Time is Something we All Need More Of

As I spend my day running around with my head cut off I realize that time is something everyone could use a little bit more of. Yet then I am reminded that this is all the time we have so why not stop thinking “I need more time in the day” and start thinking “I can use the time in this day to be productive”. Sure, sounds simple enough, right?

When I am dealing with around 4 hours of sleep a night at one time and a child who sleeps about that much at one time then wakes his little brother up it seems there certainly doesn’t matter how much time is in a day because four hours straight is what I get usually.

I have been doing better at juggling with what time I have to ensure I am working and my accounting program I use is showing me that I am indeed getting the job done, yet in my mind I feel like I am never fully completing a days work or doing all of the fun things I want to do with my kids.

As I near the start of school for my middle child and already had my oldest start school I am realizing just how fast time does fly and how important it is to make good use of the time you have. Next week I will only have one of my three children home with me and I plan to make the best of this time because the following year I may have him go to preschool.

Time is something we all need more of, but do we need more time or more skills to use time we have efficiently?

 Time is Something we All Need More Of

I Wish I may, I Wish I Might

Have this wish I wish tonight ….

Please allow me one night of extreme silence

To read a book or lounge around

Please let me be free one night

To sulk and eat ice cream in delight.

No children around to beg for my food

I think this wish would be really good.

Please oh please I wish I may I wish I might

Have this wish I wish tonight….

Mama is ready for a break before midnight.

 I Wish I may, I Wish I Might

Having a Big Family

I never really had a plan to have children, I loved children and often babysat for other people growing up.  I just never had that dream of a white picket fence, a marriage and children.  That is not until I graduated high school and found myself in a serious relationship. For some reason I started loving the idea of having children young and being able to still have a blast when they were adults. I wanted to be young enough to enjoy my grandchildren when and if I had any. I wanted to be able to do whatever I felt like doing when I became the retirement age. I didn’t want to be changing diapers when I should be relaxing.

Right now I have my three children and they are my world, whether I like it all of the time or not, they are my world. I love being a mother, I feel at times it’s the only thing in this world I can do right. I suck at relationships and I don’t do too well with female friendships. I wish I could have a large extended family, but my family isn’t into that sort of thing. Well part of my family is, but they have found their lives out of the normal plan and don’t have the time to come hang with me and the kids as often as I wish they could.

My sons are such a handful that I rarely get a break because no one wants to take them on at one time. I swear I was born with some patience that my parents never had. I love my parents, but they certainly are not as patient as I am. Maybe I got it from my Grandmother, she seemed patient to me back in the day and so does my Great Grandmother. Very loving, nurturing mothers.

So even though I don’t have a big as I want family, I think my three children are enough for me … for now.

 Having a Big Family

Proud Mom Of Three & Five Year Old

My sons are now officially three and five years old. They both had birthdays within a week of each other. That meant lots of frosting for Mama, forget the cake, give me frosting and I am a happy Mama!

My Now Three Year Old Proud Mom Of Three & Five Year Old

My three year old only wanted cake and ice cream, no presents for his birthday.

My Now Five Year Old Baby Proud Mom Of Three & Five Year Old

My now five year old son wanted all sorts of things, mainly video games and video game consoles he saw at Walmart. I think the Wii and Nintendo Gamecube is enough for us! He received a 17″ bicycle with training wheels and has been going up and down the driveway like a pro!

I can’t believe how fast time flies, it seems just yesterday I was nursing these two over 9lb babies and giving them Mama love. Now they are growing more independent and don’t need their Mama as much.

 Proud Mom Of Three & Five Year Old

Spending Time with Moms Dogs

My Mom has three English Mastiffs and they are big, sweet babies, however, they are not used to being around my wild children. They have done super well this past week with the kids and I have been trying to capture some images of them around the house. Basically when they are inside they are lazy and ready to sleep.

English Mastiffs Spending Time with Moms Dogs

I feel bad because one of my moms dogs was the sweetest ever, her brindle looking English Mastiff but he went to another home and came back aggressive. The awesome thing is  he is real sweet with the kids and me. Loveable pup for sure! Here he is trying to play Memory with us.

Can English Mastiff Play Memory Spending Time with Moms Dogs
I love these dogs dearly but my mom will be home soon and taking at least one if not two with her back to where she is living. I am currently at her home so we had a blast spending the week with them while their Mommy was away!

 Spending Time with Moms Dogs
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