Practicing Writing Skills

I have always loved writing but poetry was my main area of expertise and I still have my original poems collected as a journal and Word document on my computer. The past few days I decided to look up some writings I had saved on my blog folder in the home server and share them with you as a way to help other people critique my writing skills.

I am looking forward to you all taking time each day to read through the previous blog posts titled “Fictional Writing” or “Fictional Writing Practice” prior to the name of the blog article and truly leaving feedback in the comment section. Don’t worry I can handle productive feedback that may not be 100% positive, as long as it’s productive feedback.

If you wish to simply be negative, well those comments will be removed as there is no room in my life for negativity. You can leave an honest opinion that may not be suited as a positive but please make it a productive comment that will help me better my writing, instead of trying to just put my writing skills down.

I look forward to your thoughts!

Fictional Writing Practice: Sleepless Nights

I am started to get annoyed that my sons never sleep consistently through the night. It seems that once we get one of them to sleep the other has issues. The pediatrician put one son on medication to help him sleep but honestly it has been about three – four weeks of him being on this medication with little results. This son still sleeps the same way he always has, the first two nights he was on this new med he slept right thru the night but we feel it was due to his body coming off of the melatonin he had been taking before.

At age two the psychiatrist or pediatrician recommended melatonin as a natural remedy to help this boy sleep through the night, it worked to slow him down and help him be calm before bed but nothing has ever helped him stay sleeping through the night. Our second night at the new house I laid with my son, as I usually do before bed, and I noticed that his pulse was going very fast and that his ear was turning red. I happened to sit up slowly and peek at him to see if he was okay to find that he was sleeping.

I recall someone once told me to check his pulse rate while he is in a relax state and if it was going too fast then it was a sign of ADHD. I don’t know what to believe, who to rely on or anything anymore when it comes to this boy and his not sleeping through the night, his mood changes, his anger problem and his reluctance to listen to a thing you say.

Fictional Writing Practice: Surrounded By Boxes

Boxes surround a mother, a father and three children. All items have been organized in a way that we can now enjoy the extra space we have as a family.  The third night in our new home our son figured out that there is a bathroom upstairs for the kids and this boy is happy to pee very five minutes as a way to procrastinate bedtime. Prior to moving our things into this house we thought about utilizing the extra room off of our master bedroom for one of the boys, however, since neither of them consistently sleeps thru the night time hours we felt it would be silly to separate them.

The man of the house and I now have our own master bedroom, master bathroom {which actually is everyone’s bathroom during daytime hours} and a private office off of the master bedroom. I am so excited that we can fit the man’s corner desk into the office space as well as my desk with extra room to spare for cabinets, printer, and whatever else we decide to place in that office space. There is a door on the office which means if I want to get up and work without the boys seeing that Mama is home, I can simply roll out of bed and go into the office to work … but wait … that would mean no coffee, guess we need a small one cup coffee maker for the office. What is an office without a coffee maker anyways?!

We are happily in our new home, boxes everywhere but our beds, clothing and televisions are all set up along with our Wii. Now once I can get a new darn remote for the Wii I will happily start my exercise routine. I plan to purchase the man and myself our own Wii remotes because AJ has thrown our current remotes so often that they barely work anymore.

Loving the new house, new yard, new space and fresh start for our family! Can’t wait to get completely settled in and unpacked but we took a break on the last night of the man’s vacation to enjoy a movie night together. Our backs hurt and our shoulders are ready to be massaged!

Fiction Writing Practice: All Moved In

All moved into a new place and it was 11 o’clock at night, no way were we going to attempt to get the upstairs ready for children to sleep. The first night was spent sharing a queen size bed and a full size bed between the five of us. Kids were exhausted, couldn’t believe that my youngest fell asleep before them all. I lost my four year old’s new meds in one of the million boxes we packed.

We had a plan, well I did at least, we would successfully pack every room up one at a time and label the boxes. When the boxes went into the new house I would then place each labeled box in the appropriate room. What was I thinking with that plan?! Needless to say the plan didn’t work out, we ended up having four adults shoving random shit into boxes and then piling it high in the u-haul. Moving is actually kind of fun for me, I mean the lack of internet connection certainly sucked but it’s the price you pay when you move to a location we have moved to.

Satellite internet will be our only option out here and we picked a pretty decent plan. The cost is slightly more than what I was paying with my Comcast high speed but will suffice. I am happy to have more space and I am happy to see the first day my children were running, playing and enjoying the new place. Our family needed a fresh start, after the divorce things were awesome for me, I felt happy the kids were happy and well apparently we just weren’t two people meant to raise our family apart because something brought us back together.

This is a new place, a new beginning for another chapter in our lives as a family. I am excited, nervous and happy all at once. Emotions have run wild and as soon as all of the boxes are unpacked and I find all my things I will add settled to the emotions I am feeling.

Communication Is Key To All

Whether you are looking to fix a relationship, solve a problem or deal with step parenting; communication is key to an amicable resolution. Blended families come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. A blended family may be that of a step mom or step dad with a birth mom or dad.  A blended family may be adopted children with biological children or something in between those examples. No matter what type of blended family you are, challenges may arise.

It’s tough to raise children in a biological family setting but it can be even harder in a blended family environment. When you give birth to a child you are planning on loving that child and protecting that child no matter what, it can be hard to step back and allow a step parent to come into your life and implement your agreed upon discipline tactics. As a parent we tend to be very maternal or paternal with our children in some cases extremely so. Marrying another person who is not a biological parent of your child will make you rethink parenting, you will have to let go and realize that the step parent is in love with you and your child. The step parent wants the same thing you dream of; a happy, safe, loving environment that your child can flourish in and become a mature adult with good morals, attainable life goals and a well balanced emotional state of mind.

The child of a step parent may not be open to having this new “parent” come in and tell them what to do, give them time outs or take away special privaledges. It is up to the biological parent to work with both their child and the step parent to ensure both are aware of what is expected from each of them and assist in developing a level of respect between the two. It is normal and to be expected that a child will feel confused about the divorce or separation of their biological parents, during the transition process of welcoming a step parent into the picture each adult should tread lightly but firmly to crete an easy transition for the child but also allow the child to understand he/she must respect this new family member.

If you are at a loss for how to involve your new partner into your child’s life, seek counseling. A counselor will be able to provide an unbiased view of each adult in the household and evaluate the child’s emotional state of mind. A counselor will be able to guide you through this transition process in a way that will benefit all family members involved. If you are opposed to involving a “stranger” in your lives, maybe you can find a mutual friend or family member who will be willing to lend an ear and a helping hand for this sensitive situation.

Whatever method you choose to determine how this new family member will be involved in yours and your child’s life you must remember to keep the communication open in the household. Your child has a voice and needs to feel safe and secure expressing their opinions and concerns in a productive way. As the parents you must create an open communication environment which means leading by example. A step parent and a parent should communicate in the same way they expect the child involved to communicate or else the child will feed off of how the parents react to situations and this can create an eruptive situation which could cause the blended family to fail in the long haul.

Fiction Writing Practice: Rena’s Story Continued

Story continued from yesterday …

Within a month of graduated high school, Rena ended up losing her job, which meant she would lose the vehicle her family had co-signed for during her high school senior year. Rena was quickly disappointing her family and her mother pretty much disowned her and stated she wasn’t allowed on the property until she got her act in gear. Rena want on to get an underage DWI and had to attend a course that cost her around $500 total. Rena was also required to get an SR22 which cost around $1200 a year in order to get her license back after the 6 months suspension. Alone, without a job and watching as most of her so-called friends disappear as fast as her money, car and freedom did, Rena decided she would take this moment to make something better of herself. Rena would work hard and build her resume up so that she could have one hell of a job and get one hell of a life started for her.

One fine day during the Summer before her 19th birthday Rena started wanting a family, she really loved children and knew she would make a much better mom than her mom ever was. Working at a local gas station as a cashier she met someone and he was really cute. This person wasn’t from her town and she knew because he never grew up here that he just might fancy her and love her in the way a man should. They went out, and what do you know? This man took Rena to a party where there was lots of beer, Rena may have had an alcohol problem because back then she would drink until she threw up or past out, whichever happened first. The man was really good to Rena though, he took her home and tucked her in without even getting so much as a kiss from her. When Rena woke the next morning she had an awful hangover and thought she should have drank more water before bed after her night of binge drinking. Rena also recalled the man who took her out and wondered if he even liked. This man hadn’t tried to have sex with her, he hadn’t even tried to kiss her, surely this meant the man wouldn’t be stopping by to see her anytime soon.

Little did Rena know, this man was actually a true gentleman and she would fall in love with this man. This man would fall in love with her. They had amazing sex, he supported all of her decisions except her bad habit of smoking cigarettes. They worked together as a team and enjoyed the company of one another. He didn’t request too much of her and she accepted his love as is. The two started spending every waking moment together and within just a few months they signed on a lease for a one bedroom apartment together.

That is all I have written as of yet… what do you think? Critique my writing please!

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