Stomach Bug Hits the House

I have no clue what I call this sickness going around, when kids at school started to go home sick from throwing up and my daughters friends were reported being home sick I assumed it was just some stomach bug or flu going around. Me, never getting my flu shot due to lack of insurance, I try to steer clear of germs the best I can. The kids have had their flu shots though.

It all started with reports of people missing from work where the boys’ Dad works, then it was the five year old waking up sick as a dog on Saturday. Dad and I had symptoms for days of the bug but never had thrown up. Still to this day the adults have no thrown up but the five year old had a 24 hour throw up spree and now, today the three year old.

Please say the nine year old, Mom and then Dad do not get it either. Please spare us from this awful sickness going around. I will take the symptoms minus throwing up any day.

Faith is an Amazing Thing

I never grew up with any religious background, the first time I had really dove into learning anything about religion was during the three years I worked in an office with these two amazing people who are Christians. I often found intrigued by their stories and faith, having never heard much about Christianity I grew to have more questions and often was found in their office sitting back and hearing the answers to my questions. I enjoyed this very much, but after leaving the office while pregnant with my middle child, I rarely gave faith much thought again.

That is until I was going through an extreme case of depression, for days I could do barely anything but sleep, even while taking care of my kids I just wanted to sleep. It was difficult to enjoy my life in the ways I always had. Of course the depression was set on by some financial issues and for some reason I couldn’t find my positive during these times. After about three days of being in a funk, I felt this presence. It was a warm feeling and my mind instantly went to God.

I found this rather creepy to be honest with you, I was  little freaked out as well as a little intrigued. That day I put my faith into God in a small way and things seemed to get better from there. I, once again, forgot about faith, was doing pretty good with positive thinking and life was rolling along. Then I was hit with news that just made my stomach clamp up and my heart sink. News that I heard wasn’t anything anyone wishes to ever hear, however, it was one of those situations where I had no choice but to remain positive and reassure those that were being affected.

I turned to God that night, laying in my bed wondering if I should even allow myself to fall asleep, I prayed. I prayed for strength for the person who is mainly suffering and strength for me to be there the way I should be. The next day everything changed, there was a warmth in the house, and in the middle of the day I was outside when the sun peeked out from behind a cloud almost as if it were shining down on only me and I remembered ….. I prayed for strength last night – that is why this person did what they did today and that is why I feel so much at ease today.

Thank you Dear Lord for answering my prayers, thank you for helping me find strength and the person who needs it most find strength, without this faith I happened upon again, I don’t know where I would be today. So, a girl raised with zero religious background, never really having not believed but never have exactly “believed” in God, found faith and I think this girl will continue to pray because it really is helping with the extremely sensitive and tough situation that is going on.

Deals For Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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How About a Mani and Pedi?

I have never had a manicure nor pedicure, I am 30 years old. The thought has crossed my mind in the past few years of interacting with woman who blog and have this done on a regular basis but overall it hasn’t been a necessity in my life nor mind.

Rewind to the other night …

It was bedtime, the boys were tucked in their beds, fast asleep when I decided to do my normal Chicken Soup for the Soul Cat Lovers reading with my daughter while laying next to her in her bed.

After  reading a story out of the book, I decided it’s been awhile since I just sat and chatted with my daughter, it’s something we both need and miss dearly. It’s difficult to set aside “girl chat” time when the boys are running wild more often than not.

As we talked about her school day and other such odd ball topics she says out of the blue:

Is there a mani & pedi place nearby?

Umm… yes daughter I am sure there is but I haven’t ever been to one, why?

It’s just that my friends have fake nails and it helped them to stop biting their nails, but when they did the fake nails at home, they would fall off and didn’t look good. I want professional nails so maybe I will stop biting my nails.

Good theory, but does this girl not know that a manicure and pedicure is often therapy for woman? She is only 9 and already on the track towards divahood.

My Mom Life: Raising a Moody Five Year Old

A video sharing my life raising my five year old … it’s difficult. Has anyone been here, done that? Would love tips, advice and suggestions. I am working with a counselor and he is going to be seeing a psychiatrist, but sometimes getting parenting advice from the online community helps!

Ever wonder why I appear grumpy, lost, not so motivated? This is why, I am usually drained by end of day so bad that it’s hard for me to even think let alone network with my friends online.

How Many Cups Does a Child NEED? Seriously…

My daughter is good about using one cup a day, nothing more, nothing less, but my sons … they drive me bonkers!!!

My three year old is famous for wanting a new cup, a new straw, a new cover for each drink he wants and my five year old is almost as bad. So listen to my video talking about the issue of kids using too many cups in a day and tell me I am not alone with this fight?

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