My Freckles are Showing

When I was little my Dad always called me Freckles Mumphrey. I have so many freckles and they are far worse in the Summer time, however, I have this love hate relationship with them.

Woman with lots of freckles

Sometimes I think they are super cute then other times I would be happy to not have them. Can you tell how I am feeling about them today? Combine my freckles with my bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep {which you can not really see in this pic I don’t think} … I am thinking a week long vacation is in order …… soon ;-)

Sister Bonding Saturday

About three months ago I told my sister that this year on her 25th birthday, which was July 17th, that I would buy her and I a tattoo. We would choose a matching, sister type tattoo. She was totally game! You see my sister and I are quite the opposite of each other but we do have a common bond and that is tattoos, although her style tat and mine are nothing alike we were able to find a very cute symbolic tat on Saturday at Mom’s Tattoo Studio in Keene, NH.

My Sister With Neck Tattoo Bandaged Up

Bandaged Up Me

After looking at a variety of pictures of various tattoos from butterflies, that my sister refused to have on her, to cherries that my sister kept saying we should get, to finally seeing this cute heart tattoo that was two hearts joined. A simple tattoo, nothing like what I thought my sister would ever have on her body. The symbolism beyond it was rather cute, two joining hearts, two sisters, our bonding day and a birthday present all at once!

1 Day After Tattoo Done (Brandy)

1 Day After Tattoo Done (Jen)

You see, my sister and I never really were that close. Although I feel growing up we were close until she turned about age 14 and from then on out it went downhill. I am very social but in a very polite way, she’s very outspoken and not always in a polite way. I am more the “hold my tongue” kind of person, she is more the “say what’s on your mind” kind of person.  This girl is four years younger than me and when she was a little sixth grader walking home from school with me, should would yell at the senior girls who used to harass me when I was a freshman in high school!

Small, can barely see on my chest

I know no matter how many ups and downs my sister and I go through, we will always have each others backs because that my friends is what family is all about! So the tattoo bonding day was so much fun, we got along all day and had a blast even though we ended up at Moms Tattoo Studio for virtually the whole day! I must admit George Malloy was certainly entertaining while we waited, great customer service, friendly interactions and a comfortable yet fun atmosphere made the time fly by while we waited for our turn.

Thinking about a tattoo studio in MA or NH? I would totally recommend Moms Tattoo Studio, their prices are reasonable and they have been the only ones I let do my tattoos (this was my 3rd tattoo from them).  And since I am a blogger, I feel I must disclose this was not a free tattoo for “review purposes” I totally paid for both my sisters tat and my own!

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Are Girls Born With This Skill?

Yes I am talking about DRAMA. I don’t even know if this can be considered  a skill but females have this special, unique quality to them that allows them to create a dramatic situation from anything put in their paths. Everything from a broken nail to an event gone wrong. Females seem to be very emotional and dramatic about all life issues and even about life situations that are positive.

It’s like no matter how hard one tries to please a female they are never happy. Do not get me wrong, I am not a dramatic female myself, except during that time of the month, and so I know there are females out there who are down to Earth and have the ability to step back from a situation and view it for what it is rather than create some dramatic situation from it. The majority of females are not able to just chill, it’s like we are born with a skill to be malicious, catty and dramatic. I fear for my daughter and myself some days because this girl is very dramatic, so dramatic that she has been deemed DQ in our household for Drama Queen. We do not call her that often because obviously it isn’t really nice but there are times I can get away with calling her that and other times she will even call herself DQ to new people and I giggle!

It’s so true though, think about it, we have been born with this skill instilled in our brains to be emotional and dramatic over everything. To think I am here trying to relax and be a postiive person but I am constantly fighting the urge to be dramatic about life. Men have it easy, most of them can take  a situation and let it slide off their shoulders, they don’t get all catty and dramatic, they just knock each other out.

As I watch my daughter interact with older females this year in school I find that she is learning that not all girls are nice and that girls will say and do anything to be the “top girl”. It is so sad to me to watch as my daughter gets put into the middle of these dramatic girl fights, so to speak, and comes home in tears having “the worse day ever”. Of course my daughter thinks just getting one or two questions wrong on a math test make the day “horrible” but reality is she is going to be faced with so many dramatic situations due to females and the skill they were born with … dramatization.

I fear for the world she is about to enter, the lovely grade where girls start showing an interest in boys and start chasing each other on the playground. The days when boys pull your hair because they like you and tease you in a mean way because they want to get your attention. I am not ready to watch the drama begin but after 28 years of being placed in dramatic situations myself, I guess I can handle it. Hang on tight everyone I am entering the dramatic days of a motherhood, I think this will require a lot of coffee and late night girl talks but I am ready … bring it on!

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