Are you a Planner or Take Life by the Moment Kind of Person?

I tend to drive people crazy with my fly by the moment sort of personality, but honestly that is what works for me. You see, I have always had anxiety, some years are better than others while other years are worse, it all depends upon what’s going on in my life. It seems when I am under a high amount of pressure my anxiety kicks in quickly making it semi-difficult to deal with life without that tension taking over from my anxiety disorder.

I do not take medicine for my anxiety, I used to, but haven’t in many years. I tend to find resetting my mind to focus on the moment rather than the future makes it easier and allows my anxiety to stay low key. When I get asked to go to various events it’s extremely difficult for me to plan that far ahead. In the moment I am all about it, sounds great, but then as I start to think about what will be going on in a couple of months I worry if I will be able to keep the commitment and my mind just goes into the “what if” mode making it difficult to live my day to day life.

This is why I am more of a fly by the moment kind of person, planning requires me thinking too far ahead and if there’s one thing I have found out living this life I lead, it’s that nothing is forever and you have to live in the now. Planning too far out in advance means I have to know what’s going on with the kids, myself and others in life which honestly, is never consistent enough to plan around. I feel more stable flying by the moment, I like surprises and I like just hopping in the car taking a long drive to wherever we end up rather than having to have a destination.

My destination in life is to simply be happy, love life and cherish each moment I have with my family. Why start planning now and get all worked up over the things that don’t matter? I say live life whatever way makes you happiest, because when you are the happiest, everyone around you can feel that happy energy & in turn they become happier, including your children.

 Are you a Planner or Take Life by the Moment Kind of Person?

VH1 Had a Jennifer Lopez Documentary On Last Night

And I found out more about Jennifer Lopez that I didn’t know as well as had a memory recall of how many men she has fallen fast for. I can relate to J-Lo is many ways, when I am in a relationship I tend to jump and give my all. It’s not that I fall fast for the wrong people, it’s just that I give my all and then get upset when their all isn’t given. Let’s just say relationships in my world are a work in progress, much like J-Lo.

However, her music is amazing and here are a couple of her songs that I just love dearly. I love how she makes curves look hot, you see I don’t consider her extremely curvy, however, she is not an anorexic looking actress/singer and seems to help promote a healthy body image for girls. I think I need to go buy her albums for my car, because I totally forgot just how much I love her music!

Glad They Have Manners

One thing I have been working on with my sons is the focus on manners. For some reason the boys have picked up the word “now” so when they ask for something it’s always “get me {insert whatever here} NOW” in a tone that scares the crap out of me in all honesty. They sometimes can sound like evil little men.

I do not accept orders from any of my children, therefore the word now just gets the response “no” or “go get it yourself if you are going to not say please“. Eventually they will say please or get it themselves.

Happy Third Birthday Baby K Glad They Have Manners

My three year old has really hopped on the good manner bandwagon and says “you’re welcome” in the cutest voice every, seriously, I say thank you to that kid more often than not just to hear those sweet little words out of his mouth. The tone is as if he’s a cute, sweet innocent little child who hasn’t an evil bone in his body. Although he is my hyper, baby of the family who def is also the comedian who tests limits in a funny way, he certainly is a curious George of the bunch. I know all too well his charm is simply used to manipulate his Mama’s heart strings, but at least he is using his manners with his charming personality and tone.

 Glad They Have Manners

Don’t Bury the Truth, Speak up for What you Believe In

When I was younger, it was extremely difficult for me to speak up for what I believed in. I always had a hard time with any confrontation, this is probably for reasons deeper than you or I can get into. You see, the truth shall set you free is certainly something that speaks some truth, for if you hang onto feelings that are truthful but you are too fearful to tell that person then it will eventually blow up in your face.

I am still semi-non confrontational in nature, this is only with people who can’t be reasoned with. I have no issues standing up for what I believe to be true to any one who is open to hearing what I have to say. The issue with people who are controlling in nature is that no matter how many times you attempt to confront them with your concerns, unless it’s agreeable with them or benefits them – they will fight you tooth and nail on it.

Dealing with someone who has to have absolute control of various situations makes it extremely difficult to have a real, valid conversation. I will still stand up for what I believe in to people who are controlling in nature, but you have to take a different more complicated course to get through to them. Which totally sucks for someone who doesn’t want to be confrontational, but you have to do what you have to do in order to stand firm on what you feel is morally right and what is the ultimate truth.

Being confrontational or non-confrontational has little to do with what you believe to be morally correct in life. Stand up and speak up for what you believe in, although it may be difficult, in the end your heart & soul will be free of all that clutter that you held in regarding what you firmly believe in.


 Dont Bury the Truth, Speak up for What you Believe In

Finding a good prom hairstyle for my curly-haired daughter

Guest post written by Carrie Lincoln

It shouldn’t be all that surprising that my daughter is having a tough time finding a hairstyle that she thinks will work on her hair for prom. She’s like me and has some of the curliest hair around. It can be really tough because you have to think so much about what a hairstyle will do to your curls before you try it. But we’re right on the hunt to find that perfect updo for her.

We’ve been looking online to see what we can find. We’ve been mainly looking at red carpet photos of stars who have curly hair and when we were doing that a few nights ago I saw some information on debt consolidation. I’ve been wanting to look into consolidating my debt for a few months now and I think this is a great opportunity to finally do that.

She’s been looking at a lot of Taylor Swift’s updos because she has curly hair, but I’m also pretty sure that she straightens and then curls her hair a lot. We’ll have to keep looking and see what’s going to work for her.

 Finding a good prom hairstyle for my curly haired daughter

It’s Not About Winning: The Truth Will Live on

You may think you won and things are going your way
But when the light shines down at the end of the day
You have not won but rather shown your true character
Whatever truth lies beneath your lying exterior
Will come out to play when you are least expecting it
The truth lives on but lies only build a bottom less pit.

It’s not about winning and it’s not about losing
Life is about being honest and protecting those crying
I will fight for what I believe to be true
The lies will be uncovered and so will you.

Written by: Brandy Tanner

 Its Not About Winning: The Truth Will Live on
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