No Fear Three Year Old

My three year old has zero fear in his Mama or any other adult authority figure for that matter. He just goes on his merry little way all day long. Hanging from anything he can grasp with his hands or feet. Pulling and pushing on things he shouldn’t be touching. Running wild all day long.

I am thankful that usually once he hits his bed he goes to sleep, but lately he has been rough at bedtime too. Recently I made a personal pact with myself that this kid would start having some boundaries for once and for all. This little boy needs to know Mama is boss and means business.

SO my new getting back to meaning what I say to the three year old business started…. with no cartoons before bedtime routine unless he stops peeing in his pants and goes to bed in a timely fashion. I do understand that even adults need some time to settle their mind once they lay their heads down so I don’t expect my three year old to lay on his bed, get his song sung to him then get tucked in and be asleep instantly; although that would be ideal … it’s not realistic.

Lately my three year old son has gone from being potty trained, except overnight when he wore a pull up to peeing in his pants all day long. It’s the most frustrating part of my parenting, aside from some personal issues one of my kids is having, and I have no clue how to handle this situation. I am about ready to have him be inside half naked all day so he realizes peeing his pants all of a sudden is not so funny nor cool.

I think since I have started to enforce some rules and boundaries finally with my three year old that he is starting to test less limits and realizing that Mama means business. Now if I can get him to remember this without having to place him in a time out or take things away all day. I do assume it will get easier once he really truly believes I am not putting up with bad behavior anymore.

In The Long Haul, What’s Most Important?

It’s so funny watching people worry about me or assume things about me when in all reality I am as happy as they come. Of course I have my moments and sometimes days where I wonder who am I, who do I want to be and where am I going, but that’s to be expected. You see these years I am MOM but in the future I will have children out and about doing their own thing leaving me home with a lot of free time. I want to ensure that I am setting myself up for the best possible outcome for those days when the children are older and starting to move onto their own lives.

I am stubborn and extremely independent, have always been. This character trait is the perfect trait to have, however, it doesn’t always work well in a relationship. You see, I am perfectly fine not being in a long term, committed relationship. I am too busy to deal with the full time aspects of any relationship and the kids are so used to me being the main caregiver in my home for them that it’s difficult for them to even think about having another adult to turn to in the house. Heck even when I was married the kids would go to me 9 times out of 10. Kids just know who the primary caregiver is and since I work from home – I am primary. I am not “better than” I am “the only” but primary – and you will have a primary caregiver in every household, the one parent or adult who is home with the children more often than the other.

Raising children is no easy task and I will be damned if I put any personal relationship in the middle of that. I will also be damned if I let my kids grow up thinking that a fake relationship is a “good relationship”. I want my kids to see the ups, the downs and the parents working together to form an agreement or resolution to issues that arise in the household.¬† Someday¬† my children will see this and if they don’t, what they will see is parents who worked their butts off to raise em the best they knew how. Which in the long haul is what’s important, right?

Cough, Sneeze, Cough, Blow Nose, Sneeze

I had the pleasure of waking up a few days ago to a sneeze and itchy eyes. The weather here in NH has been extremely warm then cold then warm and cold again, now I stare at snow out my office window. Basically I thought maybe the weather had messed me up and my body was having some form of allergies, little did I know that a couple days later I would cough every time I breath in, not be able to blow my nose enough and look like a replacement for Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer.

So here I sit sick as sick can be and still I have my Mama duties and work to keep up with. Luckily I am able to get work done either first thing in morning or last thing at night. I am not feeling overwhelmed much by work, it’s more keeping up with the high energy three year old who thinks he needs to be loud and hyper because “you like it mama”. No child, my sweet son … Mama does not like your loud banging, ear piercing screams or high energy running through the house. Mama wants her son to come snuggle so that she can get better, but alas my sons are not the cuddling kind.

Off to cough, sneeze & blow nose some more while coughing up whatever is in my chest. I am a hot mess people.


Is It Impossible To Sit Still?

I ask this question to my three year old who has a new obsession, dancing and bouncing every chance he gets. You see my three year old son has always been a monkey, hence why I call him my little monkey but the hyper part really wasn’t there.

This past year I have watched as my five year old toned his hyperactivity down a bit and my three year old decided to tone his hyperactivity up a few degrees. Stopping in the middle of dinner to do a little dance, sort of like the robot dance, is not uncommon in this house these days.

Sitting in a recliner watching a show with me, he has to constantly move whether it to be going upside down to watch the show while moving his legs constantly or sitting on my lap fidgeting, the boy won’t stop moving.

I am not sure how to handle this sudden hyperactivity he has, but I tell you it drains me daily. Someone either help him tone the energy down a notch or help me tone mine up about ten degrees so this Mama can dance faster, better and keep this kid on his toes instead of the other way around.

It’s Craft Time

In December my other blog Happily Blended will be featuring various craft ideas, that I will be doing with my kids so that I can post real life pictures and such. I have been reading Disney Family Fun magazine and let me tell you what this magazine rocks!

Not only have I found a ton of craft ideas in their December/January 2012 edition but I have also found some great tips and tricks to parenting!

So get ready for me to share a ton of craft ideas … some here some there …. how do you decorate for the holiday season?

The Day FedEx Dude Stepped in Poop

It was a nice sunny winter day and the FedEx dude stopped by to drop a package off. It was my Barbie Christmas DVD for review on Happily Blended. I was excited to see FedEx and was sort of hoping for a cool package so I opened the door ready to accept when my pug ran out of the door.

You see, my sweet pug has no fear and doesn’t understand she can’t chase cars or big things because she is just a little tyke so she isn’t allowed outside unless in fenced in area or on a leash. She ran, but she didn’t run far. Jenny the pug has an obsession with something underneath the steps to my deck, I am assuming it’s poop of some sort as that seems to be her only fixation when outside.

The FedEx Dude wanted to try to help so he stepped over to the right of the steps to grab my sweet pug when I saw that he had stepped right into a pile of dog poop. Now I tried to tell him it was okay no need to help, but he wanted to help because he is a nice person.

I didn’t acknowledge that he stepped in poop and apologize because the whole situation happened so fast. I feel bad, but what can you do? I can only assume and hope that this has happened to him before. Surely I won’t be remembered as the lady who let her FedEx dude step in poop?

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