You Can’t Pay for Membership On Phone


The other day my five year old begged and pleaded to let me make him a member on Club Penguin, it’s  a game on the computer that him and his sister love to play often. I only let them have the free version with ultimate limited chat versions, they are penguin friends on the site and have a lot of fun with it.

There is a membership version of Club Penguin, as with most children game sites, they lure the kids in with some awesome free stuff but if they want more then they need to ask a parent to pay for a membership. Yeah, lovely trick these game people are up to!

So my five year old comes into my office the other day to inform me that he wants to be a member of Club Penguin and the conversation went something like this:

Mama can you make me a member of Club Penguin?

NO I will not make you a member of Club Penguin dude, it costs money.

In pipes the daughter, yeah A and Mama it costs like $40 to be a member.

I realize this daughter, hence why I said NO I will not make you all members.

But Mama, says the five year old, all you do is call this number on the computer and it doesn’t cost money because you can’t give money over the phone dummy. That’s just stupid.

Dude, do not call me dummy, that’s a mean word and we don’t use it in this house and YES you can pay money over the phone, it’s called using a credit card.

Mama that is just stuipd, you can not pay for something over the phone so it’s free and you need to call right now to make me a member.

No. I am not making you a member and you are lucky that I let you continue to play after you just called me dummy.

So apparently me thinking one can pay for something over the phone makes me a dummy and just stupid. Some days I just love parenting, it’s so much fun!

Five Random Facts About ME

Yeah I have been addicted to my webcam lately for some reason and so here is another video of me but this time I am sharing FIVE random facts about myself .. just in case you are curious ….

Now tell me  FIVE random facts about YOU in a comment below….

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What’s Your Defense Mechanism?

I was thinking the other day about how fast I talk, it’s usually about how fast I type which is around 110 words per minute. My mind just moves at this rate and it’s natural for me, always has been. I have been taking some time to figure out things about myself and realize things I need to slow down on or change or just work on making better. I also focused on things I love about myself of course, but this is a post about human defense mechanisms.

I think we all have that defense mechanism, meaning something we do when we feel threatened in some way. The threat doesn’t have to be a physical threat, verbal and non-verbal threats alike can put us into defense mode.  For me, I get super defensive when someone puts me down as a parent. The reason is, out of everything I have screwed up in my life from getting a DWI at age 18 to quitting my awesome office job in high school, to hanging with the wrong crowd and getting into drinking alcohol too much, parenting is one thing I haven’t seemed to screw up. I am proud to be a parent and I personally feel I am doing a fantastic job. I have given up a lot to raise my children but I have gained so much in return that when someone wants to say something negative about me as a mother or about my children I get majorly defensive. I call it Mama Bear coming out to play.

My defense mechanism is something I just realized that I do, and I am going to share it with you all….. when I feel threatened, annoyed by a conversation or just plain out disagree with what someone is saying to me I…

start talking really super duper fast and over them, I may even change the subject, but the key is that I talk so fast this person can not even get themselves back on track because I talk as if I have an unlimited supply of oxygen and I do not stop til I feel calmed again.

I believe I have always done this but I do it more so now because I get into this moods when someone upsets me to my core that I honestly do not give a shit about them in that moment. I ony care about one thing & that is to get out of the conversation as fast as possible or to make them feel the way they just made me feel as fast as possible. I am working on this because it is rude, but it’s part of me.

What is your defense mechanism?

Who Cares What your Occupation Is, really!

Does it really matter what one chooses for an occupation or what they choose to do as a parent? I mean seriously people. I live my life in such a way that I choose not to judge another parents decision, although inside of my own head I may cringe at the idea of elementary students on Facebook or young children raising younger siblings, but that is just my own internal thoughts. I would never lash out, place judgement or verbal/emotionally abuse another parent regarding their decisions. Take a moment to listen to my thoughts regarding the topic of SAHM’s, WAHM’s and work outside of the home Moms… {oh yeah and check out the Queen of the House Mom hat my daughter made me that I wore in the video – LOL}

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, do you agree that we should just all respect each other as parents and realize that we all do our best to raise the kids we have? Every parent is different, we raise our children to the best of our capabilities and we make family decisions based on what works for us inside of our own homes so can we all just leave well enough alone?

Things I’ve Learned While Collecting Thoughts

I have been having a rough time getting into the positive vibe lately. Between finances and personal issues both emotional and financial it seems I have forgotten what makes me happy, some of my own faults I need to work on and that life is too short to think about the past. This is my video to share with you all my thoughts on life both personal and professional.

I ask you all this question, what have you learned about yourself looking back? Are there things you will be working on making better about yourself so that you can have a better future and life? Share with me in a comment below or do a video response on YouTube!

Funny Stay at Home Dad Song

I happened upon this song on YouTube and it’s actually funny, a stay at home Dad rock song about being a stay at home Dad. Seriously, check it out …..

There are a lot of stay at home Dads these days and just thought this was rather cute! I mean I can relate as a mom too but how many of you are stay at home Dad’s can appreciate this song? What do you think Moms?

Oh the things I find on YouTube!

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