Is It Impossible To Sit Still?

I ask this question to my three year old who has a new obsession, dancing and bouncing every chance he gets. You see my three year old son has always been a monkey, hence why I call him my little monkey but the hyper part really wasn’t there.

This past year I have watched as my five year old toned his hyperactivity down a bit and my three year old decided to tone his hyperactivity up a few degrees. Stopping in the middle of dinner to do a little dance, sort of like the robot dance, is not uncommon in this house these days.

Sitting in a recliner watching a show with me, he has to constantly move whether it to be going upside down to watch the show while moving his legs constantly or sitting on my lap fidgeting, the boy won’t stop moving.

I am not sure how to handle this sudden hyperactivity he has, but I tell you it drains me daily. Someone either help him tone the energy down a notch or help me tone mine up about ten degrees so this Mama can dance faster, better and keep this kid on his toes instead of the other way around.

It’s Craft Time

In December my other blog Happily Blended will be featuring various craft ideas, that I will be doing with my kids so that I can post real life pictures and such. I have been reading Disney Family Fun magazine and let me tell you what this magazine rocks!

Not only have I found a ton of craft ideas in their December/January 2012 edition but I have also found some great tips and tricks to parenting!

So get ready for me to share a ton of craft ideas … some here some there …. how do you decorate for the holiday season?

The Day FedEx Dude Stepped in Poop

It was a nice sunny winter day and the FedEx dude stopped by to drop a package off. It was my Barbie Christmas DVD for review on Happily Blended. I was excited to see FedEx and was sort of hoping for a cool package so I opened the door ready to accept when my pug ran out of the door.

You see, my sweet pug has no fear and doesn’t understand she can’t chase cars or big things because she is just a little tyke so she isn’t allowed outside unless in fenced in area or on a leash. She ran, but she didn’t run far. Jenny the pug has an obsession with something underneath the steps to my deck, I am assuming it’s poop of some sort as that seems to be her only fixation when outside.

The FedEx Dude wanted to try to help so he stepped over to the right of the steps to grab my sweet pug when I saw that he had stepped right into a pile of dog poop. Now I tried to tell him it was okay no need to help, but he wanted to help because he is a nice person.

I didn’t acknowledge that he stepped in poop and apologize because the whole situation happened so fast. I feel bad, but what can you do? I can only assume and hope that this has happened to him before. Surely I won’t be remembered as the lady who let her FedEx dude step in poop?

Being Poor Isn’t Always Visible

Have you ever been so broke that you couldn’t pay for propane to heat the hot water or to use your stove? Have you ever been so out of cash that you had to live on kerosene being placed into your oil tank by the five gallon tanks you use for gas in your car or lawn mower? Have you ever lived on macaroni and cheese or worse yet Ramon noodles?

I have.

But no one knew.

I think the only person who has known the exact depths of my struggles I have faced since I first became a mother in 2002 is my father but beside him it’s really only me, because I don’t share this information with others. When I am facing a financial hurdle in my own life I rarely blog about it, talk about it or spread the news. Why? Because it’s far too personal and opens a door for pity.

I wouldn’t ever wish pity upon me, because I don’t even have any idea how to feel pity for myself or others. It’s not that I am not compassionate, I am an extremely compassionate person, it’s that I truly believe with a change in attitude directed such as the “I CAN DO THIS” attitude really helps make a change more so than dwelling in self pity or feeling pity towards another person.

With being poor, it’s not always visible and one can be poor one month and then bounce right back on track the next month while others may stay poor for an extremely long period of time. When a person is out of luck financially they don’t need your pity, they don’t need handouts because if they went from being completely self sufficient to needing help – handouts can usually make them feel worse.

What a person needs who is hard on their luck is some human compassion, prayers if that be your way of helping and some positive thinking. Maybe you know someone who has a business or a skill and they are having financial issues, one way to help this person would be to spread the word about their skill and help them gain clients to increase their income.

There are ways to help those down on their financial luck without giving handouts or feeling pity. Let’s try to help another person this year, let’s not pity them, let’s not make them feel any worse, let’s work together as a community to help lift them up beyond this temporary state of financial hadrship!

A Few Things I Would Love for Christmas

I don’t want much but here are some things that stuck out at me this fine year!


You see I don’t want too much but those are the few things that stand out to me at this moment. Any tablet that is larger than 7″ preferably 10″ at minimum would work for me as long as it has good reviews. Any jacket that is stylish will work for me and any SLR camera would be a truly appreciated gift!

Every Movie Night I want Bridesmaids

I remember watching Bridesmaids and fully enjoying this flick. Now every time I get a moment to watch a movie I always think about what I want in the movie; comedy, sex, romance, maybe a little bit of action. I usually want just your average chick flick lately but what Bridesmaids did was put a chick flick on mans radar, because even men enjoyed watching this film.

This movie is hilarious because I can totally picture myself being the maid of honor in this movie and getting so frustrated and getting myself caught up into the whole jealous friend thing. This movie is totally awesome and must be put under the Christmas tree this holiday season!

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