This is How the Girls of the House Roll

My middle child is playing basketball for the first time this year and it’s funny that my oldest (and only) daughter always seem to “primp” before we head out to the once-a-week practices.

Shown above is my daughter in my too big for her sandals, that are high in the heel and worn with socks this past week. She felt she was styling and looking good, I have to agree, she looks just fine.

Shown above is me, with my head cut off, in my boot cut Levi jeans, a Columbia fleece and my awesome boots.

Yes, we are girls and we act like girls .. sometimes.

Blood, Scrapes and Basketball

The kids and I decided that since we have a new basketball that today would be a great day to pack up a picnic lunch and head down to the basketball courts to shoot some hoops. The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a capri sun each and some animal crackers were ready all packed up in the Yoplait Kids Yogurt lunch box with an ice pack. The kids were all wearing the same shirt looking like a real team.

Then we were off.

Showing up at the basketball courts, we were pleased that no one else was there but of course my kids were starving so we had to have our picnic lunch on the sidelines first.  While eating lunch a couple of girls with a little boy came over to ask if the basketball near us was ours and we said yes but they could use it while we ate.

During lunch K man had a blast laughing at the two girls and the little boy trying to play basketball; it involved them getting hit in the head with the ball a few times. Then they were off and we were done with lunch.

Shooting hoops with my kids seemed really fun, Ki had already told me she didn’t want to play game style but I occasionally tried to play a bit of defense even though she wasn’t too happy that I was doing that. We each took turns shooting it 2-4 times each and had a blast clapping while cheering each other on.

I should have known our happy, laughing and cheering would soon turn into mishaps because that is how we always end up.  At the highest level of fun, especially involved physical activity someone always winds up hurt. Today it was Ki with blood on her knees and a messed up pinky which is all better now thank goodness. Then Aj who landed on the concrete knees first and scraped those babies all up.

We had blood, we had scrapes but we had a fabulous game of basketball. I enjoyed watching as the kids went from missing every time they threw to getting it in the net 90% of the time, just goes to show practice makes perfect and even on the road of physical activity there is bound to be some scrapes and bumps.