Has Spring Actually Sprung?

My backyard is starting to have some brown grass show through the snow that was dumped upon us over this long Winter season. Slowly but surely I am realizing that maybe, just maybe we do have a backyard. I am really loving the warmer days, mind you today has a bit of a chill undertone to it, but I will take it. It’s still the 40′s which is way better than the many days of below zero we had to endure this past Winter in New Hampshire.

With Spring time here, or coming slowly anyways, many are getting that itch to start cleaning and to find some household item deals. Maybe you are on the look out for some fun things to do outside after Winter had you all cooped up. If you subscribe to Living Social by clicking the link below, you will get email alerts with deals and specials for your Spring and Summer season. I recently saw a fabulous hotel deal for Maine, but couldn’t take advantage of it just yet. I have to wait til we get a little bit closer to June.  So click on over to Living Social and sign up to get email alerts for fabulous deals, great way to boost the spirits as the weather climbs to meet our warm weather temperature preference.

As a first time home buyer, my fiance is thinking about ways to save on electricity. This is why I feel like sharing the following information with you all, because I firmly believe saving on our electric bill can be a somewhat easy task to complete. Save up to 70% in some cases with solar power, simply click the banner below to visit HomeSolar 101 and see how solar power may be able to save you some cash.

Saving money and getting deals for the Spring season are so vitally important. I know I have a huge pile of yard sale items that is awaiting for our snow to melt and a nice warm weekend to unveil for our locals to stop by and name their price. I cannot believe how quickly children outgrow toys, clothing and accessories. Surely a yard sale will give us some extra money too, which is always fun to have on hand!

What are some things you start doing once Spring has Sprung?

Planning a Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding

It’s official, I am engaged and with that comes the planning a wedding stage. Right now, all I long for is to celebrate my engagement. We want to have time to simply be happy and enjoy this wonderful time in our life, but other life responsibilities are keeping us rather busy. Originally we wanted to have a Spring/Summer 2014 Wedding but since we really want to ensure our special day is a reflection of things we didn’t have our first time around as well as a way to showcase who we are as individuals and a couple; the time is needed to ensure we have time to free plan. We don’t want to get stuck into this time crunch, after all, if we love each other we can wait.


Both of us have been married once then divorced once, this time around we have all of the time in the world. We aren’t having any children together biologically, we have my three and his two that will join as one blended family in 2015 and we want it to be a special day!

For starters, we have no clue what the “wedding party” at a normal wedding entails; sure we know flower girl, best man, maid of honor and bridesmaids, etc but is that all? I guess we have to do some research. Hoping for time this weekend to get my tax prep done and then sit together viewing various wedding planning ideas so we can get a feel for the style of wedding we long for.

Of course we have a small budget, at the moment there is no “number” to it other than cheap as cheap can be while still keeping it special. I’m super excited but still think it’s sinking in, like I said, we have so many other external things going on to deal with that the engagement has been really something that we are happy about but haven’t had a chance to really breath and take in the reality of it!

Cheers to a wonderful 2014 with planning of  the joining of our families in 2015 as two people who deeply love each other unite under wedlock.

Twitter, Facebook and Gmail Passwords are at Risk

Apparently there was this big hack and many passwords for Gmail, Twitter and Facebook have been leaked. This means on my fine Friday evening, I am not sitting here getting my reviews for Happily Blended written up, no I am sitting here telling you all so that you can change your passwords!

I don’t care if you have no “sign” of someone else knowing your login credentials but read this post and tell me you don’t feel as if changing passwords is worth it?

I just did it and you can too. It was a pain in the arse too, changing online then on my iPhone because you know, they can’t make this easy in our technologically driven world. It’s no more to just do something on the web over the laptop but you also have to ensure all of your other devices have been updated to new login credentials.

So get on it .. go make sure that your Facebook, Gmail and Twitter accounts are protected and safe! Change your passwords.

Oh .. and afterwards – go enjoy your weekend.

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Meet Kitty – The New Cat of the House (and only cat of the house)

I love all animals. I have not yet had much luck with cats since my baby died years back. He was an orange tiger and I usually called him Tiger with the occasional Tigger. He was orange and white striped and weighed in about 17lbs before he passed away. He was a huge kitty and he had personality beyond belief. This cat was so loyal to me, he was a gift from an ex boyfriend back when I was about 17 years old. The ex boyfriend brought this kitty home to our apartment and told him to hide, the kitty obeyed. That kitten won my heart and kept it until about six or seven years ago when he passed away due to unknown causes. I believe it was something the vet had given him for a shot, because he became quite ill after that but I will never know. All I do know is that cat was the love of my life, as far as cats go, and since then? There has been but maybe two kitties who have won my heart slightly close to that level.


Meet Kitty. He is a three year old double pawed beautiful cat who we recently took into our home. He is not fixed but thankfully he doesn’t spray around the house, we will look into getting him fixed at some point. The previous owners told us he was an indoor cat, that his name he came with was Smokey but he never answered to it so they started calling him Kitty. Obviously he comes to “here kitty kitty” but we found out he does come to Smokey or Kitty or any name you say, as long as he wants to. This kitty is extremely independent and another thing is … he clearly was not an indoor cat.

Double Pawed Kitty

This kitty wants out. While I am sitting at my laptop working he is climbing the back of my office chair and hanging on the edge to get up on my printer and modem to get into a window sill. At night he gets himself up into any window he can find. During the day or even at night, he tries to fly out the door to get on his outdoor adventures. I will not have an indoor and outdoor cat or a permanent outdoor cat either, I am highly allergic to fleas. While this kitty drives me batty all day and night wanting to get outside, I wonder if getting him fixed may help curb his wish for such outdoor adventures?

Kitty is also not a huge dog cat. While he tolerates the pug, he isn’t too happy to share his home with a dog. They are slowly warming up to each other and you will see them both sharing a room in the house, just they won’t be laying curled up together anytime soon. So far, Kitty has impressed me with the fact that he is very good at using his litter box, he is a hunter – first day here he caught himself a mouse. I was proud. He catches any flying or walking insects that may happen upon the home and kills them. Since this kitty is a true bred hunter, I will give him a loving forever home. In all honesty, I would give him a loving forever home if he was a hunter or not, it’s just that I am not sure what to do with a cat who wants outside when we will not allow him that luxury.

I wish the previous owner was honest about him being in outside kitty because I feel it’s so mean to make him be inside when he clearly was used to some form of outdoor freedom. I just cannot risk fleas … I am way too allergic to fleas.

Looking for Cash for Your CD’s, DVD’s and Games?

All too often I end up in a place where I did not budget the money coming into the home properly, or due to lack of work from my clients at home, we need to be light on spending extra cash. At times we may not even have the money to buy our normal grocery routine, such as the items I need to make items from scratch rather than boxed foods. These are times when we look into what we can sell around the home that we may not really need in comparison to things we need at the moment to survive; such as food, electric, mortgage, etc.

 Sell your DVD's for cash

When times are rough for so many families, be it all of the time or an occasional financial funk, it’s great to know there are websites where you can get cash for your DVD’s.  I have a wide range of DVD’s that I kept over the years because there have been times in the past and I am sure there may be in the future when we no longer have cable television as a way to save money off of things we don’t “need”. DVD’s are great to have on hand for that but when the electric needs to be paid in order for me to have access to my PC for work, then the DVD’s do not seem to hold as much importance. When times are rough or when I feel the house is cluttered, I have zero issues with selling off old games, DVD’s and even old CD’s if I can find any.

I love that the site Music Magpie allows you to get cash for such items I referenced above. It’s really easy to use Music Magpie too, if you visit their website and insert the bar code from the item you are looking to get cash for, they will give you a value. While not all values are sky rocketing high, you are trying to sell anything you can to accumulate cash so think of it this way; no matter what value a website like Music Magpie gives you, it’s going to be more than you can get selling it at an online yard sale or using other sites to sell person to person, never mind all of the hassle of spammers you have to deal with when trying to sell on a person to person line yard sale scenario.

It’s just nice to know we have options when cash runs low.