The Lovely Sun

I have been told that New England people lack Vitamin D and in all honesty that has to be true. I find in Winter months I get negative, tired more often and depressed some days. Winter sucks, there is lack of sunlight here in NH and it really kills the spirits. Although I tend to seek out the positive in every situation, I am not perfect, so in the Winter months I can fail to see the “light” of each situation properly.

Now that Summer vacation has arrived I have been spending a lot of time outside with the kids. We go to the neighbors pool and the family farm pool to enjoy swimming. We have been outside so much that I am feeling a sun burn on my back both from being in water and mowing the lawn with a tank top on.

I am finding that with the amazingly sunny days that no matter what may be in my head keeping me from being 100% positive about things, that I am able to keep a smile on my face. A true smile is perched upon my lips and I am simply happy for no other reason than I love being alive and love that grand ole sunshine!

June 20 Wordless Wednesday: We Have Baby Frogs

The Tadpole Habitat Created in Spring


The Baby Frog Transformed Recently

The Tadpole Turning into Baby Frog


Happy Wordless Wednesday go on and link up at my other blog Happily Blended and see the “we are authors” announcement!

Today The Sun is Shining Down on Me

This song was playing on the local country station I listen to nearly every day on the drive to and from school with the kids and it simply makes me smile non stop. I don’t know what it is about this song, but it really brings me into a very happy place.

What does this song do for you?

I Have to Hang Onto Hope

My mind can’t seem to look upon failure as something that will never be solved or happen. I can accept true failure and move forward, but in situations where it is not possible to fail yet blocks come with each path I cross, I just have to hang onto hope and never give up. You see, sometimes the people in life who take on jobs to help others really do not do their job very well. Maybe they do the job to the best of their abilities, after all they are human and prone to making mistakes, but when these mistakes may affect another person’s life well then maybe they should not be in the line of field they are in.

I have no college degree, I am simply a high school graduate and mom of three, but I have hope that I can make the change needed for a brighter future. I hang onto hope that the decisions I make, the lifestyle I live and the books I publish will one day make positive changes in the hearts and minds of others. As a mom of three who parents with a positive, treat children like another person approach I have seen wonders in what encouraging a child to be their own unique self can bring to another little person.

I watch as my kids call me “coo coo” or “crazy Mom” but they say it with a smile for they wouldn’t have it any other way. My children are treated as if their opinion matters and it truly does matter.  When you give a child a voice, it’s not letting them have the final say in major decisions, nor is it letting them run the world; letting your child have a voice is allowing them to learn who they are, what they believe in and feel important.

Every person, adult and child alike, should feel important. It is not others in our life who will ultimately make us feel important, for how we feel is something inside of us that can only be made brighter when others in the world step up to make a difference and show the light within each individual so that their light can shine through.

So I end with this, no matter what obstruction blocks my way, no matter how hard of a battle I must fight, I will win battles that must be won. I will stand up in victory knowing that I live my life in a good way, knowing that my big heart has not only changed the life of others, but changed the life of my children in a positive way!

Are Boys Born with The Building Gene?

My three year old son will take anything apart. You see, he also breaks nearly everything he touches. The problem is that he seems to think that we can fix every broken item with super glue or duct tape. I don’t understand why he feels duct tape and/or super glue fix everything, but he truly believes they do.

If it has a screw on it, my three year old will use any screwdriver he can reach to unscrew it. If there’s a nail, he will use his pretend hammer or anything he deems fit to use as a hammer to hammer it in. If it’s broke, he touched it. If it’s fixed, he hasn’t yet touched it.

This kid is not allowed in my office for the reasons set forth above, but every time I venture out of the home to leave him with Dad, my office usually gets touched. My printer was broken a couple of times. My desk drawn all over, that means my blogging notepad that I use to keep track of the editorial calendar at Happily Blended, totally drawn over. Thankfully it was highlighter.

One time he made it into my office and colored my flat panel computer monitor. He’s lucky highlighter washed right off!

So … all I have to ask is this; are boys born with the gene to just want to tear everything apart so they can find a way to fix it?

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