And she has Gone Red

One day I was craving a change …. should I pierce my nose for the third time in my life Or maybe it’s the fourth time? Should I pierce my tongue again? NO. NO.

Should I cut my hair off short and layered again? NO.

Then I decided that no matter how long I had taken to grow out all of that dead dyed hair, that I needed a change…

photo 1(1)

While I love my naturally dark hair, and even those greys sticking out … I wanted to go with a different color, something that popped, sure I didn’t like idea of killing my hair with hair dye again after years of getting rid of that dead dyed hair, but again I NEEDED A CHANGE…

photo 2(1)

So to the store I went because Rite Aid was having a crazy deal on the brand hair dye I enjoy using …. a red color is what I went with but …

photo 4(2)

It went a bit of a deeper, brighter, nearly punk red to me … the above picture looks okay and probably the one I am showing below…

photo 1(3)

But when I look at the hair just right in that sunlight that appears every so often in NH Winter, I see a bit purple of a color …

photo 5

Which, I guess, can be a bit of a cool change, right?

Well so that’s my story, I needed a change and so it was my hair that took a beating …. I am now a red head.

Every Winter I Gain 20lbs – Refusing to Let That Happen #weightloss #getfit #workout

It occurred to me that last Winter was very difficult for me; my moods were unstable due to having less sunlight. As I get older, I notice my body and mind doesn’t handle things quite as strongly as it used to and that is why today, December 10, 2013 I decided to make a plan and must stick with it. I lack follow through when it comes to sticking with a workout. My last results to a steady workout, happened quite a few years ago. I kept up with my Wii EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge and lost a great amount of inches and weight. I went from 220 to 180 lbs. I could eat whatever I wanted, but I’m not a huge junk food fan anyways, as long as I did my workout five days with two rest days somewhere between that seven day term. I was so pleased with my body, but still wanted to tone up. Somewhere life happened and I stopped that whole routine; a move, a break up and what not – made me stop working out.

Weight Loss Dec 10 2013 Day 1 Workout Starts Front View

I went down to 206lbs some how in a month but now I am back up to 223.2lbs and wearing size 16 pants. This is my starting point … excited to see where I am at each week and results for end of month. I would like to see me lose 2lbs per week minimum, which places my goal weight for end of 30 days at about 214.5lbs.

Weight Loss Dec 10 2013 Day 1 Workout Starts Side View

Let’s see …. I must also measure inches, but for now I cannot find my tape measure that I use for inches measured. Today I leave you with the following stats and must report in every 7 days with you all. I am going to set an alarm on my clanedar so that I know which day to report here with new pictures and stats. For now, this is the workout I am using for the next 30 days via YouTube on my PS3. Excited to see how it works for 30 days.

Stats for today:

Weight - 223.2
Height - 5’6″

Pants Size – 15/16

All workout posts will be Pinned to Pinterest too, alongside anyone else doing workout updates. So please Follow my Board on Pinterest. My Weight Loss Journey Board is a group board so feel free to request to join the board, I will add anyone to keep us all motivated!

One more Full Week before School Starts

It seems there is only one week and two weekends left before school starts. My kiddos are gone this weekend so I plan to recoup from a crazy past couple of weeks, actually more like a month! I work from home and take care of the kids, and recently I started dabbling in cooking things from scratch, which has been leaving my tummy growling because there really isn’t any trans fats and such in the foods which is what my body is used to. On a positive note, it may be part of why my son Aj is having a better time being full quicker and losing his weight from prior medication that made him go up to 100lbs at only 50″ tall.

I have been feeling so ready for some alone time. Away from any human being or anything. I want to sit in a room silent. No people, no animals no nothing and just sit or sleep. I seem to need that after all that has been going on. I also on top of needing that for myself, need to plan my sons double birthday party, ensure we have the guest list and all items for it as well as mail out invites for those not on the internet or texting world so they have an invite to the party.

I have never thrown my sons a birthday party, usually it’s cake and ice cream and presents with their Dad, me and my sister and brother in law but this year is different, my seven year old gets to invites friends of which so far two are coming for sure and my youngest can invite friends if I can get ahold of their parents to bring them.

I still have to think about paying bills and on top of having bill money, which is pretty much covered for most part, I have to work to find extra for school supplies as the loving letter from the school, each child’s next year teacher came in with the supply list of things they need on first day.

So here I am signing out after another busy week but this weekend shall allow me time to recoup and hopefully stop feeling so overwhelmed. Maybe I will also find a way to force myself to accept more help when people offer it, I am so independent and stubborn about things because I have done them by myself for far too long.

Friday is Here, Sunshine May Not Be

This is technically my kid free weekend but my boyfriend has his 12 & 13 year old children three weekends a month, meaning this is the weekend I don’t have kids but the boyfriend does. While I may get away and have some alone time, I do enjoy spending time with the three of them alone as well.

NH Mom Blogger is Sun Burnt

So the weekend is coming and I hope that I don’t add to my already sun burned top. That’s what I get for saying “I never burn”. Remember not to utter such a word as “never” because it will happen more times than not.

Sun Burn Mama

Thus my sun burn I am sporting from last weekend. I doubt I will add to it as the weather looks like it’s going to be cloudy and rainy. BUT here’s hoping the weather man is completely wrong!