Gone Fishing

Hey why not? My dad always says that. Gone fishing and won’t be back until Monday!

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In all reality yes we have gone fishing but overall just spending a relaxing weekend with the fam. I am exhausted and need a little time to catch up on sleep so my mind can be clear for a productive start of the week on Monday!

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Dear “Can’t Get Over Past”

Of course there are things in everyone’s past. We all have a past, present and future. I firmly believe our past is so that we can make mistakes, learn from mistakes and figure out who we are. As teens many get rebellious, disrespectful and think they know all. I must admit I was a pretty rough teen, although I still got good grades and graduated.

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Maybe due to the fact that I have worked since age 13 and was great in school no one thought I was a party girl who loved her some hard liquor, I think it was Jim Beam and Pepsi for the most part. I can’t even smell that stuff now without feeling nauseous.

What I don’t get is how grown adults, elders so to speak are still so stuck on themselves and their children that they look down upon others who made mistakes as a teen. I mean have these particular elders never made a mistake? Have these elders raised “perfect” children? Because if no mistakes have ever been made and their children are perfect, I swear they MUST NOT be part of this world.

What annoys me the most in life is when people can’t get off their high horses and try to put themselves in another persons shoes, get over the freaking past and see the grown adult I have become. Obviously if they haven’t been a huge part of my life then they shouldn’t annoy me, but in all realty they do some days because I have it in my head that I want to be “nice” to everyone, but I am sorry I had to make a decision to agree to disagree on how some elders feel.

I can’t imagine missing out on someone’s life because I am still stuck on things they did nearly 15 years ago, that sounds silly to me!

Have you ever been in a situation where an elder in your life still passes judgement and refuses to get along with you because of your rebellious years?

It’s Brandy with a Y

SO my Facebook profile clearly says BRANDY. My Blogger Profile clearly Says BRANDY. My blogs clearly say BRANDY.

Why is it that so many have issues with spelling of names? My name is a farily comment on but I did go to school with a Brandi and a Brandie … so I get it, some are used to spelling Brandy with an “i” or “ie” at the end, but nope not me.

My name is like that Brandy you sip, or chug depending upon how much you love your Coffee Brandy alcohol. Okay I don’t drink hard liquor but I do know that Brandy is a form of alcohol. My Dad loves him some good alcohol so who knows if that is where my name came from, I do know my middle name is from my Mom and has been passed down to my daughter as well for a middle name.

So why is it that people spell names wrong when they are right in front of their faces? My children’s names are not a normal spelling so most get their name wrongs, and I get that, but Brandy? I think of it as a common name…

You see I am anal about trying to spell someones name correctly, there are a thing called typos that happen … but come on two times in one day with two different people? That is a first for me with the name of Brandy.

Does anyone ever spell your name wrong? Does it bother you at all some days?

Ever Wanna Pull your Hair OUT?

I would love to just pull my hair out right now. I am a positive person, I can find the good in situations but some situations just plain SUCK. The situation I am in, sucks!

My main, money making site has malware issues. YES it does. The hosting company, same hosting this site is on, says site is clean. I run reports, I purchase $50 a year freaking security program (that’s at 80% off mind you because I got an affiliate deal) and all the sites pull up malware code that is malicious or not good, whatever.

Hosting still says clean. First time they missed stuff and came back to me saying “oops yeah some code was missed”. Do you realize I have code on many pages and now Google and Firefox have my site listed as an attack site? I am freaking annoyed. I got a quote, almost $2,000 to fix it with one company? really?

I am a freaking work at home mom, I am not rich, I barely can pay my bills and yet you want me to pay that amount? When in all reality had the hosting been more secure maybe just maybe this would not have happened?

So …. yes … I plan to scream a the top of my lungs. Between this and the boys not sleeping, I am ready to just throw hands up in the air, quit and go to sleep.

I know I won’t just go to sleep, I am a hard working woman who will move forward, but this malware issue is keeping me from making MY MONEY and when someone or something gets in the way of me making my money that I work damn hard for, well, it’s not a pretty situation!

Don’t Go To Bed Angry

I hate when people can go to bed angry. For me, it is all about the fact that you never know when you will see this person again. Today is a definite and tomorrow is a day you don’t know that will for sure come. Why go to bed angry or leave someone angry?

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I want to know that if this is someone I love that my last words to them were not that of angry or frustration because then I know who I am and I would feel so horrible about having those be my last words to them.

I am one who gets really mad and really over it fast. I don’t stay mad for long and I don’t hold a grudge. I am quick to get over it, even things that have been done to me that I should still be angry about or at least not like that person over, I find I don’ t care. I truly am over those situations.

I am a at peace with my past, present and looking forward to my future!

So are you a go to bed angry kinda person or would you rather make up in some way before bed?

PB & J Sandwich, Hold the Peanut Butter

I seriously do not understand my sons, at all. Maybe I just simply do not understand the male species in general, and so that would explain why my sons are often putting me in states of confusion!

My sons, ages 2 & 4 have learned a habit, this habit was taught to them by their 8 year old sister. The habit is eating peanut butter with a spoon from the jar. This isn’t a totally bad habit, I don’t mind if they do this, but my evil recliner and me no longer are friends because I sat in my evil recliner one morning and passed out. Without realizing I was asleep I opened my eyes to a two year old with peanut butter all over my couch, his arms were like gloves of peanut butter too. It was a mess, so now I no longer sit in my evil recliner, I sit on the uncomfortable little couch I have instead, because there will be no Mama falling asleep with a two year old eating peanut butter incidents anymore!

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Okay now back to the sandwich ordeal, my sons obviously love peanut butter, but they do not love it on a sandwich. Seriously! They request for lunch a jelly only sandwich, do not put peanut butter on this sandwich because they will not be impressed and refuse to eat it until you scrub off the peanut butter, or in my case make a new sandwich with jelly only.

I don’t know when these boys started this jelly only habit, but I have to keep reminding myself because it is habit to make a PB&J sandwich, not a J sandwich….

So do your kids have or did they have any odd habits that made no sense to you?

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