Songs to Pass My Time

Here are some songs I listen to that make me feel….

Sad missing time with my Dad…


Happy watching Baby K do his robot dance…


Annoyed with men…



silly about relationships….

That’s it for this weekend… enjoy!

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Thank Goodnes for Friday

It is Friday everyone so you may finish up that last minute project and give yourself some free time this weekend. Me on the other hand? As much as I need to get away I think I might just be stuck at home missing my daughter and working to pass the time away.

The one positive about my weekends is that I don’t have to deal with bedtime with my sons … and if I don’t want to work I have an excuse, very few clients expect me to work weekends but when I do they totally appreciate it.

So .. what are your weekend plans? Please tell me so I have something to daydream about .. even if it’s just doing yard work ;-)

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And Then I Said S%^& … Oops

I am not a huge foul language person but I do swear from time to time. It seems when I am at my most overwhelmed moment I swear, a lot. Usually the F bomb comes out of my mouth and people who don’t know me give me this look. As if these people can’t believe that little old me just said the F word.  My sister and my father know better, they have seen me at my worse and I have dropped enough F bombs to make my father wish I was a child again and he could spank me I swear. Dad and I get along great but he isn’t too into this F bomb person I get into when wound right up.

So one day my daughter had a sleep over and she was being her normal dramatic, arguing and being ridiculous with me self when I said a sentence with the word shit in it. Now I don’t recall the sentence but I know it had something to do with “cut the shit” because I was about fed up with the debating back n forth with me. Enough. I spoke my peace child now listen.

What I forgot about is that my daughter had a couple friends over when I said this. It just sort of came out of my mouth, spewing out. The word shit isn’t as bad to me as the F bomb but it’s no way to speak to a child, especially one I love dearly. I am not that swearing parent, even though I do swear around my daughter because she will not repeat a word of it, I shouldn’t swear AT my daughter.

Growing up I learned that swearing is something uneducated people do and I firmly believe that, however, I am educated, highly educated and so the shit word had no reason to come out of this educated mouth, right? Well … I don’t know, we say things when we get overwhelmed and all we can do is apologize for the mistake and move forward.

What I noticed when I said the word shit is that one of my daughter’s friends jaw almost dropped. I don’t know if it’s because her parents totally rock and NEVER EVER swear OR if she just didn’t expect me to use such a word. Whatever the reason I realized almost instantly that I just swore and that this child apparently didn’t know what to do. My daughter and her other friend on the other hand were totally okay with the word shit, I mean after all it wasn’t the F bomb. The F bomb around here gets you in trouble with the “bad word police” as my daughter likes to call herself and so I refrain from that word as often as possible.

So … another lesson learned in parenting; get better vocabulary for dealing with high stress moments because the word shit shocks some children.

Tend To Be Positive But ….

I lack the personality type to stand my ground with how I feel inside. I used to be so good at standing my ground and sticking up for what I knew to be best for my emotional well being but somewhere along lack of sleep and running hoops for my lovely children to have their special activities I got too tired to stand up for me.

The positive part of my life is that it works, sort of.  BUT if you talk to any of my close personal friends they will tell you it doesn’t work for me. Which is true. BUT I can’t seem to tell myself that in a way that helps me move forward & do something about it.

I tell myself that I am just too tired to make any logical decisions for myself. Sure I can parent and make decisions as a Mom in a logical way but when it comes to me and my emotions I just wonder if I make excuses to not deal with things.

I have so much on my plate already that I love and I just can’t handle one more decision to make. Not now. Maybe after the holidays I can but not now. So for now I focus on the awesome positive part of my life, I work from home to support my kids, I have more time for my kids and I get to enjoy the young years of all three children before they are teens and want nothing to do with me.

Running in Circles

That is how it feels most days. I have two kids to bring to school every day of the week, except my oldest who is brought by her father two days a week. Then I rush home grab my coffee and hop into the office to work til about 12:30pm. Then I have the afternoon with my youngest to spend running off his energy {and mine}. Then off to get kids from school and three days a week is soccer with one other day cheerleading. It seems I am running around like my head is cut off four days a week.

Finally Friday comes and no sports but of course there’s school and it’s Friday “Mom” so oldest wants to stay up and hang with me, I want to work but I want the time with her too. She goes to her Dad’s every other weekend so the weekends she is home are important to me.

I love it so much when my daughter’s father laughs out loud at me about my memory failing me and how overwhelmed I get. I mean seriously, he has ONE child and she is like the eeasiets child in the world so how can he LOL at me? I would love to see him live in my shoes for a few weeks non stop boys and dealing with AJ’s aggression some days. It’s no piece of pie I tell ya.

I am not complaingin by any means, I do realize one day I will miss this hectic life and not know what to do with my free time but some where, some time soon I need to realize that I am just as important as my children and get away some how for a night off. I really feel myself sinking deeper and deeper into this state of mind that makes my life feel like I am drifting along with no real emotion or anything in life. That isn’t healthy and it’s damn right scary to me.

So … as October 28th nears and I realize I will be 30 only once in my life, I plan to get away. Maybe rent a hotel room or something even if I am all alone just so I can have some peace and quiet for my birthday.

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