I Have to Hang Onto Hope

My mind can’t seem to look upon failure as something that will never be solved or happen. I can accept true failure and move forward, but in situations where it is not possible to fail yet blocks come with each path I cross, I just have to hang onto hope and never give up. You see, sometimes the people in life who take on jobs to help others really do not do their job very well. Maybe they do the job to the best of their abilities, after all they are human and prone to making mistakes, but when these mistakes may affect another person’s life well then maybe they should not be in the line of field they are in.

I have no college degree, I am simply a high school graduate and mom of three, but I have hope that I can make the change needed for a brighter future. I hang onto hope that the decisions I make, the lifestyle I live and the books I publish will one day make positive changes in the hearts and minds of others. As a mom of three who parents with a positive, treat children like another person approach I have seen wonders in what encouraging a child to be their own unique self can bring to another little person.

I watch as my kids call me “coo coo” or “crazy Mom” but they say it with a smile for they wouldn’t have it any other way. My children are treated as if their opinion matters and it truly does matter.  When you give a child a voice, it’s not letting them have the final say in major decisions, nor is it letting them run the world; letting your child have a voice is allowing them to learn who they are, what they believe in and feel important.

Every person, adult and child alike, should feel important. It is not others in our life who will ultimately make us feel important, for how we feel is something inside of us that can only be made brighter when others in the world step up to make a difference and show the light within each individual so that their light can shine through.

So I end with this, no matter what obstruction blocks my way, no matter how hard of a battle I must fight, I will win battles that must be won. I will stand up in victory knowing that I live my life in a good way, knowing that my big heart has not only changed the life of others, but changed the life of my children in a positive way!

Are Boys Born with The Building Gene?

My three year old son will take anything apart. You see, he also breaks nearly everything he touches. The problem is that he seems to think that we can fix every broken item with super glue or duct tape. I don’t understand why he feels duct tape and/or super glue fix everything, but he truly believes they do.

If it has a screw on it, my three year old will use any screwdriver he can reach to unscrew it. If there’s a nail, he will use his pretend hammer or anything he deems fit to use as a hammer to hammer it in. If it’s broke, he touched it. If it’s fixed, he hasn’t yet touched it.

This kid is not allowed in my office for the reasons set forth above, but every time I venture out of the home to leave him with Dad, my office usually gets touched. My printer was broken a couple of times. My desk drawn all over, that means my blogging notepad that I use to keep track of the editorial calendar at Happily Blended, totally drawn over. Thankfully it was highlighter.

One time he made it into my office and colored my flat panel computer monitor. He’s lucky highlighter washed right off!

So … all I have to ask is this; are boys born with the gene to just want to tear everything apart so they can find a way to fix it?

Did You Call Me?

I am horrible about using the phone, it used to be because I had a nifty smartphone and was always texting but now it’s just quite simply because the moment I get on that telephone my kids need something. Normally it’s the boys, my daughter is pretty respectful if I am on the phone, at least if she knows it’s an important call. The boys have zero clue on what be quiet means, let alone for me to make an important phone call.

This means when I have to schedule appointments for three children and myself they are often made later than they should be. I don’t like this fact, but that is my life and it’s what happens nearly every time I have to make appointments for my kids. Being on the telephone requires either taking time out of my work schedule, lose household income, during the short period of time I currently have to work or attempt to talk while my three year old is screaming because he thinks it’s awesome to yell at a pitch that blows your ear drums or my five year old all of a sudden NEEDS everything.

I just can’t do phone calls. I try. I really do. I just don’t succeed very well or at least in a timely fashion. If these appointment places would kindly take email, my kids appointments would be made much quicker and life would be a lot easier on my end. Talking the phone to set appointments or during virtual meetings can be quite overwhelming and I avoid avoid avoid at all costs.

Being Outdoors Calms My Soul

I don’t know if I was always an outdoor sort of person but I have found since being a Mom, the great outdoors is extremely important to me. Of course, I still hibernate in the Winter for NH is too cold for this gal, but any other time of the year you will find me outside as often as possible.

While I am outside walking around, my eyes are always in tune with the ground area for some reason. I take in the dandelions, the small spiders, the ants and once in a while walking I happen upon a toad or a turtle.

I sat outside for hours just watching this turtle while she finished up laying her eggs and covering the hole. Sad thing is, we have seen two turtles laying eggs but we caught them at the tale end. Have yet to see the actual eggs dropped into the hole.

Each night we take a family walk around the pond. Usually we see frogs but sometimes we see other animals and it’s simply a relaxing way to end our day. I could sit outside at the pond for hours if the kids would let me.


A Romantic Comedy I Loved “Better Off Without Him”

I am one of those stubborn independent woman who also has a bit of attachment type issues when it comes to relationships. I have the ups and downs of feeling stronger when I am single yet getting attached easily to the person I am with, making my strong willed nature disappear slightly. The book, Better Off Without Him written by Dee Ernst, touches on who I am almost 100%. The main character, Mona, is the one person in this novel I related to the most.

Mona is a best selling romance novel who finds her own life a bit of something she would see in her stories. A married mother of three who simply enjoys the job of being mom and doing it all. Mona has,what she perceives to be a typical marriage where the husband works a big job leaving the mom to not only tend to the kids but also put a bit of her career on hold. When Mona’s husband leaves her, she wonders what she will do now.

At first Mona decides that her life story needs to be written, this is a great way for her to cope with what has happened. Mona sits down to work on an anti-romance novel and works to sell her idea to her publicist. Although an anti-romance novel isn’t greatly accepted by her publishers, they allow her time to work on this novel. What Mona never expected was that this anti-romance novel is what may just help her move forward in her life and find out that she was indeed much “better off without him”.

Where will this book lead us during the journey of Mona’s life? Will Mona take her ex husband back? What will Mona teach us, mothers and woman, that we didn’t realize we had within us? Whatever you learn from reading this book, I know one thing for sure is this; you will find yourself laughing and quite possibly relating to the characters within this book.

Available on Paperback or Kindle.

“This is NOT a review. I picked this book on my Kindle Fire as a vacation time read while the children were fast asleep and just had to share my love of Better Off Without Him.


Sit Back and Read “She Can Run” on Your Kindle

A 2012 International Thriller nominee for Best First Novel, She Can Run, will keep you on your toes from the moment you being reading it! A widow of two young children, Beth, shows the strength and determination of a mother’s love.  Doing up and beyond that of our normal daily activities, what would you do if you feared for your life & your children’s lives? I bet nothing would stop you from protecting them, even possibly murder.

Beth met Congressman Richard Baker when she was in a position of being a widow to two young children. The situation Beth had found herself in made her more vulnerable but it made her the perfect candidate for a wife for the Congressman. Little did Beth know what lay ahead for her after marrying Richard Baker and what lengths he would go to in order to keep her from speaking.

Beth’s love and strength is tested while she runs to a secluded estate in Pennsylvania only to find out some news regarding the person who had hired her to come live at the estate.  Does Beth continue running? Does she get away from the abuse she experienced with Richard Baker? Will her new found friends assist in helping her, and her children, open up to find safety?

Well I guess you will have to dig into this book yourself to find out all of the answers!

My Thoughts

I found myself not able to put this novel down. My Kindle Fire was in my hand from beginning to end and read in less than three evenings while my children slept tight in their beds. Books and movies about abuse really make me squirm, having been through a lot of various forms of abuse both living with situations and seeing others go through such experiences, I can say the topic of abuse sits hard on my heart. I long for abuse to no longer be an issue, but reading books like this really help shed hope on the strength of what a woman and mother can do to protect their loved ones.

Available on Kindle and Paperback, She Can Run is written by Melinda Leigh.

“This is not a review. This is a random Kindle book I personally chose one night to read and fell in love with. Reading books is my vacation time, so I had thought I could share some books I have enjoyed to lend you some of my vacation time”

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