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Everyone Has Penis

My sons usually call their penis a “pee-pee”, however, since I do refer to it as a penis with my four year old at times. He had surgery on his penis, etc he has learned the word penis. I never had to deal with such questions until my son turned four, seriously! I remember back and my daughter had zero questions really and even to this day she is 8 and isn’t so full of body part type of questions, when I try to talk to her about body parts and such she has no interest in speaking about such topics, my four year old son on the other hand … totally interested and brings up the questions always!

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The other day I was going pee and apparently we have no privacy in this house when it comes to the boys so my four year old came a walking in. Just as I was about to say can you please let Mama go pee, he started asking questions.

Four Year Old: Why don’t you stand up to pee Mama?

Mama: Well because I don’t have a penis, so I have to sit and pee.

Four Year Old: You silly Mama everyone can stand up and pee.

Mama: ummm no hunny if I stood up to pee you would not want to see the mess I made. I have a vagina not a penis like you so it’s just a hole which means I can’t stand to pee.

Four Year Old:  {with a laugh} Silly Mama every one has a penis!

Mama: okay whatever, since you are clearly not hearing me and I am clearly not going to show you what I mean right now can you please go out of the bathroom so I can pee in privacy?

Four Year Old stands there … does not leave bathroom til I do.

I am thinking I need to find some books, because I am obviously not showing him my vagina and comparing body parts. Seriously. That is a no no.

I understand why my four year old is having questions, we are very open about our bodies in this house. We do not run around naked, however, if  a kid runs into the bathroom while one of us is getting out of the shower or going pee, we don’t freak out. My daughter is older so she knows privacy and gives that to us, but the 2 and 4 year old boys are slowly learning and by slowly I mean like a snail or slower!

Are you open about these type of discussions with your child(ren)? Or were you when they were younger?


60,000 A favorite Number Maybe

My four year old is obsessed with the number 60,000. He has a new found love of numbers and every time we turn around he is telling us (and random cashiers) that he can hold or count to 60,000. He is just this strong boy who feels no pain, seriously thinks he is invisible and if he were a bit older I would say this boy is very arrogant.

I love my son, he is a riot! This new found speech and love of numbers as well as learning makes Mama proud but when he is constantly in competition mode it makes for a rough time with various areas of our day.

A funny story, wish I had pics of it. My four year old went to the store with his Dad and they came back to tell me this story;

Four Year Old: he was holding a couple drinks in his arms and maybe another item as well that was slowly slipping out of his hands probably.

Cashier: Says to four year old, something about maybe wanting to put that on the counter or something so it doesn’t fall.

Four Year Old: with a serious, I am all that kinda look says, I can hold 60,000 of this.

Cashier: says something else to him about it, but I forgot what.

Four Year Old: just glares at him like how dare you speak to me.

Cashier: says have a nice day!

Four Year old: Turns back at the door and glares at cashier with a look of death.

I love my four year old, but sometimes his looks can just KILL…. it’s like he can see right into you and he has the look of danger in his eyes with that serious glare.

I think we are all in trouble…..

Was it Postpartum Depression?

When I first became a mother I was in awe over her sweetness, she was such a good baby and now even at age eight I just have one thing to complain about: female drama. Overall my daughter has been the easy child, she was that child that made everyone want to have a ton of kids, myself included. Then I became a mother, unplanned, to a little boy. This little boy never slept through the night, he breastfed so often that I ended up quitting and switching to formula at eight weeks instead of 9 months like I did with my daughter or 11 months like I did with my last born son.

I was thinking the other day about my two sons versus my daughter and comparing all three children. I am thinking that after my second child, and first born son was born, that I suffered from postpartum depression at a really bad level. You see I had little interest in being a Mom again, I was happy with my little world being a single, out of home working mother of one. I had accepted I wouldn’t be a stay at home mom, I had accepted and grown to love my simple life. I loved having every other weekend to myself, I enjoyed having one well behaved child in tow but then along came the second pregnancy and my world was different, my mood was different.

I had spoke to my OBGYN at the time about my concerns of depression, something I had battled all of my life combined with anxiety. My OBGYN never seemed to consider I had a problem so I was set off to face the situation all by myself, well take that back, my husband had to deal with it and my daughter as well as my newborn son. I was in a bad place, my mind was horrible, I was mean and just didn’t care about a thing. I didn’t work, had to go on state assistance, I couldn’t move. I just did not care about a thing back then.

Looking back on how I was, I can not believe it. Who was that person and the only thing that comes to mind is that maybe, just maybe I suffered from postpartum depression at a dangerous level and no physician would diagnose or listen to me. I was left, yet again, to fend for myself, to get myself to move forward in a positive direction.

I did it though, I moved forward, and I became who I am today. A wonderful work at home mother of three who does what every other parent in this world does; parents to the best of their abilities.

Did you suffer from major postpartum depression? Did your doctor listen to you?

Family, Writing and Support

One thing I can always count on in life is that my family knows I am a talker and a writer. Many in my family may disagree with my life choices and that is okay, not that it doesn’t bother me because I do feel I am an adult & that they should simply accept my decisions and wish me well rather than judge or push negative opinions on me. I get it, elders have lived and learned but why don’t they wish me to do the same? Maybe it’s the “want to protect the younger generation” attitude or maybe it’s the fear of me completely screwing up and falling flat on my face. Whatever the reason is, no matter what decisions I make or have made my family does seem to agree on one thing and that is my skill to write.

I write everything from blog posts to short stories to poetry. I started writing poetry as a young child because it was my way of getting the thoughts I had built up outside of my head. I recall one year as an elementary child writing on a piece of paper some numbers, and it happened sometime after my parents divorce. I loved my father and I loved my mother but it broke me when he left, even though I knew it was for the best. It seems writing has simply put “been my therapy” all along so it’s no big surprise that I grew up to start some blogs!

The other day I was checking email and I noticed that my Mom had left a comment on my Happily Blended Facebook page in response to a poem I wrote for Welch’s and she was basically telling me how proud she is of me and that I really should publish my poetry or write a book. Do you know that the one comment from my Mom made my day? That one simple little sentence meant more to me than 100 compliments in any given day, my Mom means so much to me and I love her dearly, even if we don’t show love in the way I think love should be shown at all times.

I will forever love my family, they are my relatives and I don’t mean just blood relations because I have many people I consider family and grew up with being my aunt, uncle, grampa, etc that are not blood related but I would do anything for them.

So one day when I finally publish a book, a compilation of my poems or a short story I will have to dedicate this to my family and most of all my mother for always supporting my writing skill.

Show your support for me and VOTE FOR ME FOR MOM CENTRAL BLOG GRANT CONTEST daily until 4/15.

Who is the one person that just makes your day when they leave you a kind word or sentence?

Things Are About To Get Hectic

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Life is about to get crazy! Not only do I have one in school but come Fall I will have two in school as well as two in different age groups for soccer, which means four days a week of sports. Also my middle child wants to play t-ball if he is old enough so I am going to see about signing him up for that like now. I am about to be busy and had hoped that this wouldn’t happen until my kids were closer to their teen years.

My children are 8, 4 and 2 … why so busy already? I love being a mom but sometimes I wonder how do I ever keep up with the busy days of a mom, night working hours from home and extra curricular activities.

My children, mainly the two boys dislike riding in the car, rather they despise being placed in their seats in the car to go anywhere. It’s a battle to go to the store, to go to the bank …. it is a pain to get out of the house with them period! I am in a way looking forward to having my youngest all to myself next school session but at the same time not looking forward to the four days a week in the car and five days a week of pick up and drop offs for school.

The one good thing about the kids growing older is that maybe someday they will start having sleep overs and kids parties – I am so ready for that fun!

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