Who Cares What your Occupation Is, really!

Does it really matter what one chooses for an occupation or what they choose to do as a parent? I mean seriously people. I live my life in such a way that I choose not to judge another parents decision, although inside of my own head I may cringe at the idea of elementary students on Facebook or young children raising younger siblings, but that is just my own internal thoughts. I would never lash out, place judgement or verbal/emotionally abuse another parent regarding their decisions. Take a moment to listen to my thoughts regarding the topic of SAHM’s, WAHM’s and work outside of the home Moms… {oh yeah and check out the Queen of the House Mom hat my daughter made me that I wore in the video – LOL}

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, do you agree that we should just all respect each other as parents and realize that we all do our best to raise the kids we have? Every parent is different, we raise our children to the best of our capabilities and we make family decisions based on what works for us inside of our own homes so can we all just leave well enough alone?

Things I’ve Learned While Collecting Thoughts

I have been having a rough time getting into the positive vibe lately. Between finances and personal issues both emotional and financial it seems I have forgotten what makes me happy, some of my own faults I need to work on and that life is too short to think about the past. This is my video to share with you all my thoughts on life both personal and professional.

I ask you all this question, what have you learned about yourself looking back? Are there things you will be working on making better about yourself so that you can have a better future and life? Share with me in a comment below or do a video response on YouTube!

Funny Stay at Home Dad Song

I happened upon this song on YouTube and it’s actually funny, a stay at home Dad rock song about being a stay at home Dad. Seriously, check it out …..

There are a lot of stay at home Dads these days and just thought this was rather cute! I mean I can relate as a mom too but how many of you are stay at home Dad’s can appreciate this song? What do you think Moms?

Oh the things I find on YouTube!

When We Were Kids vs Now That We Are Parents

When we were kids we couldn’t wait for a snow day so that we could go sliding or ice skating all day long.

Now that we are parents we long for no snow days the full school year.

Photo credit: phaewilk from morguefile.com

When we were kids we counted down the days to Summer vacation because we couldn’t wait for fun times.

Now that we are parents we still count down the days to Summer because we want to know how many more days before we start to lose our sanity.

Photo credit: darnok from morguefile.com

When we were kids we loved sleeping in on the weekends.

Now that we are parents we wished we had the luxury of sleeping in on weekends.

Photo credit: click from morguefile.com

When we were kids all we wanted to do was have fun every moment of the day.

Now that we are parents we just want to go back to being a kid.

One Fictional Mans Demise … The Power of an Evil Woman

This one woman has the super power human strength of ruining someone’s whole dating life forever. Yes indeed it is true. Apparently this woman is such an evil woman that many, many¬† years ago she ruined some poor souls life in such a way that this person will never be able to date again. I know this is hard to gulp down, because after all how can one woman do such harm to a man who spends his days sleeping around and smoothing over every female he speaks to?

I really do hope this woman realizes the super human strength she holds in her hands and heart to be able to destroy a person and make them evil for life. You see, if this woman did indeed “ruin” this man well then maybe, just maybe he should have or should now seek counseling services to get his brain and heart straight? That’s just my two cents.

I get that a man and a woman may fall head over heels in love so hard that when the poor couple ends up breaking up that the heart can feel lost for a long time and that indeed this man may feel like this woman ripped his heart out of his chest but at some point one would think both would move on, either with our without professional help.

I am a firm believer that no one person can completely destroy another person in such a devastating way that many years down the road he is still blaming this woman for his demise in relationships. The only way one can make another person feel or be ‘destroyed’ is if they allow that person to make them feel that way or they are due full of ego to realize they have issues that need addressing.

Now I am not sure if we can call this man’s attitude towards a woman a result of pride, as from what I can tell it seems to be he has extremely deep issues and must find the nearest route to a counselor or pyschiatrist and fast. Curious how many of his ‘beaus’ fall for this excuse, I personally would eitehr 1) laugh in this mans face or 2) tell him to go seek professional help so he can move on to lead a successful, happier life.

yes this is a sarcastic fictional article derived from my brain … enjoy!

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