How to Play Camouflage Tag – Indoor No Cost Games for Snowy or Rainy Day

My kids came up with a game that is fun to play, they call it camouflage tag!

You must have at least three people to play this game with, great that I have three children so they can play alone if they want, but sometimes they enjoy having myself and/or my fiance join in the game!

A person is designated as the tagger. This person must run around trying to tag another person, once tagged that other person is it. Repeat, as with normal game of tag.

The trick to this game of tag is that if the tagger gets too close and you want to stay ‘safe’ you can cover your eyes and say ‘camouflage’. A person who is a non tagger can do this as a form of ‘safety’ during game play but they can only do this for a 5-10 second duration. The person in ‘camouflage’ can walk around but must remain with eyes covered to be ‘safe’ from being tagged.

This is a fun gist to the normal version of tag where maybe you have a safety spot for the non taggers to go.

I honestly have had much fun just watching my kids play this game together because it’s always fun for a parent to see their children getting along, but I do love to play too. It’s so funny when the kids actually scare me by coming around the corner unexpectedly to tag me!

I hope your family enjoys this no cost way of having fun inside on a rainy or snowy day as much as we do!


 How to Play Camouflage Tag   Indoor No Cost Games for Snowy or Rainy Day

I Think Kids Are Suffering from Cabin Fever

We have been hit and hit and hit again by snow storm after snow storm. This Winter has made up for our past couple not-so-snowy winter seasons here in New Hampshire. I knew it was coming. Everyone knew it was coming. That doesn’t mean we like it any more than we would if we weren’t expecting to be hit hard by snow.

Snowy Day Fun in NH 1 1010x1024 I Think Kids Are Suffering from Cabin Fever

The yard, at one point, must have had about five feet tall snow in it. The kids did enjoy a few outings in the snow on warmer days but for the most part, we are all sick of the snow. It seems we now have an abundant amount of energy stored up from winter strangling us a bit longer and that, with kids, needs to be released in some form.

My kids have decided to release their cabin fever energy with tag. Inside. The house.

Our middle bedroom in the home has two doors, so the kids essentially run around and around and around. They laugh, they play, they tag each other and occasionally they let us adults play along too. While this version of indoor tag is mildly amusing and makes me smile seeing the kids getting along and laughing, it is also making me realize just how much my kids are suffering from cabin fever.

I know. I know. Many of you will say get outside, but it’s turned back to being cold and on the days it’s warm, it’s too wet outside. It’s as if even our recent warmer days are not sufficient to melt the snow away, leaving us with rain soaked clothing, feet and heads. Not fun. Kids hate that. Adults hate that.

So I beg of you Mother Nature, please release us from this winter snow that has us couped up for far too long … we all need to get outside and get some exercise. It’s a little much to play tag inside with three kids when you have a pretty small home.

 I Think Kids Are Suffering from Cabin Fever

Mama I was Soooo Embarrassed

This whole thing with my middle child not being on medication is a fun ride, seriously. I am enjoying getting to know my son all over again and the person he has become at age 7 is not the one I remember at age 4, but that’s to be expected with any child. I love that I am able to work from home and be that person who picks my kids up from school, because it allows my children to vent directly to me upon release from school while their emotions about their day are still fresh in their mind.

Lately, my son Aj has been coming home with various emotional concerns. Sometimes he is super happy because they did something totally awesome or he accomplished something he hadn’t accomplished before and he is  beaming with pride. Aj knows and loves that I respond with a proud tone when he has accomplished something that makes him proud. Aj thrives on tones and emotional responses from people; be that positive or negative.  One day a child in music class hit Aj, I had a 7 year old’s version of the story so I had to make a couple phone calls to figure out what had happened. Within just a few short moments I had determined what occurred and the next day Aj met with the guidance counselor and the other child who made peace with each other. It was a misunderstanding or accidental scenario that Aj was just sharing with me as he was sad in the moment but he recouped quickly.

I didn’t feel Aj was being bullied. I felt that something happened but had to get to the bottom through speaking with the adults involved and it came to be that the other child was simply being a bit exaggerated in their movements during music class which in turn accidentally collided with Aj. No purposeful harm was done. Case closed.

Moving on, another time Aj stated that he was soooo embarrassed because he was grouped with all girls in music class. To a young boy, being grouped with girls is a nightmare. I guess. I had to refrain from giggling because honestly the way Aj explained it was hilarious to me and also hearing Aj say he was embarrassed was new to me. This is a child who in the past has never become embarrassed.

Then we have had the scenario where Aj wanted a specific reading partner, he had asked a few people and those few people said no. Aj is not accommodating to change in most instances, so if he had his heart set on a specific person to be his partner I know him well enough to know that if that didn’t happen, he would be sad or frustrated and refuse to work. This happened recently. Aj had asked a few friends if they would be his reading partner and all had said no. There were other people left who didn’t have a partner but Aj didn’t want to be their partner. So Aj spent the remainder of that reading partner time sulking. This is something new. This is also a life lesson that Aj needs to comprehend, not every child will want to be your partner. Not every friend will want to do something with you. That’s okay.

I am having a difficult time teaching my son life lessons because of his different view of life and the world around him. Aj sees black and white; and he isn’t very flexible with changes. This means if Aj has his heart set on something being one way and that one way is impossible to have happen that he can break down in sadness or frustration. We are working on ways to handle Aj, for now I am doing the best I can to explain life to him in a way that maybe he can understand.

This  post is brought you by me because I read a post called Is it Bullying that reminded me about these little stories that have happened recently for my son. I think far too may parents want to jump on the anti-bullying train, when in reality some scenarios really are life lessons that kids need to learn. As adults we know not everyone is going to like us, but it’s not okay for another adult to harass us or call us names; that is the same simple concept we need to teach our children.

 Mama I was Soooo Embarrassed

Emotional Abuse – The Silent Killer

Physical abuse also brings emotional abuse, the difference between having someone who is just emotionally abused is that no one outside can see the scars left on their soul. Physical abuse is by far easier to prove because there is physical evidence of such abuse happening. I think the biggest reason that Emotional Abuse goes unreported or isn’t treated the same as physical abuse, especially when it pertains to children, is because there is no real “definition” to base Emotional Abuse on.

Emotional Abuse can be defined by the characteristic traits one has, but still, even then when it pertains to a child versus an adult that is where too many people close their eyes and ears. More people need to speak up and genuinely believe these children who come to you citing examples of what you know to be emotional abuse. Keep fighting, sadly your hands will get tied quicker than dealing with a physical abuse scenario but never give up on helping that child. Ever.

Some tell-tale signs that the person who your child is talking about may be emotional abusing them*;

  • Degrading – The adult is trying to diminish the child’s identity, dignity, and self-worth of the person.
  • Isolating -  The adult is trying to keep the child from having age-appropriate private conversations with their peers, not allowing the child to have friends over or go to friends houses because it takes away from “their time together”, or maybe even not allowing the child to have any level of age-appropriate privacy.
  • Terrorizing – The adult is consistently  making the child fear scenarios that shouldn’t be fearful, such as threatening, intimidating and making the child feel as if they have to be a certain way in order to avoid losing normal everyday rights a child should have.

ID 100137119 Emotional Abuse   The Silent KillerSadly emotional abuse is extremely difficult to prove because we can define the characteristics all day long but emotional abuse is far too often kept just as private as physical abuse and without physical scars on the victims body, you are unable to prove it without a doubt. Emotional abuse is about feelings. I firmly believe that if a child feels he/she is constantly degraded, belittled, isolated, terrorized and left feeling manipulated, bitter, angry and sad all at once then a safe adult needs to listen and hear this child. A safe adult needs to do everything they can. No person in this world, whether child or adult, should have to sit back and endure a lot many of years under emotionally abusive conditions.

It’s far more difficult to prove a child being abused by an adult, especially if that adult is the parent to the child. What needs to be taken into consideration when handling an adult versus child emotional abuse scenario is the ability for the child to think level headed, have comprehension skills to realize the difference between a strict parent and emotionally abusive parent, to be able to properly explain the world as that child see is to you in a way that makes you feel confident that this child knows what they are sharing is truly emotional abuse not a form of being upset with a more strict parenting style.

I will continue fighting to get emotional abuse handled better, I will continue fighting for the rights of children to be able to live in an environment free of emotional abuse. I will continue to spread positive words, and live by example to ensure each day I can help get our world to recognize emotional abuse is real and deadly.

No one, child nor adult, deserves to be abused, ever!


“Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /”.

 Emotional Abuse   The Silent Killer

Raising a Child Who is Very Simple

It’s funny I spend a lot of time talking, writing and thinking about my seven year old son. I sometimes get frustrated that he is unlike my other two kids, or any other average human being out there in this world. Then, while on the phone or talking out loud about my son, I realize things …

I’m raising a very simple child.

Now that my seven year old has been off of any medications for nearly two months, I have noticed things about him. I have noticed how my middle child’s brain works. I realized that my son isn’t as complex as some have said he is. My son is actually quite simple.

I’m raising a child who calls it how he sees it.

My son sees the world in black and white. NO grey areas apply to my son, he cannot comprehend them. The world is this one way and that’s it. My son is simple in that 1+1=2. Period. Point blank. End of discussion. If you tell my son he can’t do something, that he very clearly is capable of doing, he will reply simply, “yes I can. I just did it.” or “yes I can. Watch.”

I’m raising a child who thrives on routine and structure.

I see so many parents talk about how they want their children to be on a routine, that this upside down crazy schedule of waking up at odd hours and having different things each day makes for chaos. My son is simple; he likes his structure and routine, and he thrives on it. The same thing for breakfast every single morning. The same after school routine every single day. The same bedtime preparation, every single day. My son is an amazing child when you structure his day to be simple and the same.

I’m raising a child who loves you because you does.

There is no explaining the whys or how comes when it comes to my son Aj. It’s pretty simple, you hit him, he hits back. You do this, he does it back. While that isn’t always the greatest way to be, that’s how he sees life. You give back what you get. You get what you give back. To be Aj’s friend, it simply takes you being there for him. Aj is a very matter of fact child, again there is no grey area.

Life for my son is black & white. It’s simple.

So why do I struggle sometimes? Well because I was trying to raise a child who sees only black n white ways of the world to see the grey parts. Aj’s brain doesn’t work like that. You work with Aj, he doesn’t mold to work with you. While I realize this can be a challenge in preparing him for the real world, for now it works and if he does end up with an autism diagnosis, well that will  make how his brain works even more clear to me as a parent, thus giving me more tools and resources to work to raise a child who sees the world in black n white.

 Raising a Child Who is Very Simple

Sucking it up And Enjoying Wintery Outdoors with Kiddos

I am not one for Winter. I prefer to hibernate in the comfort of my warm home than go outside and do anything. As my children get older I have found this mindset really isn’t beneficial to them, I have two kids who are snow bums and one who can go outside on occasion but doesn’t last long. I have had to become a Mom who sucks it up and goes outside on occasion for exercise and fun in the snow with my kids.

Snowy Day Fun in NH 3 1024x695 Sucking it up And Enjoying Wintery Outdoors with Kiddos

It makes my kids happy that Mama is involved and interactive in their lives. My youngest and I were the first ones outside to make a new sliding trail down our backyard hill. This is our first year in this house for Winter time so we wanted to break it in. It was fun to see how fast we could slide down the hill, each time aiming to make it further down the hill than the first time. Smiles and laughter commenced.

Snowy Day Fun in NH 2 1024x683 Sucking it up And Enjoying Wintery Outdoors with Kiddos

Then my middle child came outside and pictured above he is actually laughing in that red spider man hat. I love when my middle son laughs because of his mood disorder, we rarely get to witness such joy in his face. My middle child had a blast sliding with us too, taking turns with his brother and me to enjoy some fun in the warmer day of this Winter in New Hampshire.

Snowy Day Fun in NH 1 1010x1024 Sucking it up And Enjoying Wintery Outdoors with Kiddos

Last but not least, my daughter joined in. Sadly she was looking a little glum because her Dad was on the way and she wanted just a little bit more time at home with her siblings before venturing off to the weekend with her Dad. My daughter had a blast though, it’s just that she wanted more time to slide. Kids usually don’t want to pause their fun for anything, that includes leaving to go to a visit with their other parent.

Overall this was a fun event and I am so glad I got off my couch and went outside to slide with them, because this is a fun memory that will last in their minds always. Sliding is fun, it’s just the cold snow that isn’t so fun for me!

 Sucking it up And Enjoying Wintery Outdoors with Kiddos