Trivial Pursuit Bet you Know It

I played an interesting board game last night into this morning with a couple of tween, almost teens, and the boyfriend. It was called Trivial Pursuit Bet you Know It. Being that my three kids range in ages where the two younger boys usually are to be involved in a family game night, I was never able to play this board game fully in the past.

Trivial Pursuit Bet you Know It

While reading the directions we came to realize that this version of Trivial Pursuit was more like a Vegas style version of Trivial Pursuit. The game cards were still the same with various trivial questions but you had to place bets on the person answering the question.

I must admit we did run out of poker chips for betting at one point, so I do say if you try this game that you may need to buy an extra package of poker chips to ensure that you all can fully play the game without having to write little IOU’s for those you owe chips to from the bank.

Beyond the poker chip issue though, it was a blast! The kids even said “wow that was a really fun game” … it was a great time and much needed as a way to simply enjoy this part of my family unit … I highly recommend you check out Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It for your family with older children, then tell me what you all think of it!

Thank Goodnes for Friday

It is Friday everyone so you may finish up that last minute project and give yourself some free time this weekend. Me on the other hand? As much as I need to get away I think I might just be stuck at home missing my daughter and working to pass the time away.

The one positive about my weekends is that I don’t have to deal with bedtime with my sons … and if I don’t want to work I have an excuse, very few clients expect me to work weekends but when I do they totally appreciate it.

So .. what are your weekend plans? Please tell me so I have something to daydream about .. even if it’s just doing yard work ;-)

Have Wonderful Weekend

I will be spending the weekend in NYC on Thursday and Friday then on Saturday & Sunday be working hard to get the kids wooden swingset tower set up so that they can have more outdoor toys to play with.

Currently the children prefer to play “corn wolf” in the small corn we have growing in the garden. It’s rather cute, they crawl (in the long grass – ew) and run after each other. Each time someone turns into the corn wolf they then must run as fast as they can because if the corn wolf touches you then you become a corn wolf. It’s so funny to watch these kids use their imagination.

So while I am off using my imagination for the weekend and getting things organized on the home front, I do hope you will find a way to enjoy the family time you can this weekend, make some awesome memories!

Enjoy Your Weekend

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I have a busy weekend ahead … going to a wedding reception, spending time with J and the boys! My oldest is with her father for a long eventful weekend too!

Movie night, wedding reception, kids, family fun .. well you know the drill … get out there and enjoy yourselves because you know that’s what I am going to do! Life is way too short to not enjoy it!

Keep smiling, be safe and above all … BE HAPPY! xoxo

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Have a Happy Weekend my Friends

I hope you all have a happy weekend and enjoy some time with your family, friends and other loved ones! I am not sure what I am up to this weekend but I do know I will be enjoying every minute of it!

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Keep your head up, keep smiling and talk to you again on MONDAY with some new articles and topics for discussion!


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