What’s the Key to Great Relations? Using your Heart Felt Words

Something that I am guilty of doing, quite frequently, is broadcasting things. It seems a lot of the times, mainly when life is getting more challenging for me, I speak out in this tone of broadcast journalist, versus a human being with feelings. That’s not to say journalists don’t have feelings, but they tend to report versus feel and report. In our personal lives we need to feel and report. Not just report.

I get stuck in the report area. All. The. Time.

Far too often I can be found ranting and raving about something and then pause to realize, “wait, I don’t feel anything with what  I am saying”. Thankfully I am getting better at noticing the difference between an overwhelmed version of me and the heartfelt me. There is a lot of things in life and relations that I am trying to evaluate if they are from the heart issues, deal breakers or just simply me taking something out on a person who is right there ready to be the venting box.

I firmly believe the key to any good relationship or friendship lies in the ability to speak with emotion backing the words.

For someone who knows who they are inside and out. For someone who knows deeply right versus wrong. Gut instinct versus hormonal imbalance. Then they will be more apt to speak with emotions versus just broadcasting, yet no one is perfect. It is so much easier just to rant and spout off the mouth about something that is bugging you, instead of sitting down and having a heart to heart moment.

If more people would simply follow their gut instincts, there would be less divorce and more love.

I think the biggest area people can benefit from working on within their own self is the ability to speak with gut instinct emotions based words rather than hormonal imbalance spoken words or words that are just broadcasted out there with no emotions behind them. I believe this with all of my heart, sadly life isn’t all black & white though, we have a lot of grey areas to think about. This means when you do finally realize that maybe your words did have valid emotions somewhere underneath, that you have to face reality with the decisions that you made.

Life isn’t easy, it’s a long journey of trials and tribulations. If you follow your gut instincts, mind, soul and body as often as you possibly can, you will see that life doesn’t’ have to be as confusing as you make it out to be.

 Whats the Key to Great Relations? Using your Heart Felt Words

Everyday Brings More Challenges

The past year has brought on so many changes as well as challenges, I survived another difficult winter season full of my own mood swings and sad times. It’s true, I suffer deeply in the Winter months from mood issues. With the lack of sunlight Winter brings upon us, I always find myself struggling. This scenario gets worse each year, based on what others say I think it’s called Seasonal Depression. You can imagine how difficult it is for a positive person to suffer from that, it’s like an extreme opposite of my norm and makes life hard especially while trying to remain to be a positive influence and example for my children.

Winter is over though. Each day I wake up to warmer days and the warmth fills my soul with happiness. I find each day I get happier and happier.

Then things happen. It’s like as the season changes my mood is better, more positive and I feel closer to who I really am. That part is wonderful, the part that is difficult is that each day I get closer to getting more work done, having a steady work schedule and seem to be making head way with life; my kids get sick. Like today, all three kids are home sick and I have a ton of work to do. Money is needed and today was my day to create a new website offering some unique business services and website content; a site selling myself and content in a way that I have always wanted to do – focus on marketing and content sales.

Instead I spend today sitting on my laptop trying to find some positive in today. The rain outside is making it dreary, the kids with fevers make me fear getting sick and I just wish I could curl up in bed to sleep. Winter was rough, I just would like to have a few weeks of Spring being happy with little to no stress, but that’s not how my life ever works. The reason I am strong is because I have to face new challenges every day, or at least every week brings a new challenge.

I will survive this, but I am struggling. I think time away will be beneficial for me. I long to have one night away, in a hotel or motel, away from the challenges life brings so I can just sit and be me. No one to answer to. No one to talk to. Just me. Alone. Reading a book. Singing to myself, sleeping. Whatever suits my fancy.

Cheers to getting some me time soon and kids getting better quick!

 Everyday Brings More Challenges

The Woes of Home-buying

This is it! You found the home of your dreams, you have already been pre-approved for a line of credit and this home fits right into that budget you were allotted for a home. The excitement starts and you are ready to start your new adventure in this new home.

Then it hits you. All of the paperwork. The endless questions about where your money is going here and there. The endless questions of what money is coming into your accounts. The lender is watching your accounts like a hawk, because after all, they used to give loans to any Tom, Dick or Harry that walked in so now it’s this strict process to get a home, unless you have amazing credit. For those who have decent credit but are looking to buy a home for the first time, be forewarned that you will wish to give up on the process part way through it.

Once the home has been chosen. A price has been agreed upon. The lender is all set up and ready. You will attend a closing. At the closing you will sign your life away, so-to-speak, and walk away owning your home! An asset, something that you can do anything you want with, so as long as the town regulations allow you to do so. A place to call home without fear of being evicted because the landlord is no longer renting their property or wishes to sell the place to a new landlord person who then wishes to clean out the property to make room for upgrades or such. This is your home. All YOURS.

What people may not tell you, that I am going to tell you – the woes of home-buying:

  • You are now the maintenance guy, it’s up to you to pay for or handle all issues that arise in the new home.
  • You are now the man in charge, it’s up to you to ensure you are paying the mortgage, property taxes, water bill if applicable, town sewer bill if applicable, home owners insurance and other portions of your financial commitment.
  • You will have a couple of years trying to determine the budget for your new home; cost of heating, cost of water, cost of sewage, cost of anything else that is now your responsibility that wasn’t yours when you rented.
  • It has been said to take a good year or two to come up swinging after a home purchase, but after that first couple of years, you will be proud that you made it!

So while home-buying does have a lot of new responsibilities and issues that can arise as you work to figure out the new budget plan for a owned home versus a rental property, the end result is that as long as you work hard and stay focused, this will be a place where memories are made forever.

 The Woes of Home buying

Making Rice Crispy Treats at Home Is Super Easy #recipe

How I was not aware of the proper way to make rice crispy treats at home, I do not know. Now that I am aware? I am quite addicted to this recipe. My kids are addicted too. You see, my sons say that their Daddy buys them rice crispy treats at times for their school lunches and I do not. It’s been the huge issue with the boys wanting rice crispy treats but I refuse to buy them. I buy sweets for my kids, but I am all about attempting to balance sweets with healthy options. I know this isn’t a healthy recipe, but to me, it’s healthier than buying those boxed rice crispy treats that have added crap in them to store on shelves for sale to consumes. Just my opinion.

Making Rice Cripsy Treats at Home 2 e1395849099674 Making Rice Crispy Treats at Home Is Super Easy #recipe

Seriously easy to make recipe right here, oh and if you get crafty enough and want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on food coloring? You can make a rainbow set of these if you wish, by making a few batches with food coloring in them and piling them on top of each other in the pan, but food coloring was too expensive and I couldn’t think of any other way to color this, unless perhaps we buy the mini-marshmallows that are colored? Hmmm, maybe next time!

What do you Need?

  • 3 Tbs Butter
  • One 10.5 oz bag of mini marshmallows
  • 6 cups of Rice Krispies (I used store named version of this cereal)

Making Rice Cripsy Treats at Home 3 e1395849299955 Making Rice Crispy Treats at Home Is Super Easy #recipe

How do You Make Them?

  1. Melt the butter in a pan over med/low heat.
  2. Add mini-marshmallows to butter and stir constantly until melted.
  3. Remove From Heat.
  4. Add rice krispies and stir quickly until mixed up evenly.
  5. Pour the blended ingredients into a 9 x 13 pan and push down with a buttered spatula.

Making Rice Cripsy Treats at Home 4 e1395849477647 Making Rice Crispy Treats at Home Is Super Easy #recipe

I seriously cannot believe how simple these are to make. I had to step up the recipe I originally found to make a 9 x 13 sized pan because there is five of us eating these babies and they go quickly! You may play with the recipe to suit your family desires.

Making Rice Cripsy Treats at Home 1 e1395849556993 Making Rice Crispy Treats at Home Is Super Easy #recipe

Since I didn’t want what happened last time I made these treats, I waited for them to harden (which doesn’t take too long) and cut them up to place into sandwich baggies to allow me to better monitor just how much sweets my kiddos were getting! I enjoyed offering this as a special sweet addition to the kids school lunches the past couple of days.

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My Teeth Are Paying the Toll for me Clenching Jaw in Sleep

I wake up every morning lately with my left side of face in pain. It feels as if I have been clenching my jaw in my sleep all night long. While I probably am clenching my jaw in my sleep, due to nightmares every single night. How do I stop this from happening?

During daytime hours I could chew gum, if gum didn’t bother my teeth as well. I could also be more aware of stressful/concerning thoughts that make me clench my jaw to help redirect thoughts and actions of clenching my jaw.

When I sleep though, I have no control over my mouth clenching down all night long.

So what does one do to solve this issue? Do you suffer from clenching of your jaw in your sleep??? What advice do you have for me to stop this pain from going on??

 My Teeth Are Paying the Toll for me Clenching Jaw in Sleep

The Time I had The Most Blog Traffic

Since blogging is what I do for a living, there are times I revisit my traffic analytics. I like to see when I had the most traffic on my blogs, for what reason and make business decisions on what topics I may address based on the data I collect. With that being said, the one time in all my five years of blogging, that I had the most insane traffic was … during my divorce.


It’s no surprise to me that with today’s hit television series being that of reality based life, with a tad bit of insane drama added in to make the plot a bit more entertaining, that my divorce scenario fed so many interested souls. The funny thing is? My divorce wasn’t really dramatic, my feelings and rationalization of whether it was the best decision or not was a bit to read and follow along with. I can say it wasn’t an easy decision by any means.

But my divorce had no drama.

So what in the world compels people to read about other people’s sorrows? I can get insane traffic during a so-to-speak hardship time in my life but when I am sharing utter happiness and spreading joy, it’s as if I can hear crickets on my blogs. Don’t get me wrong, I still have good traffic stats, I enjoy the readers who stop by to comment or click an ad here and there. I love seeing those in my analytic stats, but I am left wondering …

Sorry you are grounded The Time I had The Most Blog Traffic

What is it that people thrive to read on blogs?

I read blogs. What compels me to continue to read on a site or an article I clicked over to? Is it drama? No, not really. Is it personal stories? Yes, usually. Is it giveaways? Well, duh, I like to win.

What keeps me reading a blog?

The passion behind the words. You know and I know when someone is writing fluff just to get a rise out of someone and gain some traffic to their site to earn some ad revenue and negative exposure to “keep em talking” and in turn, keep that blog running financially. You know and I know when someone is writing from the heart. Words that speak to you. When you read their blog posts, you can just feel their passion in the words and the rhythm that they publish their posts.

Passion is what sells people. I am convinced. It’s not drama, not negative scenarios; it’s plain and simple – passionate bloggers who write during their most emotional time of a situation are what bring readers in.

We are humans, we enjoy feeling something when interacting with others – that goes for reading blogs, talking in person or over the phone.

So there you have it, I am convinced readers keep coming to blogs because they can feel something when reading that person’s blog post, whether good or bad is irrelevant, we simply like to feel that passion & emotion behind the written words.

 The Time I had The Most Blog Traffic