On a Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss Journey .. Again

So a couple of Summers ago I was working out daily (5 x a week) on EA Sports Active for the Wii console and I was down to 180 lbs wearing a size 14/15. I felt amazing, sure my belly still wasn’t where I wanted it to be but I was confident and able to really smile more often. The energy that working out gave me combined with losing weight was simply too amazing to give one word to.

Even though I have not yet touched EA Sports Active again as the Wii is not allowed to be used too often as a way to avoid feeding my five year old son’s video game addiction, I have been more active. Summer is here and I find myself outside more often than not and swimming constantly, dragging the kids around in the pool for only one can really swim moderately well. That is a work out in itself!

In the beginning of June 2012, I found that my weight on the scale was creeping up slowly but surely, weighing in around 222 lbs and wearing a size 18 really was not my ideal size for my height of 5’6″ and I knew not only is it healthy for me to start focusing on getting my weight down, but it will show my kids to be more active as well. I am a firm believer in teaching kids through your own actions rather than preaching what you are not doing your own self.

While my legs will forever have veins popping out, thanks to the birth of my third child, I can still be at an ideal weight and show my kids that simply getting outside and off of that recliner can prove to be a life and health saver.

Although I am reluctant to show a picture of my naked belly, I feel it’s important to be upfront and honest in pictures with my current body image. I am now down 8lbs as of today, June 24th 2012, and these pictures within this blog post document me at 214.9 lbs and slipping out of a size 18 pair of shorts.

Although I never really change my eating habits while working on weight loss, I can say there are some tips I have to share with you all on how I continue to ensure I don’t over eat and stay active:

  • Know Your “bad habit” Foods & Do not Buy Them – I know chips are onw of my bad habit foods, if I buy a bag, I will eat a bag. So I may buy chips on occasion but it’s not a regular part of my grocery list.
  • Play Inside & Outdoor “active” games with Your Kids – Hide n Seek, Tag, simon says; these are all games that get you taking turns, up and moving but without doing too much & will help to lose a little bit of weight.
  • Increase Water or Good for you Drinks – when I worked out with EA Sports Active I personally drank a lot of Crystal Light, while I am not sure if that’s good for you 100%, it helped with my weight loss goals & was better tasting than water. I also like Mio now for water.

Those are my tips and those are my current pictures. Can not wait to share my journey to be more fit and healthy with you all! Happy Sunday my friends!

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The True Feeling of Confidence

I have been venturing outside of the house more often lately and seeing what’s around the local area. I have this clear mind about being more involved in the community and attending family friendly type events. I also am more comfortable socializing with random people around here, more so than I have been in the past. This is of course a wonderful feeling.

The other day I saw this gorgeous girl, she was tan, make up on, not too skinny and not too large, hair straightened .. she was just simply beautiful. In the past I have been able to admire other beautiful people, whether male or female, as I do enjoy people watching. The thing that occurred to me on this particular day was that I no longer found myself feeling unworthy of my appearance. No matter how confident I have become in comparison to my younger years, I still struggle with weight gain and keeping up with good eating habits, so that means sometimes I struggle to truly 100% love my whole body with and without clothes on.

This day, I realized that this other woman was beautiful but she was beautiful in her own way. I would never be that way, the straightened hair every day, the make up and the figure for I am not that person. I was not born with their genes and I don’t want to be a clone of someone else’s body structure; I want to be me. I look a lot like my family, we have big hips, small legs and a mid section that most would probably love to have disappear. I am top heavy, which does not run fully through my family but does with some relatives.

I have curves, and I have beautiful eyes and a wonderful smile that is contagious! I am happy and I love me, but to truly remind myself that I do love who I am I had to see this woman, so beautiful and tan, to realize that I don’t want to be her, I want to be ME. I love my body and am thankful to realize with 100% confidence that I am not envious of a smaller than me body, better than me tan, for no one else can make me feel less worthy unless I allow myself to have those feelings. I refuse to feel inadequate any longer when around people who I feel are much more beautiful than me. I don’t even have to second guess it, remind myself or anything; I simply know that I am and feel more confident and happy with my body structure. I love me without any doubts and because of this new found realization after a somewhat trying Winter time, I am standing taller and smiling more again.

So remember, whether you are like me and people watch just to find that you feel, even if only for a moment, that another person is more beautiful than you; that you are not to think that way. You are unique, you are beautiful in your own special way and that is what makes the world an awesome place to live in, that we can all appreciate each others uniqueness!

The Lovely Sun

I have been told that New England people lack Vitamin D and in all honesty that has to be true. I find in Winter months I get negative, tired more often and depressed some days. Winter sucks, there is lack of sunlight here in NH and it really kills the spirits. Although I tend to seek out the positive in every situation, I am not perfect, so in the Winter months I can fail to see the “light” of each situation properly.

Now that Summer vacation has arrived I have been spending a lot of time outside with the kids. We go to the neighbors pool and the family farm pool to enjoy swimming. We have been outside so much that I am feeling a sun burn on my back both from being in water and mowing the lawn with a tank top on.

I am finding that with the amazingly sunny days that no matter what may be in my head keeping me from being 100% positive about things, that I am able to keep a smile on my face. A true smile is perched upon my lips and I am simply happy for no other reason than I love being alive and love that grand ole sunshine!

Today The Sun is Shining Down on Me

This song was playing on the local country station I listen to nearly every day on the drive to and from school with the kids and it simply makes me smile non stop. I don’t know what it is about this song, but it really brings me into a very happy place.

What does this song do for you?

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