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Thing 1 shirt

with glasses above….

Note from Daughter

with contacts below…. 919316_10200103898256310_1605419555_o

Kids grow up way too quickly….

Boys are Watching Wreck It Ralph

Yes. At this moment my sons are watching Wreck it Ralph as a last ditch effort for me to get some peace today. My brain is on over drive and I am starting to feel overwhelmed You see, I am hormonal this week and so it’s only fitting that the world be tossed at me all at one time, why not?! God does not give me more than I can handle but every so often he likes to remind me that I can truly handle more than I thought I could. Thank you Lord. Seriously. I know you are with me, and in writing I get through it easier.

Yesterday was my 1 of 2 full days of work and the ex husband purchased a new to him vehicle. I was asked if I would drive the hour with him so he could pick it up. I said sure. It was 2 hours out of my day and I have zero issues helping him. What was suppose to be 2 hours turned into a majority of the day. The u joint on the drive shaft broke on way home, so then we had to go get kids from school and meet up to get him back to his rig to fix the u joint and nurse the vehicle back home. It’s home, he’s fine, all worked out.

Today, now that is another story, today has thrown me for a loop. A loop of phone calls, irritable hot car rides and so much more.

My four year old son has been diagnosed with allergies, which is something I believe my ex husband and I knew would probably happen because of it running on his side of the family, I do believe. Claritin it is, yet the pediatrician wrote a prescription for it. Insurance companies do NOT cover that so not sure why in the hell she wrote a prescription out. Who knows.

Also the script for my six year old son who was diagnosed with an ear infection today was not received yet at the pharmacy so I am waiting on that at the moment. That is covered my their health insurance providers, thank goodness.

Last but not least, the medication that my six year old son has been on for about a year now needs to have a pre-auth from his psychiatrist for a refill. I do not get this. Never before has he needed a pre-auth for a refill. When they wrote it out new, and every so often they require a pre-auth but it hasn’t ever been on a normal refill. What gets me is that since this is a controlled substance or a narcotic …. it is heavily monitored. Yet people who don’t need narcotics or controlled substances can get prescriptions filled over and over. My son needs this refill before 6pm tomorrow night or we will see close to hell arrive here at home. The medication is there for a real reason; he has a mood disorder and without medication, even just one dose, he is thrown for a loop which throws everyone here off balance. Le sigh.

Meanwhile, last night my daughter let me know her 30 day wear contacts are almost expired so she needs new ones. Yeah, like $66 total for her to get a six month supply, which really isn’t all that bad. Honestly for about $100 I can get her a full year supply but I would rather pay less now since I am saving for the move in June. So contact lenses seem to run around the same price online, but at the eye doctors they are costly.

So, yes I let my boys get wrapped up into a blu-ray of Wreck It Ralph because that my friends made sense to me in order for this Mom to get a full time out and get things off her shoulder. That is what good parents do, we take time outs, even if that means allowing our kids to have a little bit of TV time, coloring book time, whatever time – as long as they are occupied in a safe way for a short period of time for the parent to chill and come back to being Mom.

I am ready to go back to being Mom …. thank you for listening!

Wordless Wednesday – May 1 – Just LOVE His Face #ww W/Linky

What did he do Mama

May Need New Accounting Program for #wahm Stuff

How do you remember all that you do?

Money here. Money there.

Money all over.

Then it dawned on me, how long will it be before using my email “labels” in gmail to keep track of money owed to me will no longer work?

As it stands there are times where I forget someone even owes me a check each month, thankfully it shows up but what if it didn’t?

Would I have a clue?

That is when I realized I need better accounting practices, while I use OutRight.com to keep track of money coming in and expenses going out, yet I have not figured out if I can use this accounting program to really keep track of what is due to me.

What programs do you use, as a work from home parent or a blogger or a small business owner to keep track of “Monies owed” as well as monies paid and expenses paid? I think I may need a new program….

Welcoming Another Monday

Monday has arrived and today is your typical what is going to go wrong next type of day. You see I work from home and most of my files as well as pictures I need access to for my clients and writing projects are on a home network/server. You see my PC is the only computer in my home I can get to access said server, but today I woke up to my PC being dead in my office. I am hoping it’s just super dusty or what not but thankfully my ex husband is a computer genius and is going to take a look at it to see what’s up with it. Hoping it’s a simple fix.

ON that note, I had to hook up my laptop to the hard wired internet instead of wireless connection so that I can have my Magic Jack home phone line running for all incoming and outgoing calls that route to this number. I had to also have the laptop setup on my desk to ensure I can get some writing work done because Monday is one of two full days I get to work. I have to work.

So on all of those notes, I am welcoming a Monday just like any other Monday with a to-do list the size of Orca the Whale and a pc that decided to die on me….

Is it Friday yet?

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck if a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood?

Once in a while, okay every day, some weird tune comes into my head or my kids heads and we just start breaking out in tune. On one particular day it was the tongue twister “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood”. And we cracked up each trying to say it and answer it. I was never fully aware of the reply to the question as part of this tongue twister, so I have shared the “answer” below this video of my two older kids attempting to say this super fast….

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Answer – A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Now I ask you this, can you say this super fast? I invite you to YouTube yourself and reply to this post or my YouTube video on that site with a link to your video. This should be fun! Let’s do it.

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