The Best way to Spend Valentine’s Day

Normally I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day but trying to “get into the spirit” this year. Usually I do try to get my kiddos something awesome, so today this is what I did to celebrate Valentine’s Day…


The little one and I went to buy one flower for each child, he choose his own since he was with me. The other two kids were in school, so I choose one pink carnation for the daughter and one red carnation for the son to be delivered to their schools by me.


After all of the flowers were settled, I decided to take my little man out to lunch. What the perfect little Valentine’s Day date he is. It was his choice, he chose cheese pizza at a local pizza place so he could play on the arcade games while the pizza cooked…


After our fun filled morning of Valentine’s Day bliss, I took the little one to school and returned home so I could get some work done in my office!



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Let’s Just Say .. Life is so Much Fun

From playing with Kre-O blocks ….

Kre-O transformers

To dressing the dog for negative degree temps only to realize her coat is too small…IMG_20130123_175543

To finding out that Beat the Parents is an amazingly fun game, even when you are playing with with five kids who are 12, 11 10, 6 and 4. Totally fun time laughing, I laughed so hard I cried.

Beat The Parents

To getting my butt whooped at chess… a 12 year old got me in check mate, what can I say – I suck sometimes at chess. {or all the time}

Check Mate Chess

To letting the four year old paint a masterpiece art design on an old cardboard box ….

And everything in between. I certainly can say that I love my life, even if at times I am wishing I could rip my hair out or bang head against wall. The times I have with my family could never, ever be replaced by anything or anyone else ever. The nights of laughing so hard I am crying, to the point where my stomach hurts but I still can not stop laughing. To the times when the kids tell me they love me. Every moment of life is a blessing and even though some moments are challenging – at least you get to experience them.

Be thankful and grateful for what you are blessed to have!

How Do You Find Local Friends?

Obviously I write a lot, it’s my therapy. Once I have written about something going on or bothering me, I am able to fully move on from it. I have zero issues any longer and it is as if a boulder has been lifted from my shoulders. The issue is that there are those who read these blogs I write on and sometimes they get annoyed with me. The thing is, that if you know me in person, then you know that during “that time of the month” everything bothers me, I get dramatic and life seems so freaking difficult for me. I am aware that I am like that once a month during my nonfriend visitation, the lovely menstrual cycle. I am human after all.

That is what has been going on with me, my menstrual cycle combined with my bipolar son having mood swings, it’s just a recipe for dramatic-ness. I also do not have many in real life, local friendships. My support system is through my sites, where I write and people from all over the world read, then comment or private message me in support or with tips/suggestions/advice that I may not have thought about due to being so emotionally close to a situation. I appreciate that support and that is why so much of my life is set to be up live on site on my blogs. To get support. To get things out of my head. And to find others who can relate to some or all of what I am going through.

No matter how much online support I have, I still need that in real life support system. That friend who when I am at my worse can come over to me, hug me and let my tears fall so I can move on happily. I no longer have that. It’s been many, many years since I have had a local best friend, that one girlfriend who is there no matter what and I am there for her no matter what. My long distance friendships are falling apart, because I just need more than a virtual support system and am trying to find ways to gain local friendships.

Sure I could go to the local pub, but I do not drink and drive, also I have major anxiety with situations like that. I am not one to go walk into a pub alone and mingle, that would be a very rare occurrence for me, it’s not who I have been nor who I am.  I recently signed up for the Meetups website, but most of the local groups are over an hour away. I can not drive that far most times, I have work to do, I have a car that is falling apart. I have to stay more local. So if I have to stay within the 30 minute drive radius of my home town, how do I meet more people? How do I form friendships?

You see, it seems as hard as high school years may have been, there was always that chance to mingle and meet a new friend. As an adult you have to work harder to find those friendships, because everyone has their own adult life to handle, families and work too. I am reaching out to you all to find out what you think I can do to try to find more in real life friendships? I am seeking mostly girlfriends, as I have my fair share of males I have had as friends but it’s not the same as a girls night out or girls night in. I really am not sure where to start, I simply know that not having a social life in person with real adults is something that is missing from my world. When someone is missing something in their world, it can take a toll on them and make life difficult at times.

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