I Couldn’t Have Asked for a Better Partner

PicsArt_1364070605242I call the boyfriend, my partner, and when I refer to him as my boyfriend he asks “hey when did I downgrade from partner to boyfriend?” I giggle because honestly it was just a word and I didn’t think too much of it until he made this point. A partner is a word that you hold as a higher standard, I can only assume and a boyfriend or girlfriend is not as strong of a word. Other words can be used are “my love” “my life” “my world” but partner makes it sound as if you and that special person are a team and that truly is what we are.

I am shocked at times about how well we work together. Don’t get me wrong with our high stress count these days I have already let him know he may hate me but just hang onto why he likes me at this point. There is a lot on my shoulders, as are with his, but we are getting through it and coming out shining. After all, that is the only way I roll. ;-)

To back track a bit, the other day my lovely man came into a house with me attempting to keep my six year old in a time out, my daughter telling me “why can’t you make that kid shut up, I have a headache” and my youngest running all around being his normal hyper self. Most men would have walked back out that door, I honestly am not a man and would have run for the hills. He never runs. Not my partner, he stands by me and helps in any way he can. Granted, at this point, it’s me dealing with my children especially in a time out situation or what not, but he does help by not having any issues with doing the dishes for me when he only has about half hour or so to get ready for his next appointment after working all day.

My partner in life, he is an amazing man and I am not only happy to have him but I feel truly blessed to have met him on Match.com because I honestly never thought online dating sites would get me further than they had in the past. Who would have known that nearly six months ago when I walked away from the idea of dating sites that I would find “him” before I cancelled my membership.

Friday is Here, Sunshine May Not Be

This is technically my kid free weekend but my boyfriend has his 12 & 13 year old children three weekends a month, meaning this is the weekend I don’t have kids but the boyfriend does. While I may get away and have some alone time, I do enjoy spending time with the three of them alone as well.

NH Mom Blogger is Sun Burnt

So the weekend is coming and I hope that I don’t add to my already sun burned top. That’s what I get for saying “I never burn”. Remember not to utter such a word as “never” because it will happen more times than not.

Sun Burn Mama

Thus my sun burn I am sporting from last weekend. I doubt I will add to it as the weather looks like it’s going to be cloudy and rainy. BUT here’s hoping the weather man is completely wrong!

When Mom Doesn’t Have Answer.. Ask Google

This past weekend my daughter was upset that I wouldn’t let her go hibernate in my office on my laptop. It wasn’t happening. The day was beautiful and there was no reason for her to be on the laptop.

So the daughter walked around moaning about how there was nothing to do and so forth when finally, a light bulb went off in her head I presume, and she asked if she could search for something on my laptop.

I replied that she could use it for five minutes to search something but that was it. So when I walked into the office to check for confirmation that she was indeed doing only what I gave her permission for this is what I saw…

Using Google For Fun

My daughter used Google to tell her “easy and fun ways to cool down on a hot summer day” because after all, why use your imagination? She cracks me up.

Is this what Tween years are really like in our technology based world?!

Dancing to His Own Beat

My four year old son is often found dancing to his own beat, ever since this kid was a baby he couldn’t help but break out in dance when he heard music. Today, he is that same kid so it didn’t surprise me when the sprinkler was making a beat that sounded similar to music that he would stand around dancing over the sprinkler….

This is a child who lives life to the fullest. He is full of energy, smiles and happiness. This is truly a child who makes our household a bit more comical and I love his comic relief. I love that he dances to his own beat and hopefully he will continue to dance to his own beat all of his life.

Words DO Hurt

Society tends to discuss and put forward the issue of physical abuse, but we tend to belittle verbal or emotional abuse.

I personally feel the emotional and verbal abuse lasts much longer because it’s wounding our souls. The physical wounds from physical abuse will heal but the deeper scars both emotional/verbal and physical abuse creates is enough to break the biggest of spirits within a person.

Abusing someone is not okay. We, as a society, need to no longer accept that “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” because words DO hurt.

Words hurt BAD. Words hurt deep to the SOUL.

Word stay with us longer than the bruises that soon disappear after being put there on the outside of our bodies. Our bodies can mend, eventually, but our heart and soul can not mend without help, and that is why we all, as a society need to start realizing that there is a real hurtful nature in emotional/verbal abuse that can break the soul of even the strongest of people.

Any abuse to any human being is wrong. Just plain wrong. Be sure to stand up for someone you see getting abused in any way. Do not accept that it’s not your job to interfere, do not accept what society has taught us to do – mind our own business. Whatever happened to neighbors helping neighbors?

Do not turn your cheek to abuse, face it head on and no matter how angry the person you are trying to save gets at you, know that when they are saved from that abuse that they will fully understand and respect you for stepping in when you did.

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