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Where Do I Fit In?

It’s funny the other day I was thinking about how I don’t really fit in with any particular crowd. As I watch my oldest start having cliques in school where the girls are friends with this group of girls and yet not friends with the other group of girls I wonder, where does anyone fit in really?

I think that every person has something unique about them that sets them apart from a clique and I would like to think that even within each clique the individual person gets bored at times with whatever the other girls may be doing.

For me, I don’t fit in with the upper class generation who spends money insanely and has a lot of materialistic items. I don’t fit in with those who have no money and live on the side of the road without a roof over their heads. I don’t fit in with the middle class who bitch about money and yet have enough to get bye. I am simply me and I like being part of every group, I enjoy chatting with all walks of life and really do enjoy a diversified group to call friends. I doubt I would ever been truly happy hanging with one particular “clique” ever.

I am a bit of a child adult, I always say I will forever be a toys r us kid and it’s so true. I am that goofy immature girl who loves to act a fool with or without alcohol. I am that mature business woman who can sell you anything to make a commission when need be. I am that girl who is the mom figure and can totally show my children great morals and good character. I am a bit of everything and therefore I fit in with ME and that is all that matters.

Watched School Board Meeting

We have a local channel where you can watch the happenings around town but the channel usually has horrible audio quality so I just don’t ever watch it. One morning I was feeling lazy and while lounging in bed decided to flick channels when I happened upon a November school board meeting. Now there is a lot going on in the high school and with the school administrative unit that has me wanting to keep up with the latest and since the audio for this meeting was normal I thought I would watch it.

All I can say after watching this local school board meeting is that the tension within the room of students, school board members, administrators and teachers was so intense that I could feel it through the television. It appears that there is a lot going on behind the scenes of the schools, mainly the high school, that the parents are not aware of. Most recently the principal from the high school was arrested based on reports that he put his hands on a student, he is facing simple assault charges against a student.

My children are not in the high school yet but I will be honest that if the school doesn’t smarten up by then and get some organization going on then I would have no issues pulling my children from the public school environment and placing them in an online high school environment or even home schooling because I won’t put up with my children feeling intimidated at their own school by administrators.

This is really sad to see that the one place children should feel safe and secure is falling apart. As a teen I knew that high school was my safe heaven, I was an above average student and being at school was way better most times than being at home. I had trust in the administrators and had no issues speaking to them if something was going on. I can only hope that by the time my children get into high school that the school has it’s act together because this is so sad to see our future generation falling behind because adults can’t seem to get some organization going on in the upper level of administration!

Traveling Is a Fun Bug to Catch

After spending most of my life traveling only in the New England area such as Maine in the summers with the kids and Vermont to visit my family I found that the day I hopped onto a plane in June 2011 that my life would change forever. That first flight was so nerve wracking for me and I was having major anxiety over being almost 30 years old and never having flown before.

The flight was only going to be a few hours with one plane switch over or whatever it is called but still I was nervous. Thank goodness a blog friend who lives in New Hampshire was flying to this same event and we were able to book our flights together because without her that first flight would have been difficult on me.

Now that I have flown two times I am about to fly a third I realize that this flying stuff is pretty fun and easy. I love that I can arrive in NYC within just an hour if that whereas in the car it would take me five hours or more. I know that I want my children to visit the various states in the United States and to grow up saying they didn’t live a sheltered life like I did. I want my children to experience the views of Park City homes and to look out of an airplane window at the clouds in the sky.

My children will hopefully grow up to be thankful for their adventures they go on with their Mama.  I know that once the kids are in their teens it would be fun to look at Park City real estate and other real estate in the US to see if we could possibly have a “summer” home down the road to travel to each summer. Oh the dreams I have of being able to have an adventurous time traveling with my children.

The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

I would invite you to visit this common saying today and think about whether or not you fully think the grass is greener on the other side? For some the grass may truly be greener on the other side, these are cases when the relationship is simply dead and gone. The situations when a couple has just tried all possible avenues of making this relationship work  and it just doesn’t work. Many people who marry have the ability to grow together as a couple and individual but some simply are not good at growing together while still being an individual.

If there is a married person who saw a “hottie” and they spoke and seem to have clicked instantly, I would invite them to truly think twice before leaving their spouse for another person. It’s a dangerous situation to get into if you are truly leaving someone for another person, this would usually end up being a rebound situation and wouldn’t last long. Most who have left a spouse for another person had found that down the road the “magic” died and they were in a relationship much similar to the one they had thrown away for this “hottie”.

I get lonely and want to latch onto anyone for adult interaction, been there, done that. I truly understand what it’s like to feel alone whether you are married or single .. I have been in both situations. Hence the reason I am divorced, I didn’t get divorced for anyone else, it was what was best for my own self and children as well as my ex husband.

One never knows what the future holds and as long as you are living life for what you firmly believe in and giving your all – the grass will eventually be greener on the right side for you! Don’t give up and tread lightly when thinking about leaving  a marriage that was once healthy & vibrant, one must be certain they are thinking with a clear head before moving onto another path in life.

Mostly Thankful For Knowing When to Break

Between the three year old telling me that my foot best be watching out for his feet wearing my clunky heeled dress shoes, the five year old screaming for computer game time and the nine year old constantly being bored I tell you I don’t know how I do it.

I don’t know how I don’t run screaming for the looney bin most days. I certainly understand why, as my natural hair color comes through in my roots, I have more greys than I had last time I let my natural hair color shine through.

For me, a vacation is something along the lines of hopping in my van, totally kid free and blasting some country or pop music on the radio. All I need is a short drive with loud music and no children to refresh myself.

After driving just a few short minutes downtown and back home in a van, with no kids, my mind is ready to come back and deal with the boredom, feet stomping and whining from the children.

I think that this time of year I am mostly thankful for the fact that I know when to take a mini break to be the best parent possible!

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