The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

I would invite you to visit this common saying today and think about whether or not you fully think the grass is greener on the other side? For some the grass may truly be greener on the other side, these are cases when the relationship is simply dead and gone. The situations when a couple has just tried all possible avenues of making this relationship work  and it just doesn’t work. Many people who marry have the ability to grow together as a couple and individual but some simply are not good at growing together while still being an individual.

If there is a married person who saw a “hottie” and they spoke and seem to have clicked instantly, I would invite them to truly think twice before leaving their spouse for another person. It’s a dangerous situation to get into if you are truly leaving someone for another person, this would usually end up being a rebound situation and wouldn’t last long. Most who have left a spouse for another person had found that down the road the “magic” died and they were in a relationship much similar to the one they had thrown away for this “hottie”.

I get lonely and want to latch onto anyone for adult interaction, been there, done that. I truly understand what it’s like to feel alone whether you are married or single .. I have been in both situations. Hence the reason I am divorced, I didn’t get divorced for anyone else, it was what was best for my own self and children as well as my ex husband.

One never knows what the future holds and as long as you are living life for what you firmly believe in and giving your all – the grass will eventually be greener on the right side for you! Don’t give up and tread lightly when thinking about leaving  a marriage that was once healthy & vibrant, one must be certain they are thinking with a clear head before moving onto another path in life.

 The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

Mostly Thankful For Knowing When to Break

Between the three year old telling me that my foot best be watching out for his feet wearing my clunky heeled dress shoes, the five year old screaming for computer game time and the nine year old constantly being bored I tell you I don’t know how I do it.

I don’t know how I don’t run screaming for the looney bin most days. I certainly understand why, as my natural hair color comes through in my roots, I have more greys than I had last time I let my natural hair color shine through.

For me, a vacation is something along the lines of hopping in my van, totally kid free and blasting some country or pop music on the radio. All I need is a short drive with loud music and no children to refresh myself.

After driving just a few short minutes downtown and back home in a van, with no kids, my mind is ready to come back and deal with the boredom, feet stomping and whining from the children.

I think that this time of year I am mostly thankful for the fact that I know when to take a mini break to be the best parent possible!

 Mostly Thankful For Knowing When to Break

My Pug Is Fascinated with Poop

Full warning: If you have a weak stomach for the topic of poop please do not read this.

My sweet Jenny the Pug is fascinated with poop and she isn’t discriminatory against any type of poop. I take Miss Jenny out for her daily walk to the mailbox and she enjoys sniffing and snorting out various forms of poop from wild animals to the neighbors wandering chicken poop to her own poop. Yes Jenny the sweet Pug loves her own poop.

Sister Jenny the Pug My Pug Is Fascinated with Poop Now when I took Jenny into our home I knew she had a cat box fetish, this was relayed to me from her previous owners. Having no cat box I assumed that this poop fetish of hers would disappear but oh not so much. You see we have outdoor cats and we have neighbors with chickens who wander into our yard. Lately the chickens have been coming in real close, like our walkway, and pooping all over. I never realized just how messy chickens can get.

Miss Jenny has been in poop heaven between the pile of leaves where the outdoor cats poop and the chicken poop. It’s a nightmare to have to pull her away from her fetish. She just really wants to eat that poop. This is the most absurd thing I have ever seen an animal go crazy over.

The snorting won’t stop, the pulling won’t stop. Please, how do I get my pug to stop wanting to eat poop? I don’t let her eat it but still … is there a better way to cure this issue? I hear hot sauce works on nail biters, so there has to be something that works for poop eating dogs.

**my life is so exciting that I chose to share Jenny’s poop story with you all … sigh**

 My Pug Is Fascinated with Poop

And She Said ….

NO. Can you imagine setting up the perfect proposal and getting down on one knee professing your love to someone when you await her reply and she says no? Me neither. That would be so embarrassing, devastating and heart breaking, right? But this is what love is all about – taking a chance, going out on a limb. Modern technology has made it easier for people to lose that communication bond that holds so many 70 year anniversary couples together, you see those older lovely couples had to talk to each other. They could not hide behind a computer screen, a cell phone text message or run to hide away from their spouse in their home office to chat on Facebook with other friends. They only had each other.

When I see a picture of a couple celebrating a long anniversary or hear that my Great Grandparents are celebrating another year of marriage, I tend to get teary eyed. Thanks Single Dad Laughing – you made me cry with all those photos the other day, but only because one was of an older couple celebrating 70 years of marriage, and I only shed a couple happy tears.

It seems that fear of the unknown keeps some men at bay, they hide behind that fear and refuse to go out on a limb with the perfect, most sweetest proposal for the fear of the love of their life saying no.  Hell if I let the fear of the word no keep me from anything in life I wouldn’t be here working from home, supporting three children. Heck the reply no makes me stronger, you see if you take the time to go all out and propose to the love of your life and she says no, well now you realize that maybe you both are not on the same path, or maybe she just doesn’t feel ready for marriage quite yet.

You see, if you don’t go out on a limb you will live your life in question, surrounded by fear. The adventure of life begins when you go out on a limb and face your fears, do what you know in your heart is what you want and everything else will fall into line with that when the time is right.

Okay I want to hear it – have any of you proposed and she said NO? Maybe you are the girl who said no?  Please share your story with me, I may feature your story on my site! {with your permission of course}

 And She Said ....

Let’s Talk About Common Sense

I walk into the bank and see a sign “please refrain from cell phone use while completing a banking transaction” and my mind instantly goes to laughter, oh actually I laughed out loud. The bank teller looked at me as if I had done lost my mind, but then I explained to her how silly I thought it was that they had to have a sign saying ” no cell phone use while doing a bank transaction” because who in their right mind would be on a cell phone while depositing or taking out money from their account? The idea is just silly to me, yet people do this.

Is our wold so technology advanced that we have thrown all common sense and common courtesy out of the window? Take for instance that person who sued McDonald’s over the hot coffee because it burned them? I mean, seriously people! Coffee is hot, if it were not hot you would bitch because it was cold. Now all coffee cups from your convenience store or Dunkin Donuts have “caution this may be hot” on the outside of the mug. This is another silly idea to me, I always say to the cashier, really the coffee is hot? Oh my gosh, I would have never guessed. Alas, the cashier doesn’t get or like my sense of humor, but it amuses me.

Oh and last but not least, I pull up to get my oil change in a Prompto drive up oil change garage, yes because I like Prompto service and I am reading a sign while waiting in the long line of cars that states “Cell phone use is forbidden when driving into the garage. OSHA” I get it, OSHA is a safety organization for most companies around here, hopefully where you are too, but doesn’t OSHA have more important things to do than have to place a sign up for people’s lack of common sense? I can’t imagine being on my cell; texting or talking, while driving into a garage. I can barely drive into the garage without distractions, never mind holding a cell phone. People, please put the cell phones down when in your vehicle, save us all from your lack of common sense.

What’s That Buzz has a common sense article I think you may enjoy.

What type of things have seen that maybe have been around for a long time or you noticed are new and really make you wonder what is wrong with the world today? Please share …. humor me!

 Lets Talk About Common Sense

Is it Ever Okay to Cheat On a Spouse?

After reading many articles about how cheating made people’s relationships stronger, I have to ask; is it really ever okay to cheat on a spouse? One with a guilty conscious could not cheat and truly lie about it, but what if you are honest and your spouse forgives you. Forgiveness is a powerful tool and the communication between you and your spouse about why this temptation became action could truly create a better bond. You see, most cheat for a reason, it’s an an underlying feeling of lack of importance in the relationship or that something is missing.

While I personally don’t feel deception solves anything, and I do feel if you have cheated on your current spouse then they have a right to know the truth I have seen deception work magic on some marriages. You would be surprised what one can handle if they truly love you when you are honest with them.  Some say that having an affair helped them gain courage to open up about what they needed in their marriage while others said it helped get something they were missing in the marriage.

To answer my question, is it every okay to cheat on a spouse? I say no, but ultimately it is up to you fight the temptations that walk into your life and make decisions based on what is best for yourself. If a marriage isn’t working, it is 50% your fault and 50% the spouses fault; they say it takes two to tango, well it also takes two to not tango.

Do you get what I am saying? So have you ever cheated and how did that work out for you?

 Is it Ever Okay to Cheat On a Spouse?
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