game time and the nine year old constantly being bored I tell you I don’t know how I do it.

I don’t know how I don’t run screaming for the looney bin most days. I certainly understand why, as my natural hair color comes through in my roots, I have more greys than I had last time I let my natural hair color shine through.

For me, a vacation is something along the lines of hopping in my van, totally kid free and blasting some country or pop music on the radio. All I need is a short drive with loud music and no children to refresh myself.

After driving just a few short minutes downtown and back home in a van, with no kids, my mind is ready to come back and deal with the boredom, feet stomping and whining from the children.

I think that this time of year I am mostly thankful for the fact that I know when to take a mini break to be the best parent possible!

Hair Dye Gone Bad

I decided that after years of not dying my hair and finally getting it back to the natural black color it always has been that I wanted to highlight my hair blond again. After all it looked great way back when I had the boys Dad do it before.

I started with my awesome, long, dark, thick beautiful black hair….

And placed a cap to do a home highlighting kit on my hair… had hair pulled through the holes….

And then it was done, when the hair was wet at first it looked “okay”…

After all was said and done I realized that I had “roots”, except … I just highlighted my hair so roots didn’t make sense at all … and no way was I going to let my hair stay like this for long because after all I am going to a blog conference in North Carolina in June… I have to look halfway decent to meet all my blog buddies in person!

This definitely¬† had to be fixed …. what do you think?