This is My Brain on Summer

Any questions?

Hope you are enjoying Summer and not self employed for when Summer time hits being self employed is somewhat difficult to keep the brain focused on office time versus pool time!

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Helping the Dad Out

I took my youngest son out on Saturday to help my Dad at the new farm stand in Vermont. We had a blast getting dirty and just hanging out helping in whatever way we could.

I was so impressed with how well the little man helped out his Grampa and me. It was great for him to get out away from his siblings and do some helping outdoors. We weeded an area and cleaned out a shed. During down time my son found a mouse scurrying around the shed and he enjoyed playing with all of the latch hook locks he could find on various doors on the outdoor buildings.

So this Summer I get to head on over and get my nails dirty, blisters on my hands helping the Dad out. It will all be worth it to see this place go places!

Do you Need a Lep Trap? Annoying Orange Helps You Out

A friend of mine shared this with me on Facebook after I stated that my three year old son was said to be like the real life Annoying Orange according to his five year old brother….

What do you think? Do you like the Annoying Orange?

Jeff Dunham and Walter Crack Me Up

I recently started to watch Jeff Dunham, you see I happened upon him on tv while channel surfing completely by accident and now? I really want to see him live. The act between Jeff and Walter crack me up so much.

I guess it’s because Walter is always calling Jeff a dumbass that sticks in my head but it’s also because Walter says things that we just do not say, like not acceptable to society but totally hilarious! I would love to meet Jeff Dunham and Walter some day!

Yes, I took a Picture of the Toilet…

I am such a dork, seriously! We went on a hike yesterday and the picture I am most amused with is the picture of the out house .. yes the toilet…

But seriously is this not the “classiest” looking port a potty you have ever seen? LOL It is for me .. and I just had to get the picture!

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