Picture a Day for a Week – Starting Tomorrow

I am sharing a picture a day for a week here on MVL because I thought it would be fun. Besides I am super busy with packing and moving things … plus keeping up with the kids being out of school and so I thought this would be a fun way to share my world with you in pictures…

Each day I will feature a picture with a few words and this will be for about a week time period!

Week from close to Hell


A Pug Of her Own

I always wanted a pug. Growing up we had this female one at one point then I believe her son later on. A male pug anyways. I do recall them being somewhat hyper, or maybe just the boy was. Either way, I just fell in love with pugs and have forever wanted one. I now own one and let me tell you what, I have never seen a dog with such personality before… ever!


This pug, Jenny is her name, is such a diva. She will pout at you when you scold her. She will follow you around wanting to snuggle all day long. Does not matter if you have work to do, she will stare up at me from under my desk in my home office begging for me to go snuggle and sleep.

She sleeps a lot but she is also active, not hyper, active. Weighing in around 17lbs she is a healthy weight pug, many seem to allow their pugs to get overweight and Jenny is lucky in that she is not overweight!

So this is my pug, she is my fourth kid and if you count the boyfriend’s kids then she is like my sixth kid :-)

Gearing up for Summer Vacation

While there is no real huge plans for this Summer with the kiddos, I can say that this month involves a move. Although the date is not set in stone due to things that have to be completed prior to the move, we are most certainly moving in June. That is great to know the month, bad to not know the date. You see, school ends June 17 for my older two and June 13 for my youngest. I really wanted to have a set date of move so that my kids can prepare for a fun Summer. I also wanted to know a real date of move so that I can pack in an organized manner, that isn’t happening.

So far I have worked to pack up things we no longer need immediately this month and keep plugging away at packing those items in between dealing with a medication change of my middle child, a hyper youngster and a hormonal tween. Among those topics are also a ton of school events this week into Monday. I swear, if I get one more thing I will tilt the wrong way and fall over. For now, all is going okay. I am working to keep my stress down because if I allow myself to get too worked up I started to have major chest pains and in turn get worried to a point of wanting to simply sleep all of the time. Eventually I will get to the doctors about that, but for now I am just going to assume that my body cannot handle stressing out.

Summer starts for all of the Kiddos this coming Monday … that means I am working behind the scenes to grasp at some sort of structure. My middle child thrives on structure, I thrive on fly by the minute and my other two kids will adapt to any parenting style. I need to work on a structure for the Summer to keep the peace as well as to keep the kids entertained during the day so that we don’t have 100 “I am hungrys” or “I am bored” this Summer.

We have one annual tradition, heading to York Beach, Maine in the Summer. Each year we hope to stay a night or two but not sure we will do more than a day trip again as we have in the years past. This will be the first year my ex husband and I do not go along with the kiddos because due to how we have lived together off n on, even though being divorced three years or actually I think four years now, we have done things together. The youngest doesn’t take too well to Mommy and Daddy doing things like that together, he then gets a bit confused, sad and wonders why Mommy and Daddy cannot live together. We decided that even though we can handle doing things together as a family type unit, the kids don’t really thrive on that anymore. It’s time to separate how things are done so this will be our first year of Summer vacation as two separate parents doing things as Mom with Kids and Dad with Kids.

I am sure all will go fine. Hopefully my middle child’s new medication will prove to be the right one and Summer will be a breeze! I am ready, okay maybe not so ready, for Summer break.

Wordless Wednesday – Pug Heaven – a Car Ride With LINKY #ww

Pug Heaven

Unconditional Love for Kids, Unconditional Love for Spouse.. Right?

In my opinion, a parent has unconditional love for their children because, well, they are born to them and we are somewhat of the animal species so our instincts shows u to protect, nurture and love them no matter what. With relationships, why would one not feel the same with the person they marry? I do. I feel that if I took the time to marry someone then I better think long and hard before getting a divorce.  After a conversation the other night, I finally found another person who feels the exact same about marriage; that you hang onto that marriage, two people that are married should work hard to try to fix whatever may be broken within their marriage, not just walk out.

While this is a great theory, truth will have that your children will always be unconditionally loved but to place that exact same love into a husband or wife seems difficult for many. It seems human nature tells us to note other peoples flaws and experience tells our heart to back off when that right for you person is part of your life. We are tricky humans, but I honestly believe that you have to unconditionally love your children. I think with your husband or wife that there is some level of conditional love, but overall it should be held just as high as the love for your children.

Marriage is a sacred vow between two people and that is not something I will ever, ever go into lightly, if I ever marry again. For now, my children are my world and I can see how one could unconditionally love their children but maybe not have that same level of love for their spouse. It makes sense to me, but it shouldn’t be that way!

I Couldn’t Have Asked for a Better Partner

PicsArt_1364070605242I call the boyfriend, my partner, and when I refer to him as my boyfriend he asks “hey when did I downgrade from partner to boyfriend?” I giggle because honestly it was just a word and I didn’t think too much of it until he made this point. A partner is a word that you hold as a higher standard, I can only assume and a boyfriend or girlfriend is not as strong of a word. Other words can be used are “my love” “my life” “my world” but partner makes it sound as if you and that special person are a team and that truly is what we are.

I am shocked at times about how well we work together. Don’t get me wrong with our high stress count these days I have already let him know he may hate me but just hang onto why he likes me at this point. There is a lot on my shoulders, as are with his, but we are getting through it and coming out shining. After all, that is the only way I roll. ;-)

To back track a bit, the other day my lovely man came into a house with me attempting to keep my six year old in a time out, my daughter telling me “why can’t you make that kid shut up, I have a headache” and my youngest running all around being his normal hyper self. Most men would have walked back out that door, I honestly am not a man and would have run for the hills. He never runs. Not my partner, he stands by me and helps in any way he can. Granted, at this point, it’s me dealing with my children especially in a time out situation or what not, but he does help by not having any issues with doing the dishes for me when he only has about half hour or so to get ready for his next appointment after working all day.

My partner in life, he is an amazing man and I am not only happy to have him but I feel truly blessed to have met him on Match.com because I honestly never thought online dating sites would get me further than they had in the past. Who would have known that nearly six months ago when I walked away from the idea of dating sites that I would find “him” before I cancelled my membership.

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