Thoughts on Rear Facing Seats in Back of Wagon Car

A new vehicle makes me think twice about where my children should sit. We pulled up and checked out a Ford Taurus Wagon, having never seen one up close I was curious just how many buckles there were in this vehicle. As some know, I went from having a van to no vehicle, but I do have three kids with one who is a total grumpy butt and needs his space on trips.

Looking at the Ford Taurus Wagon, I wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit but it seemed to be in great shape and it was able to seat my children comfortably. This car has a rear facing seat behind the normal back seat, which seats two people buckled in.

At first I thought the idea of my two older children sitting back there would be great, they even loved it, but then as 24 hours passed, I started to get concerned about being rear ended. I mean, I can assume a rear facing seat car would have some safety features in it to protect from such a bad accident, but then again I don’t know and my kids lives are not something to mess around with.

I made a decision to put the seat down and tell my five year old it doesn’t work right so as to avoid him having to sit back there and it went over fine. I haven’t had any issues and I honestly explained to my nine year old how I felt it wasn’t a safe idea to have her and her brother back there on a regular basis but on occasion they certainly can sit back there.

I don’t know what I will do about the rear facing seat, probably look up safety features in this vehicle and see what it lists as ideas of who and what age and weight/height should sit back there as well as any additional features that may have been done to the back windshield glass as a way to help avoid a fatal injury with a rear ended accident.

For now I am reaching out to all of you – do you know anything about those pop up rear facing seats that some vehicles have? What are your thoughts on it?

When Are You Having More?

I am talking about children, this is a question oh so many people ask when I am with three kids running wild or rambling on and on with this look on my face stating “how can I answer three kids at once?”. It’s funny that no matter how many kids you have, this age old question of “when are you going to have more” is asked to us parents.

As if the fact that three kids rambling on and on with their bouncy high energy level isn’t enough for us parents, we are prone to having to answer silly questions like when we are going to have more. Come on people, why ask such a silly question?!

The only time I think to ask one that question is when they seem to be venting about having their hands full and the question is clearly meant as a form of sarcasm, rather than a realistic question at that time. To be honest with everyone, the day my first born came into this world, watching her grow and having a blast being mom to her, made me want to have like six more.

My first born was and still is relatively the “easy” child, helpful, smart and usually very well at behaving. Sure my oldest tests limits and does all the normal kid things, but it’s no where near the challenges I face with my two sons. My second born wasn’t planned and I wasn’t really ready nor into the whole idea of having another child at the time. It wasn’t the right time, I was single, etc etc. I have to be honest though, I love him dearly and wouldn’t change the unplanned pregnancy for the world.

I had my second son two years after the first son and he was a joy just like his sister. An easy baby and that was the case until about the age of two when he became a wild child. High energy and always on the run, but still relatively “easy”, just like his sister. My middle child has had a ton of surgeries such as those ear tubes when younger, surgery on his penis and even deals with mental health type issues that are currently being looked into by a psychiatrist.  Counseling every two weeks really helps us parent this child and work with his unique personality.

I can be honest, there will be no more children for this Mom. Having the troubles that have arisen with all three of my kids here & there, the constant scheduling for appointments for three kids. The juggling of having two in school and two in sports. It’s all enough for me, because soon enough my last born will be in school and possibly into sports, so there will be three different schedules to make work well together.

I am happy with my three children. Wouldn’t trade a thing that goes wrong with them for the world. I love my happy chaos and do not wish to add another child to it. So the answer to “when are you having more?” is a flat out “never” people. No way in heck do I want another. Sure there are days I am down the middle road and think a baby would be great to have, but in all honesty, my kids are at that fun age and I can’t imagine going back to taking care of a baby who I would breastfeed and have to carry around. I enjoy holding hands with my kids & walking with them, I enjoy watching them gain their own independence and no way could I share myself just one more time with another child.

The three I have are my world and the three I have will have my undivided attention for the rest of their lives, well that is until they grow into adults and start families of their own – well then, and only then, will I have another baby to hug and love, but in the grandma kind of way!

Thankful for My Happy Chaos

Often I can be found referring to my family as “my happy chaos”. It is true, my household is high energy and it is true that we are usually smiling most times. Some moments, I want to rip my hair out of my head. Some moments, I want to laugh so hard I cry. Other moments, I am sad. Overall one thing is for sure, I am happy. Nothing has ever happened in my life, since being a Mom that makes me regret one moment of time spent with my children.

For me, no matter how much chaos is happening and no matter what else goes on to make me frustrated or sad, I am always happy inside about being mom. I am thankful I am the one my kids turn to, I am happy they have a place to feel confident and comfortable speaking their opinions and thoughts out loud. It’s the times when my kids are at their worst or upset and they turn to me to talk that I realize every waking moment of my parental “job” has been done right.

For when your kids can turn to you about anything, that is one true accomplishment to be proud of. Some day my kids will be teens with peer pressure and all sorts of tests in life, thankfully I have built that strong bond with my children all of their life. This means one day, when they are teens, they will know they can turn to Mama for calm, soft spoken advice, tips or just a hug if needed.


I can Be Strong, but Let me Cry First

Just last night I was saying how I feel like I need to just cry and let it all out. So much is going on that makes me sad, this sadness is deep right to the center of my soul. I have hope and I have faith, but that doesn’t make the sadness subside, it’s there deep within.

I am a strong person. I can handle a lot of situations that get tossed in my direction, but sometimes even the strongest of people hit their limit. That is me. I am at my limit and feel like if only I had a local girlfriend to come hug me hard, just hold me and let me cry on their shoulders I would feel relieved.

There’s nothing to talk about, nothing to write – I’ve gotten it all out of my head, but it’s the heart that is deeply saddened and for this, the only solution is a long, deep cry. So I will pull out the tissues and bury myself in a blanket to just let the tears flow so I can move forward and be stronger to be the mom and person I need to be for my family.

Stay Strong, Things Will Get Better

As a parent I know that it’s extremely important to be that safe haven for your child, there are a lot of dangers in the world, there are a lot stressful situations that will come up in life and it’s the parents job to be that child’s person of trust to come to when times are difficult.

What happens when a child comes to a parent with a tough situation yet is faced with the reality that there is little the parent can do to fix the situation? I like to think with every situation there is a solution, however, the solution isn’t always immediate when it needs to be immediate.

It’s so heartbreaking to know that you, as the parent, are not able to just swoop in and fix the issues that need to be fixed, why? Well because there is a process and sometimes that process makes your child feel as if they are not worthy, that what they have confided in you and other trusted adults wasn’t worth a thing. It’s hard to be in a situation like this but one things for sure, if you are that parent, the trusted source your child turns to when times get rough, remember to stay strong, pray and have faith that in good time things will get better.

Cheap Vacation

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

I love to travel, but unfortunately I don’t have much of a budget for it right now. I got a pay cut at work last year, so there went my yearly vacation. I’ve been trying to find ways to go on vacation and spend less money, and one of the ways to do that is to find a friend who lives somewhere interesting and go visit. It saves on hotel and food costs, which are a big chunk of every vacation. My roommate from college moved to Nashville last year, so I called her to see if there was a good time for me to come out. We set a date, and I planned all the things we were going to do. I don’t mean to be judgmental, but when I got there, I wash shocked at how horrible her neighborhood was. I was worried about her, so I suggested she research Alarm Systems Nashville to see if a home alarm system would be right for her. I feel bad because I think she was really offended, and that was not my intention. We had a great time while I was there, and I hope my comment didn’t ruin our relationship. Hopefully she will stay safe and everything will work out for her.

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