Pin trading is an exciting and fulfilling hobby. No wonder it has become increasingly popular in the last five years. Aside from showing support to your favorite team or organizations by collecting or wearing their pins, you can also meet new friends around the world who share the same hobby as yours.

There might be different stories how people became pin traders, but one thing is for sure: the goal is to collect trading pins, grow the collection, and trade them for a pin of your choice during pin trading events. In the end, it all boils down to the quality of your pins and your specialization or the vastness of the scope of your collection.

Almost all sports now use pins as part of promoting their teams. Softball is no exception. Most of the time, each team’s management distributes their own custom-made pins to their players, family members and friends of the players, supporting staff of the team, and to some fans. Distributed pins from the team itself are among the most sought-after trading pins and are valued the highest after some time, especially if there were only a limited number of pins distributed.

Softball Pin

It is a fact that not all interested pin traders will get these limited team-distributed pins. This is where custom-made softball trading pins come in. Fans can order their own softball trading pins with their own designs from their favorite pin makers. The good thing about custom pin making today is it cost less than years ago. In fact, you can now order a single pin at a surprisingly affordable cost. This is because of the availability of new technology. This new pin-making technology also allows free reign in design and color so you don’t have to hold back in creating that unique pin that team-distributed pin holders can’t refuse to trade with.

To help you become successful in softball pin trading, here is a quick guide:
  1. Since these official team-distributed pins are valued higher than customized pins, their holders might request multiple custom-made softball trading pins in exchange for each official team pin. However, be sure that you are not giving more than the value of the exchanged pin by making the transaction in front of other pin traders. They will help determine the values of the pins being traded.
  1. Never interrupt a trade. Aside from being rude, it’s a major no-no in all pin trading. If you see a trader who has the pin you’ve been wanting to add to your collection but he is already talking to another trader, never interrupt the trade even if you think you can offer better softball trading pins in exchange for the pin you wanted. Wait and see if he would accept the trade. If you get lucky and the trade didn’t close, then you can now take your turn to trade.
  1. Don’t take it personally if a trader says no to your offer. Just like you, pin traders always want to have better, if not the best, pins in exchange for their current softball trading pins. Don’t feel bad if your trade offer is not accepted. It could be the trader already has the pins you are offering him or the design of the pin does not appeal to him. Offer him other pins; but if all else fails, let go and move on to the next pin trader.
  1. Always bring extra pins that you are willing to give away. Inspire others from time to time to join pin trading by giving interested individuals a pin to jumpstart their pin trading journey. You can spot these individuals easily because they ask lots of questions about the trade and they gaze longingly at your pins.


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