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Picture a Day – Drawing is Fun

We are a creative family. We love the arts. By arts I not only mean drawing, coloring and such but as well as musicians, writers and dancers. We are a creative, artsy family and I am so thankful that we enjoy that type of time together. Below we were using black construction paper and white crayons for fun drawing with the kiddos…

White Crayon on Black Construction Paper

Picture a Day – Laundy

Laundry is never ending. It does not matter if you set a day of the week to do it, it will forever pile up.


That is why I choose to do laundry whenever this basket is full. Once this basket is full I know that I have one load plus a second load of laundry that can be washed. I do not have a ton of clothing so laundry cannot be done once a week.

I also have children who seem to think dirtying more than one outfit a day is just natural, mostly for my two sons. So while I don’t mind the actual process of washing and drying laundry….

folding is another story. There will usually be quite the collection of washed and dried laundry on the downstairs couch for people to search through for their own clean clothes each week.

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