Busy Little Bee

Do you realize I love BEE’s? Yes, well … okay not in person but I do love anything to do with home decor or keepsakes that has to do with Bee’s. This is because my maiden name initials are Bee, how cool is that? I mean seriously I want to go back to that name so I can have those initials instead of Bet. I guess Bet is okay, I mean you can bet on me and win every time because I totally rock but bee is so much better… bzzzzz.

I use to have a variety of items that were in my home that said Bee Happy, that is totally my style. At least if you read HappilyBlended.com you will see the connection between BEE Happy and me. I love to bee happy!

So what is it that you love so much or collect? Also, do your initials spell something cool?

Great Places To Save Money

I have a new page on my other blog where it offers various new savings and I wanted to share this with you so that in case you are addicted to TLC’s show Extreme Couponing like I am.

It’s my syndicated savings page on Happily Blended, go check it out and let me know if it helps you at all!

Happy Savings!

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Flying To NC in Less than 2 Weeks

I am heading to my first blog conference called Type-A Parent Conference and it’s in North Carolina. As the days pass the more and more I realize I AM FLYING.

Do you realize I have never flown? I have always said that people aren’t met to fly! We are meant to be on the ground but driving to NC with @mommycosm just seemed more stressful than to just hop on a plane with her.

I will be rooming with my best friend ever, going on four years of virtual friendship — @mommadjane .. she totally rocks. We don’t speak daily, we don’t always contact each other every month. Shit we have gone months without a note I am sure between us but no matter what we know we have each other’s backs.

I am excited to be learning more and meeting awesome blog buddies!

SO …. on June 22nd I head off to North Carolina for four days …. wish me luck! (and fun)

@JennatFFP Created my Happily Blended Facebook Welcome Page

I am so excited that @jennatFFP has created me a welcome tab for my Happily Blended Facebook page.

I contacted Jenn via Facebook and let her know I wanted simple, fun yet welcoming. I hope that you will visit my Happily Blended Facebook Page and tell me if you feel my welcome page is unique to me or not.

I think my welcome page fits me perfectly. Jen made the process super simple to have me place my welcome page as the landing page for visitors to Happily Blended’s Facebook Page. I used to create my own tabs in Facebook pages but they have switched over to not allowing the “old style” pages which requires a bit more than simple code.

Jenn is currently working on her web design degree and she is open for business. I love her creative style, friendly personality and ability to see your vision simply through a message in email format. I would highly recommend you check out Desoodles – Oodles of Web Designs to see if Jenn may be a good fit for your web design needs!

SPAM Marketing Actually Brings Sales

Okay I can’t recall where I heard this, I think it was on a radio station but the SPAM emails you get about Viagra and such? Well they actually WORK. Yes marketing works when you apparently spam the crap out of someone. I guess there is something over or around 80,000 SPAM messages for Viagra that go out.

I am sure you have seen them… they look something like “Want to get hard” or “Want hot chicks” or maybe something like “Having troubles getting it up” I mean they are rude, ridiculous and quickly deleted by me, I don’t even open them. Although I must admit the subject lines do make me want to open the email to see if they are as clever with the email as they are with the subject of the email. A laugh is in order for some of those subjects they send across your spam filters.

Anyways – so this type of marketing, filling people’s in-boxes with random crap actually works. Apparently Viagra sales have gone up since these spam emails have been going out, is that crazy?

Hey whatever works, apparently someone had the right idea! Now can I hire them for my marketing ideas? I wonder what my catchy subject line would be for freelance writing or being a virtual assistant?! hmm…..

Thank You Mom, For the Bug Zapper

My house has a swampy area in the woods which I can only assume brings on the major dose of mosquitoes we are getting this year. I can’t stand bugs, nor moths. Just ask MommaDJane, she was the one laughing hysterically while I had a moth in my ear a Summer or two ago and was freaking out. Oh yeah …. bugs and me we don’t get along and we are not friends at all!

Recently I had to go to my Mom’s house, okay a few times because I am helping her with some animals, but on this particular time I was looking for a metal shovel to fix my darn mailbox and put the post back into the ground. While I looked in the shed I noticed that my Mom has a bug zapper. Do you know what I am talking about? It’s one of those electric light things you hook up and it zaps bugs dead!

This has helped make mosquitoes and bugs just a little better. I no longer get attacked by June bugs when I head outside in the night time hours so I must say THANK YOU Mom for letting me use/have this item. It is getting great use here and I love having it, even if you need/want it back someday! For now I am loving this less buggy nights thing I have going on at my house!

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