Trivial Pursuit Bet you Know It

I played an interesting board game last night into this morning with a couple of tween, almost teens, and the boyfriend. It was called Trivial Pursuit Bet you Know It. Being that my three kids range in ages where the two younger boys usually are to be involved in a family game night, I was never able to play this board game fully in the past.

Trivial Pursuit Bet you Know It

While reading the directions we came to realize that this version of Trivial Pursuit was more like a Vegas style version of Trivial Pursuit. The game cards were still the same with various trivial questions but you had to place bets on the person answering the question.

I must admit we did run out of poker chips for betting at one point, so I do say if you try this game that you may need to buy an extra package of poker chips to ensure that you all can fully play the game without having to write little IOU’s for those you owe chips to from the bank.

Beyond the poker chip issue though, it was a blast! The kids even said “wow that was a really fun game” … it was a great time and much needed as a way to simply enjoy this part of my family unit … I highly recommend you check out Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It for your family with older children, then tell me what you all think of it!

Possibly My Next Tattoo?

Artistic Tween

I told C (my boyfriend’s daughter) that I wanted to have her draw something to possibly be my next tattoo. She is artistic and always drawing things that would appear to make the perfect tat. I have three tattoos currently and each holds a meaning; 1st one is a shamrock on right ankle that will some day have my daughters name placed around it, 2nd one is a tribal band on my arm with my ex husbands name on top (I know I know, bad to do that obviously), and 3rd is two hearts connected above my right breast which is a matching tat with my sister (our sister tats, although hers is on her neck).

My next tattoo, whenever I can afford to get it, shall be having my daughter’s name added to the shamrock tat while having that tat touched up. After that I plan to have my left ankle have some form of a design of stars n moons or flowers with a vine alongside my two sons names will be incorporated into it. I told C my idea, drew a slight idea for her to get a feel for what “shape” I was looking for and above is what she came up with.

I love it. What do you think?

Just Surviving School Vacation Week

Getting some snow that is a bit heavy and wet today, but this week I have been enjoying school vacation. Not much work getting done but that is how the work from home mom office environment works .. kids home – they are priority! Kids asleep or at school? Work is priority.

Competition Complex NH Mini Golf

So I have been spending a lot of time watching cartoons, coloring pictures, reading and we even went to the Competition Complex in Canaan, NH which was a nice trip too!

Competition Complex NH

So I will leave you all now so I can go back to being Mom, they need me before the little one turns my house upside down (which he has successfully done every day this week)… thankfully when told to clean up, within the hour, he does clean up after his own dang self!

I Give Up On Understanding People


As a Mom, I would never in a million years prefer my children be with some other person other than their other parent if need be than me.

I can not for the life of me understand any mother who would ever want their child to be taken care of by another woman that is not their mother when the ability for their mother to care for them is there.


As a woman, I personally catch myself if I am about to judge a situation by it’s cover. I have learned that you cannot look at the outside of a situation and know 100% the story behind their way of life and paths they have crossed.

I can not allow myself to pre judge anyone or any other lifestyle choice without having first lived it myself and even then it’s not any human beings place to judge another.


As a human being, I cannot understand why people will fight over “parenting planning” when going into a co-parenting situation.

Kids are equally that of the Dad and the Mom, split it fairly if that works for you or do whatever seems best for your family and your children. You all may not be together anymore, but the kids do always matter first and foremost.


Last but not least, I just cannot understand a parent who would much rather have time without their child than with their child. Ever. Can you imagine how that child is going to feel towards said parent when they are old enough to look back and realize that parent wanted little if anything to do with them? Sad. Just sad.


I give up on trying to understand people and I am just going to call it how I see it and move on with my damn life. That is all one can do or else I would spend all day stupid slapping people on the forward to try to knock a tad bit of common sense back into their brains.

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