And she has Gone Red

One day I was craving a change …. should I pierce my nose for the third time in my life Or maybe it’s the fourth time? Should I pierce my tongue again? NO. NO.

Should I cut my hair off short and layered again? NO.

Then I decided that no matter how long I had taken to grow out all of that dead dyed hair, that I needed a change…

photo 1(1)

While I love my naturally dark hair, and even those greys sticking out … I wanted to go with a different color, something that popped, sure I didn’t like idea of killing my hair with hair dye again after years of getting rid of that dead dyed hair, but again I NEEDED A CHANGE…

photo 2(1)

So to the store I went because Rite Aid was having a crazy deal on the brand hair dye I enjoy using …. a red color is what I went with but …

photo 4(2)

It went a bit of a deeper, brighter, nearly punk red to me … the above picture looks okay and probably the one I am showing below…

photo 1(3)

But when I look at the hair just right in that sunlight that appears every so often in NH Winter, I see a bit purple of a color …

photo 5

Which, I guess, can be a bit of a cool change, right?

Well so that’s my story, I needed a change and so it was my hair that took a beating …. I am now a red head.

Thankful for my Patience and Sense of Humor

My daughter is going through what most call the tween years. This is when their hormones are changing and it’s making me try to cycle up with her hormones. In a nutshell, having a daughter in her tween years means that Mother Nature plays this trick on the female who doesn’t have as strong of hormones, maybe it’s my old age so now my body says “look there’s hormones in the air. Let’s sync up” and I am an emotional wreck most days.

I was trying to figure out the other day why my emotions seem off kilter and then it dawned on me, I have two tween girls around. Not only my daughter but the boyfriends daughter and well that makes for me becoming quite the hormonal mess. I not only have to deal with my hormones trying to sync up with two tween girls, but I have to deal with my daughter’s mood flashes that even she hates having. Last night, after a mood flash for absolutely no reason, my daughter said “Mama I don’t know why I do that. I get in this funk for no reason. Then bam I am all set and happy as if that down moment never happened.” I simply replied “it’s called female hormones, welcome to the club” when my daughter promptly replied “I don’t want to be part of that club”.

I laughed. Neither do I sweet daughter. Neither do I.

So this morning when her hair wasn’t cooperating and I could just not get it perfectly right for her, I knew it was all my fault. I control the heavens and the Earth, if her hair has bumps that won’t go straight, if her hair won’t set just the way she wants, it’s all my fault – even if I didn’t touch her hair. That’s just how it goes when a child is trying to deal with the fun club of Female Hormones.

Thankfully I have a lot of patience, a close relationship with my daughter and love because without those and a fantastic sense of humor, most days I would be close to ending up in a looney bin.

It is Friday, right?!

Living with a Daughter who is Growing Up

Living with a girl who is growing up means a lot of things; to start with it means the question of makeup and what she can or can not wear. It also means that morning drive to school she may just steal your hand held mirror, her own lip stick lip gloss type stuff you bought her and her nail sticks you got her at a conference in North Carolina a couple years back.

It also means a smelly car because who cares if she is fuming her brothers and me out of the car with her latest beauty trend product, after all she needs to beautify in the morning and if not enough time in the bathroom – it will be done in the car.

The joys of my lovely mornings before school with a daughter who is growing up, but again, I wouldn’t trade this for the world. Even if I want a vacation from time to time.


Finding a good prom hairstyle for my curly-haired daughter

Guest post written by Carrie Lincoln

It shouldn’t be all that surprising that my daughter is having a tough time finding a hairstyle that she thinks will work on her hair for prom. She’s like me and has some of the curliest hair around. It can be really tough because you have to think so much about what a hairstyle will do to your curls before you try it. But we’re right on the hunt to find that perfect updo for her.

We’ve been looking online to see what we can find. We’ve been mainly looking at red carpet photos of stars who have curly hair and when we were doing that a few nights ago I saw some information on debt consolidation. I’ve been wanting to look into consolidating my debt for a few months now and I think this is a great opportunity to finally do that.

She’s been looking at a lot of Taylor Swift’s updos because she has curly hair, but I’m also pretty sure that she straightens and then curls her hair a lot. We’ll have to keep looking and see what’s going to work for her.

How About a Mani and Pedi?

I have never had a manicure nor pedicure, I am 30 years old. The thought has crossed my mind in the past few years of interacting with woman who blog and have this done on a regular basis but overall it hasn’t been a necessity in my life nor mind.

Rewind to the other night …

It was bedtime, the boys were tucked in their beds, fast asleep when I decided to do my normal Chicken Soup for the Soul Cat Lovers reading with my daughter while laying next to her in her bed.

After  reading a story out of the book, I decided it’s been awhile since I just sat and chatted with my daughter, it’s something we both need and miss dearly. It’s difficult to set aside “girl chat” time when the boys are running wild more often than not.

As we talked about her school day and other such odd ball topics she says out of the blue:

Is there a mani & pedi place nearby?

Umm… yes daughter I am sure there is but I haven’t ever been to one, why?

It’s just that my friends have fake nails and it helped them to stop biting their nails, but when they did the fake nails at home, they would fall off and didn’t look good. I want professional nails so maybe I will stop biting my nails.

Good theory, but does this girl not know that a manicure and pedicure is often therapy for woman? She is only 9 and already on the track towards divahood.