Is Being Judgmental Just Part of Human Nature?

Usually when I get annoyed with someone who has placed judgement upon another person, I always back it up with “well it is human nature to judge”, but I wonder, is being judgmental a learned behavior or is it truly just something we have instilled within us from birth that only “comes out to play” as we age?

Well let’s see, based on everything I read it seems I am not alone in referring to human nature when discussing the subject of being judgmental, ZenHabitats referred to this as being part of our own human nature make up. We are all guilty from time to time of judging another person or situation without knowing all of the facts.

From a person feeding a family of five on one online income to that mom in the grocery store with the screaming child, we all have that moment where we either criticize the way they live or how they parent, we judge them in a negative light without having ever lived a moment in their shoes.  Then we have the people who just insist on making other peoples lives more miserable or sound worse than theirs to avoid looking in the mirror at their own self to fix their own issues.

It doesn’t matter why a person judges but honestly, this quote says it all for me,

No accurate thinker will judge another person by that which the other person’s enemies say about him. — Napoleon Hill

So please remember, it’s common to judge situations and people at first glance, but when you make a habit out of it, well then maybe you should take a moment to think harder before making that judgment and take a long hard look in the mirror at your life and self.

I’ve Never Played Angry Birds

There is all this talk online about this game, it’s called Angry Birds. Then I went to the movies in Concord, NH with my daughter and her friend the other weekend to see a sign that said something like “no angry birds flying in here. Please turn off your cell phones”. This sign reminded me, I have never played Angry Birds.

I don’t know the first thing about it, but my nine year old daughter does. Now I thought Angry Birds was a game reserved soley for those with smartphones or nifty cell phones, unlike my prepaid one, but apparently you can play Angry Birds online too. This is why my daughter has played Angry Birds before, she found a free game online to play it.

I do not get the game. I couldn’t tell you one thing about it. I can tell you the stuffed animals at Walmart for sale are rather creepy looking Angry Birds and that so many are in love with this game, but that’s about it.

So, have you played this game? What’s all the hype about?

Just Bee Yourself

My maiden name initials are Bee and that is what people call me “B”, well okay there’s just a couple of people who call me that, who have known me since I was a young girl. I sort of like being called B, but that’s beside the point.

Basically since growing up with initials Bee, I became obsessed with bees, meaning like buzz buzz bees! I don’t actually like real life bees that sting you, however, I do enjoy sayings that incorporate the word “bee” as opposed to the word “be”….. you will find in my home a magnet that says “Just Bee Happy” and long ago I had something that said “just bee yourself”.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

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So what is it that interests you? How did you come about being so interested in it?

Skillet Sized Pancakes and Batter Everywhere

One night we had nothing for dinner, so the three year old and I headed down to Hannafords to pay the electric bill at Western Union and while there I decided to let him ride in the car type cart so that we could pick up school snacks and something for dinner. Having a car type cart made the trip so much more bearable with a three year old who often is found getting bored in grocery stores.

As we went down aisle after aisle, trying to determine what it was I wanted to purchase to make for dinner, we happened upon the breakfast aisle. I saw the word pancakes under the aisle recap that you find above any aisle in a grocery store and I knew that was the perfect dinner idea for us. I picked up a box of pancake mix that only requires water and thought maybe I would do waffles instead of pancakes, man I miss eating waffles, they are yummier to me than a pancake.

Once home, snack and play time came and went, it was nearing 5:00pm, which meant dinner time. I started to make the pancake batter with the three year old happily mixing the ingredients of pancake mix with water together. I let the three year old measure the water, I taught him where the 1 1/2 cups line was on the measuring cup and he happily let the faucet water go into the measuring cup and quickly poured the water into the mixing bowl container with a splash. Pancake mix ended up all over the dirty dishes in the sink beside the counter area we used to mix the pancake better.

We had mix all over our shirts, the counter, the sink and more. It was a fun experience but then I decided to pour pancake mix into the waffle iron and well, having never used a waffle iron before, I think I messed it up. That totally sucked, I had batter all over the iron, and it just hardened before my eyes. This was a total mom fail, no waffles, but I knew just how to make this situation get better ….. pan sized pancakes!

Oh yes indeed, making regular sized pancakes for four of us seemed like it would take forever, so I decided to make 10″ skillet sized pancakes for each child. The three year old had a 4-5 sized pancake, I had a huge 10″ pancake, the five and nine year old had a size between 5″ and 10″ for their pancake. NO one ate that full pancake but they were so insanely happy about these huge pancakes that I knew I made a wonderful dinner idea.

I think that I will make more big pancakes in the future, but this time maybe I will get all three kids to assist in making them rather than just the youngest kid. Batter everywhere made for great memories and the faces on my kids when they saw the huge pancakes made me realize I had made the best decision ever to short cut cooking time of pancakes for four by making one big pancake for each of us.

Things I Grew Up Thinking….

Growing up we learn through those who surround us in our child years, such as adult caregivers, our parental units and so many others, eventually as we get into school we start to learn things from our teachers and peers. Here are some things that I learned to think while growing up that I eventually changed my mind about:

What I used to think….

Having kids with more than one man meant you are a loose woman

What I think based on life experiences…

Life is too short to get caught up in stereotypes, I have different dads for my kids and am not a loose woman.

What I used to think….

Being on welfare, also called TANF, meant you are a low life crack head, drug or alcohol addicted parent.

What I think based on life experiences…

Being on welfare is a blessing, if used for it’s true purpose – to assist you in getting back on your feet from financial downfall.

What I used to think….

Girls are all about pink, dresses, being clean and frilly fun.

What I think based on life experiences…

Girls can be just as boyish as your sons and get just as dirty while finger painting, playing outside or similar.

What I used to think….

Working from home is just another way to be lazy.

What I think based on life experiences…

Working from home is 10 times more difficult than working an out of home job with a “real” schedule.

Spread Your Wings and Fly

Living the majority of my life without traveling, created a person who never had much interest in traveling nor experience new things. I was rather settled in my life in a small town, of course, I honestly didn’t want to live here my whole life, however, being that I was living within my own comfortable shell, packing up and moving was out of the question.

I remember my first and only trip to Florida around thirteen years of age, my step sister, my mom, my mom’s boyfriend, my sister and I drove down the 21 hour drive to stay a week near Disney Land. The fun times we had were certainly priceless staying at a cute condo or resort area and experiencing Disney Land. This trip was the only trip I had ever taken and again, we drove down instead of flying.

I always had this fear of flying, I firmly believe that only birds were meant to fly, not humans. After starting my Happily Blended Blog and it becoming a huge success, I had to make a decision to fly or not to fly in order to further my blogging career. I made the decision just last year, to fly and I haven’t looked back.

All ready to fly again and again the sky is the limit and hopefully I can spread some of my kids wings by allowing them to travel and experience other ways of life so that when they are grown adults, they are not like me, stuck in my small town ways and able to fly free to make a home of their own whenever their heart desires!

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