What A Relationship is to Me

What a relationship is to me:

Bouncing off of each other making macaroni and cheese in the kitchen.

Ability to rise above the weaker person in a moment and help them be stronger.

Give and take, not just giving nor taking.

Non stop affection and when the kids aren’t looking or around, passionate moments.

Ability to respect each others hobbies and passion while supporting them in their ventures.

To love, unconditionally forever and ever because the person you are with makes your world all that much better.

What is a relationship to you?



Hair Dye Fixed

And now today I will share with you the update from yesterdays blog post

I decided to pick out an auburn color for my hair and boy do I make a mess when I dye my hair at home…

And another messy shot…

And now I have no more roots and look absolutely wonderful, right?

I really want to be a face model, I don’t know why, maybe because my dream of being a full body model went out the door when I started having kids.¬† SO anyways, do you like the new color?

If you missed yesterdays pictures please click here to see those pictures to compare the before and after mess!

Hair Dye Gone Bad

I decided that after years of not dying my hair and finally getting it back to the natural black color it always has been that I wanted to highlight my hair blond again. After all it looked great way back when I had the boys Dad do it before.

I started with my awesome, long, dark, thick beautiful black hair….

And placed a cap to do a home highlighting kit on my hair… had hair pulled through the holes….

And then it was done, when the hair was wet at first it looked “okay”…

After all was said and done I realized that I had “roots”, except … I just highlighted my hair so roots didn’t make sense at all … and no way was I going to let my hair stay like this for long because after all I am going to a blog conference in North Carolina in June… I have to look halfway decent to meet all my blog buddies in person!

This definitely¬† had to be fixed …. what do you think?


Common Sense Needs No Government

I do not get into politics but some government laws that are tried seem crazy to me. Child abuse is illegal, period. I don’t need the government telling me I can not tap my child on the bum if they are reaching for the stove fire or attempting to run across the road. I am not a spanking Mom, I do tap my sons on the butt on occasion but it does nothing and it’s not a common practice for discipline. I am a time out and take things away kinda Mom.

I get annoyed when I hear that the government wants laws that say you can not spank your kids. When the government starts being your nanny, times get touchy. Who is to say what stepping over boundaries with spanking is? Child abuse is what it is and that is obviously not okay.

Image: markuso / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I feel that all too often rules or laws are being put in place that are keeping us at making common sense decisions. Perfect example; NH has a motto “Live Free or Die”. In NH we don’t have to buckle up after age 18, we don’t have to wear a helmet when on a motorcycle and I am sure there are some other rules/laws in place that no other state really has in place.

These are common sense decisions. The NH state sign says “Buckle up Under age 18. Common Sense for All”. Period. That’s it. And that is how it should be.

Common sense is going down the drain and I don’t need government to waste time on petty common sense crap when they have more important issues to work with. When did adults start getting so lazy that they needed laws or rules to set them back on the common sense track? I thought children were the only ones who need to be taught good morals and common sense, not adults.

I Love a Good Salesperson

I am not normal because I truly love a good salesperson. That is not to say they will talk me into a thing, because after all I am an awesome salesperson who stopped selling things years ago! Can’t outsell a good seller, and that’s me, I rock the bad ass shoes of a salesperson!

Okay anyways, all rambling out of the way, I do seriously love a good salesperson. Case in point? The Schwan’s man who delivered me my frozen Nutrisystem meals totally took that moment to make sure I knew of all his great deals that are fab-u-lo-so for those who are on Nutrisystem!

They have healthy veggie options because after all apparently all this salesperson knows is I am sitting back eating veggies all day long on some journey to lose weight, which …. well.. I did lose weight {eating pizza and chicken and cookies}, a whole 2lbs in just the first week on this program, don’t believe? Watch my YouTube video and just look into my totally ecstatic face!

Anyways, I guess the moral of my post is that I love the Schwan’s man selling ways … you go NH Schwan’s man! You had me at ice cream, er I mean veggies!

Do you love a good salesperson? Please tell me I am normal and not alone!

Listen When I Speak

I have the most amazing four year old. Something about him makes him hold a different place in my heart than the other two kids. I love all of my children but my middle child has a uniqueness about him that I haven’t been able to figure out. My other two children are very similar in traits and personality and are very easy to love & laugh with.

My four year old is the child who feeds off of my energy the most. If I am having a bad day, a hard time, stressed to my max or extremely happy, the four year old is feeling the same. My four year old can get extremely aggressive if I have been having some stress going on internally.¬† My four year old and I have this odd connection that isn’t that of a physical thing, it’s more based on our energies feeding together. So weird to me.

One thing that my four year old is famous for is being extremely smart but not wanting anyone to know. My four year old will also only say something one time, do not ask him to repeat it because he will not repeat whatever it was that he said.

My ears have been giving me trouble lately, they feel like they have fluid in them and my hearing has been off lately, so needless to say I haven’t been hearing my four year old the first time and he gets so mad at me. As if saying “what” was a word that means let’s lash out and be angry at Mama.

So the past few days have been a wonderful test of my patience, which I told my father the other day I did not get from my parents. I love my parents, but they are not patient for the most part. I am extremely patient but do have my limits and I am at mine. This not hearing is making it worse on my poor son who just wants me to hear him the first time around because if I don’t he seriously WILL NOT repeat what he said.

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