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Have you noticed how popular scarves have become? I’m not talking winter, keep your neck warm scarves, I’m talking fashion, where all day, scarves. I just got to thinking about it when I saw Kelly Ripa on Fayette Satellite TV wearing a fashion scarf. It was a real pretty black one with pink and turquoise undertones. It really made the outfit. I need to get some more fashion scarves. I only have two: a reddish one, and a blue and black one. I love them, but I forget to wear them all the time. I forget I even have them, but they can really take an outfit from plain to awesome. I need to put them in a more visible and accessible place in my closet so I will think of them as I’m picking out my clothes to wear in the morning. I think with a few scarves, you can make the same outfit look like a different one just by switching out the color of the scarf. It is amazing what a difference a scarf makes.

I Am Suppose To Do What?

I work every morning from about 8am until lunch time, from then on I am on, what i like to call “Mama Duty”, where I am not allowed to touch email, blogs, computers, nothing again until the munchkins are asleep. This wasn’t always the rule or the case in my home but ever since I stopped my virtual assistant business and focused on writing things have become more peaceful and fun in the house!

You see, I really only “need” a few hours a week to do all of my writing and in turn make enough money to support the family but getting my words of wisdom to the world are important to me and as with any self employed type of job, you have to take time to market yourself so that you in turn make money.

The four hours a day I spend online sometimes turn into me having 7 tabs open in FireFox with my brain on overdrive. You see, I want to write, stumble posts, digg posts and interact on Twitter as well as Facebook but instead of taking each task as one at a time, I try to do it all at once. Maybe it’s my multi-tasking personality or maybe I have Blog ADD, whatever it is, I can not seem to focus on one task at a time.

Every morning I swear this morning will be different, I will open only two tabs; email and one blog, but it never fails, before I know it I have 7 tabs open and although I get a ton done, I never leave the computer feeling fully “complete” in my tasks.

 I Am Suppose To Do What?

Songs that Get stuck in my Head @YouTube Videos

My kids are famous for getting songs stuck in my head and so I thought I would share with you just a taste of what songs my kids like to annoy me with so that all day long I get to sing these over and over in my head, creating a lack of focus but always remembering my morning with the kids before they went off to school…

Flobots – I can Ride my Bike with NO Handlebars

Taylor Swift – Mean

Selena Gomez & The Scene – Love you Like a Love Song

Where Do YOU Fit When You’re a Parent?

Everywhere you look and read there are professionals and friends really pushing you to keep your own self and identity even while parenting.  The point is that keeping in tune with what makes you tick and allowing yourself to continue to be your own self while parenting makes you a better parent. The problem is, where do you fit in time to focus on YOU?

If you are a close family with relatives willing to watch your kids for free or take them for an overnight stay, then I could see how finding time for you would be so much easier. What if you are not that family? What if you have no one to take your kids and you are stuck trying to work around being a parent and juggling children? What do you do then?

Here are some ways you can fit YOU into the equation of parenting:

  • Take a walk – let your spouse know you need some time away, that you are just going to go for a walk. Work out a time that works best for both of you and head outdoors for a walk with no guilty feelings.
  • Read a book – if reading is your think, set aside an hour after the kids are asleep to indulge in a novel that suits your interested.
  • Write in a Journal – journals are a great way to document who you are, how your day was and keep track of how your life is going. It’s also a great way to relax the mind after the kids go to sleep so you can sleep better and wake up more refreshed.
  • Get a Hobby – if you have something that you have been passionate about for years but have not been making time for it, now is your chance. Kids sleep at some point, right?  Whether it be on a weekend night or week day night, set aside an hour each day to do whatever it is you enjoy.

Remind yourself that you matter as much as your children on a daily basis. It’s all too easy to get consumed in the every day parenting rituals and wake up one day to find your kids are grown and you are lost. Do not make it so that you have to work harder after the kids are grown to find your own self, make it easier by taking a tiny bit of time each day to focus on you.

 Where Do YOU Fit When Youre a Parent?

Are you a Planner or Take Life by the Moment Kind of Person?

I tend to drive people crazy with my fly by the moment sort of personality, but honestly that is what works for me. You see, I have always had anxiety, some years are better than others while other years are worse, it all depends upon what’s going on in my life. It seems when I am under a high amount of pressure my anxiety kicks in quickly making it semi-difficult to deal with life without that tension taking over from my anxiety disorder.

I do not take medicine for my anxiety, I used to, but haven’t in many years. I tend to find resetting my mind to focus on the moment rather than the future makes it easier and allows my anxiety to stay low key. When I get asked to go to various events it’s extremely difficult for me to plan that far ahead. In the moment I am all about it, sounds great, but then as I start to think about what will be going on in a couple of months I worry if I will be able to keep the commitment and my mind just goes into the “what if” mode making it difficult to live my day to day life.

This is why I am more of a fly by the moment kind of person, planning requires me thinking too far ahead and if there’s one thing I have found out living this life I lead, it’s that nothing is forever and you have to live in the now. Planning too far out in advance means I have to know what’s going on with the kids, myself and others in life which honestly, is never consistent enough to plan around. I feel more stable flying by the moment, I like surprises and I like just hopping in the car taking a long drive to wherever we end up rather than having to have a destination.

My destination in life is to simply be happy, love life and cherish each moment I have with my family. Why start planning now and get all worked up over the things that don’t matter? I say live life whatever way makes you happiest, because when you are the happiest, everyone around you can feel that happy energy & in turn they become happier, including your children.

 Are you a Planner or Take Life by the Moment Kind of Person?

VH1 Had a Jennifer Lopez Documentary On Last Night

And I found out more about Jennifer Lopez that I didn’t know as well as had a memory recall of how many men she has fallen fast for. I can relate to J-Lo is many ways, when I am in a relationship I tend to jump and give my all. It’s not that I fall fast for the wrong people, it’s just that I give my all and then get upset when their all isn’t given. Let’s just say relationships in my world are a work in progress, much like J-Lo.

However, her music is amazing and here are a couple of her songs that I just love dearly. I love how she makes curves look hot, you see I don’t consider her extremely curvy, however, she is not an anorexic looking actress/singer and seems to help promote a healthy body image for girls. I think I need to go buy her albums for my car, because I totally forgot just how much I love her music!

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